21 Hilarious Non Formal Dinner Party Games for Adults

Having dinner is a great opportunity to talk about the day. It’s nice to eat yummy food and drinks with people you get along with. Sometimes, dinner can end earlier than expected, giving us more time to chat. One fun thing to do at dinner parties is playing games. There are tons of adult dinner party games, and we’ve picked the top 21 for you.

21 Hilarious Non Formal Dinner Party Games for Adults

Feel free to try out these exciting games at your dinner party. Enjoy the moment and be present because you never know when you’ll have this chance again.

We’re really excited to share these adult dinner party games with you. Let’s dive right into the list!

How to Pick the Right Game for Your Dinner Party?

Choosing a game for your dinner party isn’t hard. Just make sure everyone understands the game and how to play it. Get everyone involved so no one feels left out. The most important thing is to have fun, laugh, and enjoy the game together. And don’t forget to set your table nicely for the night.

How to Make Your Dinner Party More Fun?

Besides serving good food and drinks, add some entertainment to make your dinner party more enjoyable. Decorating your own cupcakes can be a tasty and fun activity. Karaoke is also a great way to have interactive entertainment while enjoying music. Playing games and sharing your thoughts can be another fun and bonding activity.

21 Hilarious Non Formal Dinner Party Games for Adults

Game 1: “Discover the Lie” – A Peek into Hidden Truths

Looking for an exciting game for your adult dinner party? Try “Discover the Lie.” In this game, one person shares three statements, but here’s the twist: one of those statements is not true! Your job is to figure out which one is the fib. It’s a great way to test how well you know your friends and uncover some surprising secrets.

“Two Truth, One Lie” to Reveal A Little Secret

How to Play “Discover the Lie”:

1. Choose one player to share three statements.
2. Everyone else guesses which statement they think is the lie.
3. Once the lie is uncovered, the next player takes their turn.
4. Enjoy the game and unveil more secrets about your friends.

Number of Players: 2 to 40 participants

Game 2: “Brain Teasers” – Delve into Your Friends’ Minds

Another intriguing dinner party game for adults is “Brain Teasers,” also known as “Hot Takes.” It’s a fantastic game for sparking debates and diving into your circle’s thoughts. Simply throw a quirky topic into the mix, and watch your friends passionately discuss it. You’ll be amazed at how much fun silly debates can be.

Dig In Your Circle’s Brain Through “Hot Takes”

How to Play “Brain Teasers”:

1. Pick a theme and some topics for debate.
2. Participants take turns expressing their thoughts on the chosen topic.
3. Keep the debate light-hearted and entertaining to keep the party vibe alive.

Number of Players: 4 to 10 participants

Game 3: “This or That” – Keep It Simple and Fun

Want a game that works for both small and large groups? Look no further than “This or That.” It’s a simple yet enjoyable game that reveals how similarly (or differently) people think. You just have to choose between two options, and it doesn’t have to be anything serious. For example, you can debate whether you’d prefer to have dinner at a restaurant or have it delivered at home. It’s a game anyone can enjoy.

Take It Simple By Playing “This or That”

How to Play “This or That”:

1. Prepare some fun and silly “This or That” questions.
2. Gather the participants.
3. Ask the questions and have everyone state their choice and explain why they chose it.

Number of Players: 4 to 10 participants

Game 4: “Act It Out with Charades” – Classic Fun for All Ages

Be Classic and Play “Charades”

Looking for some game ideas for your gathering? Try Charades! It’s a game that most adults are familiar with, so you won’t need many instructions. In Charades, you use your body to mimic something, whether it’s animals, objects, places, feelings, celebrities, and more. Your audience has to guess what you’re acting out.

How to Play “Charades”:

1. Choose interesting categories and write them on small pieces of paper.
2. Put those papers in a bowl.
3. Select one player to be the actor.
4. Draw an idea from the bowl or come up with a fresh one to act out.
5. The other participants must guess what’s being acted out.
6. Once it’s guessed correctly, switch to the next player who becomes the actor.

Number of Players: 4 or more

Game 5: “Guess Away with 21 Questions Game” – Mind-Reading Fun

Give your guests a chance to bond with the 21 Questions Game. In this game, one person thinks of something, and the others try to guess it by asking questions. Imagine your friends trying to read your mind and guess what’s on it. You’ll be amazed at how telepathy seems possible in this game.

Let Them Guess Through “21 Questions Game”

How to Play “21 Questions Game”:

1. One player thinks of something.
2. The audience asks yes-or-no questions about what the player is thinking.
3. The player can only answer with “yes” or “no.”
4. A maximum of 21 questions is allowed.
5. If the audience can’t guess within 21 questions, the player wins.
6. If someone guesses correctly, they become the next player.

Number of Players: 2 or more

Game 6: “Enjoy Classic Fun with Uno Card Game” – Endless Card Game Variations

Don’t underestimate the classic card games, like the timeless Uno Card game. It’s a favorite for everyone, especially when played with 4 to 10 people. While it may seem traditional, Uno can be as exciting as you want it to be. You can spice it up with house rules, like taking sips of beverages when action cards are played. Explore Uno variations like Reverse Uno, Speed Uno, and more.

Stay With “Uno Card Game”

How to Play “Uno Card Game”:

1. Sit in a circle with all players.
2. Deal 7 Uno cards to each player.
3. Place the remaining cards face down.
4. Start the game by flipping over the top card.
5. Play a card from your hand that matches the top card’s color, number, or action.
6. If you can’t match, draw a card from the pile.
7. Play continues based on the card’s color, number, or action.

Number of Players: 4 to 10 players

Game 7: “Cup Stacking” – A Fun Drinking Game for Adults

When adults get together, it often involves drinks, and that leads us to a great party game called “Cup Stacking.” Especially when you’re hosting a dinner party, those red plastic beer cups become iconic. But instead of just using them for drinks, you can turn them into a fun stacking game with your guests.

Be Ready and “Stack Some Cups”

How to Play “Cup Stacking”:

1. Select 4 to 6 players to join the game.
2. Place at least 10 plastic cups and 2 ping-pong balls on the table.
3. Fill each cup with about 100 ml of a beverage.
4. Arrange the plastic cups in the middle of a round table, with 2 empty cups placed in front of 2 players sitting opposite each other.
5. The two players with the empty cups try to bounce the ping-pong ball into their cups.
6. If a player successfully lands the ball in the cup on their first try, they can pass the cup to anyone else at the table.
7. However, if a player needs multiple attempts to make the ball land in the cup, they must slide the cup to the