21 Best Locker Decor Ideas to Upgrade Your School Day

Since we spend most of our time at school, it’s essential to make our locker space feel special and just like home. You can start by personalizing your locker, and the best way to do that is by being creative! With a little imagination, you can turn your locker into a cool and organized space that’s not only functional but also reflects your style. Whether it’s adding cool wallpapers, clever storage solutions, motivating quotes, or doing DIY crafts, we’ve got you covered with fantastic locker decoration ideas that will make your school day more enjoyable.

Best Locker Decor Ideas to Upgrade Your School Day

Want to make your school locker uniquely yours? Well, you’re in luck! These locker decor ideas are here to help you express your personality and make your locker stand out.

Do Students Still Decorate Their Lockers?

Yes, some students still decorate their lockers as a way to show who they are and connect with their school and friends. However, it’s not very common, and only a few high schoolers do it.

What’s The Best Color for a Locker?

According to Vastu, yellow is considered an excellent color for lockers as it symbolizes prosperity, happiness, good luck, and fulfillment. But the right color depends on your personal preference. Some may like light colors like white, yellow, or pink, while others may prefer darker shades like black, blue, or green. The color you choose should reflect your personality and style.

Decorating Lockers for Your Sports Team

Many sports teams like to decorate their lockers. It’s a way for the team members to show they are proud of their team and make the locker room feel friendly and inviting. There are lots of fun and easy ideas for locker decorations that you can try. Whether you want to give your team’s lockers a cool makeover or make them unique, here are some locker decorating ideas to explore.

1. Personalized Locker Signs for Football Players

To make your locker special, consider putting your name on it, just like in the picture above. This way, your locker stands out from the rest. If you’re a football player, you can design your name sign with pictures of yourself playing on the field and some football-themed decorations. Make sure the design fits your locker’s size, especially if it’s a small one.

2. Black and Gold Decorations for Volleyball Players

If you play volleyball and want to decorate your locker in a creative way, try using black and gold colors both inside and outside. Inside your black locker, create a collage of photos featuring your volleyball team. It’ll make you feel welcomed every time you open your locker. You can also jazz up the top of your locker with gold and white paper tassels. Don’t forget to add name signs for volleyball players and some LED lights to give it a cool vibe.

3. Turn Your Locker into a Football Field

If you have a big locker and you’re a football fan, why not transform it into a mini football field? Cover your locker door with dark green paper or flannel fabric to make it look like a football field. Then, add white lines using paper or fabric to resemble the field markings, just like the picture. Let your imagination run wild and decorate the field with your team’s name, personalized signs, and any other football-themed ideas you have.

These locker decorating ideas are a fun way to make your locker special and show off your team spirit. Plus, they can make the locker room feel more inviting and make you and your teammates proud of your sports team. So, get creative and give your lockers a makeover!

Creative Locker Decoration Ideas for Sports Fans

4. Hawks Monochrome Locker Sign

An elegant way to show your strong support for your sports team is by crafting a monochrome locker sign. If your team consists of male players, a monochrome locker decoration is a fantastic choice. For instance, you can create a black and white football-themed poster. Leave an empty space in the middle for personalization. Each poster can feature a player’s photo, adding a personal touch.

5. Football Jersey-Inspired Locker Decor

Taking inspiration from the famous football hall of fame, you can set up your lockers to proudly display your jerseys. For convenience, make a cardboard cutout in the shape of a jersey. It’s easier to adjust the size to fit your locker compared to hanging a real jersey. Then, use acrylic paint to add your player number and name to the cardboard jersey. Your jersey-inspired locker decoration is complete!

6. Goalie Locker Makeover

If you’re looking for a creative DIY locker decor idea for a goalkeeper, we’ve got a fantastic option for you. First, decorate the locker sign with a personalized name, photos, and goalie-themed ornaments. Customize the sign’s size to fit your locker perfectly. To make it extra special, consider covering the sign with a miniature goal net, creating a thoughtful and unique locker decoration for the goalie.

7. Vibrant Blue Volleyball Locker Decor

Want to celebrate your volleyball team’s victory? Decorating the locker is a smart choice! While red is a common color for celebration, you can go for an all-blue locker decor. Blue is known for its calming effect in sports, helping reduce adrenaline after an intense match. Decorate the locker with customized blue volleyball decals on the door. Additionally, add some blue helium balloons to create a festive atmosphere for your celebration.

Locker Decorating Ideas for High School

High school is a time for self-expression and exploration, and decorating your locker is a great way to showcase your unique style and personality. As students, you have countless options for locker decorations that allow you to express yourself. Locker decor not only adds a personal touch to an otherwise plain locker but also serves as a reminder of important events, activities, and classes. With these ideas, decorating your locker can become a fun and creative activity to make the most of your high school experience!

8. Pretty Pink Flower Locker

If you want to add a cute touch to your locker, consider using pink flower-patterned paper as wallpaper. This will make your locker look more delightful, especially if you can only decorate the inside. The bright pink color will be pleasing to your eyes. You can also hang adorable locker decorations like flowers, magnetic decorations, homemade pencil boxes, and photos of your loved ones. This idea will liven up your locker and make it feel welcoming.

9. Stylish High School Locker Decor

For a stylish high school locker, LED lights are the secret ingredient. They not only make your locker look brighter but also help you find your things easily. Organize your essentials on the locker door by hanging a notebook, mirror, DIY pencil box, and more. It’s a great choice for those who love the aesthetic and organized look for their locker shelves.

10. Summer-Themed Locker Decor

Bring the summer vibes to your high school locker! Having a trendy summer locker will make going to school exciting. Just fill the inside of your locker door with summer-themed accessories. Summer-themed decals are the simplest way to fill the empty spaces. You can also add positive quotes to boost your school spirit. Your high school locker will make you feel like it’s summer all year long!

11. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Crafts Locker Decor

If you enjoy crafting, why not try making your own locker decorations? Start with a simple DIY note sign to brighten your day. You can write a note on a small picture frame using markers. Additionally, create a DIY mirror frame by adding small decorative balls around the mirror – super cute! Lastly, if you like working with wood, you can craft DIY wooden picture frames. Put your family photos in them and hang them on your locker.

12. Chalkboard-Inspired Locker

This is a creative way to organize your locker! Inspired by the traditional classroom chalkboard, which you won’t find much in modern high schools, this idea gives your locker endless possibilities. Use black wallpaper to cover the inside of your locker. Add cute decals to decorate it, and make sure to choose a font that looks like chalk writing for your decals. Don’t forget to hang colorful and cute photos to add a pop of color to your locker.

13. Glittering Gold and Silver Locker Decor

Here are some cool tricks to make your school locker look fancy! You can make it stylish by adding shiny gold and silver accessories that will make you smile every time you open it. And, what’s even more fun, you can hang two disco balls from the locker ceiling using removable hooks. These disco balls will be amazing decorations for your locker door and will definitely impress your friends.

14. Colorful Locker for Food Lovers

Calling all food lovers! If you’re someone who enjoys good food and wants to add some pizzazz to your locker, consider going for colorful food-themed decor. Let items like ice cream, donuts, pineapples, and watermelons brighten up your locker shelves. You can hang a mirror that’s shaped like a donut, use a pineapple-shaped pencil box, and add food-themed stickers inside your locker door. Plus, don’t forget to put cute ice cream and pineapple squishy toys in your locker to help you relax and de-stress during your school day.

Christmas Locker Decor Ideas

Are you eager to bring some festive cheer to your locker for Christmas? It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a teacher; decorating your locker with a touch of Christmas spirit is a wonderful way to get into the holiday mood and share some joy with those around you. If you’re up for a Christmas locker makeover, take a look at these ideas to transform your locker into a winter wonderland that will bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

15. DIY Reindeer Locker Decor

How about embarking on a fun Christmas project? You can create a big reindeer to decorate your locker! All you need is a large cardboard box, some red ribbon, and acrylic paints. Simply draw the shape of a reindeer head on the cardboard, cut it out, and paint it to create an adorable reindeer head. Attach the reindeer head to the front of your locker door and don’t forget to add a cute red ribbon around its neck.

16. Vibrant Red Christmas Locker

Here’s a creative way to welcome Christmas and make your locker stand out at school. Red-themed decorations will capture the Christmas spirit perfectly. Cover your locker door with Christmas-themed red wallpaper, and add red and gold pom-poms around it. Finally, place a cute reindeer on top to watch over your locker. This cheerful red Christmas locker will certainly spread holiday cheer to everyone who sees it.

17. Hilarious Green Dwarf Locker

Get inspired by the Elf movie, a classic Christmas favorite! You can create a funny locker with this idea, and it’s super easy to do. Instead of covering your entire locker with an elf character, focus on making half of the body from the waist down. Then, add Buddy’s iconic and humorous line on the top to give your locker a Christmas vibe. Your friends will surely crack a smile or have a good laugh when they read the quote.

18. Santa’s Surprise Locker

For some folks, Christmas is all about surprises and gifts! To infuse some Christmas magic into your locker, why not turn it into a big “present box” filled with surprises? Decorate the locker door with Christmas-themed ribbons to make it look like a massive Christmas gift. This idea is perfect if you want to surprise a loved one with a special Christmas present. And don’t forget to hide a small letter inside the locker for an added surprise.

19. The Grinch Quote Locker Sign

If you’re looking for the perfect locker sign to remind you of the true meaning of Christmas, consider using a quote from The Grinch. Simply print a Grinch-themed locker poster and write the quote on it, just like in the picture above. The quote will remind you that the holiday spirit isn’t just about cookies, movies, and presents. It comes from celebrating the holiday with the people you care about and being thankful for all the good things in your life.

20. Creative Dwarf Locker Keepers

What an adorable Christmas locker decoration idea! Having these creative locker keepers during the holiday season would be fantastic. It’s also a great project for students to work on during Christmas. They can create their own Christmas dwarf holding a name sign. The best part is they can customize the dwarf’s outfit in their own unique style, resulting in a variety of cute dwarf designs with different outfits.

21. Festive Christmas Scene with Multiple Lockers

If decorating a single locker feels too ordinary, why not create a stunning Christmas-themed background using multiple lockers? This is especially great if you want to have a big Christmas celebration at school. Transforming several lockers into a wonderful Christmas backdrop is a clever idea. Just make sure to plan the concept carefully before decorating each locker door.


Decorating your locker is a fantastic way to make it uniquely yours and stand out in the bustling school hallways. There are countless creative ways to decorate your locker, whether you choose a vibrant and cheerful theme or something more elegant. With a bit of creativity and effort, you can create a locker that you’ll be proud of and that adds a touch of fun and festivity to your school days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Locker Decorating

What can you use to decorate your locker?
You can use things that show who you are, like pictures, postcards, stickers, and photos. Inspirational quotes, notes of encouragement, or a calendar can be cool too. Don’t forget battery-powered twinkle lights for some extra charm! Making your locker special can help you feel more organized and motivated, and it turns your locker into a space that feels like your own.

How can you make your locker door look awesome?

Adding magnets to your locker door lets you show your style and makes it easy to hang important notes, reminders, and photos. Painting the locker door with a fun and bright color that matches your personality is a great way to make it unique. Also, you can use decals to give your locker door a cool and one-of-a-kind appearance. There are decals for all kinds of interests and styles.

How do you take off old locker wallpaper before putting on new wallpaper?

First, gently scrape off the old locker wallpaper with a putty knife or scraper. Then, use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe away any leftover sticky stuff and bits of paper. Getting rid of the old wallpaper is important because it helps the new wallpaper stick better and keeps your locker looking good.

Any money-saving tips for locker decorating?

Use a locker shelf to make the most of your locker’s space, so you don’t have to buy more expensive storage stuff. Try removable adhesive hooks to hang things up—they’re cheap and easy to remove when you don’t need them anymore. If you stick to a color theme and use colored bins and organizers, it’ll look nice and help you stay organized without spending too much.

What should you keep in your locker?

Both boys and girls should have basic school supplies like pencils, pens, paper, and maybe a calculator. This makes sure you’re always ready and organized for class. For girls, it’s a good idea to have a spare change of clothes like a jacket or sweatshirt, just in case the weather changes or you get chilly. You can also keep personal stuff like hairbrushes, lotion, and perfume to freshen up during the day.

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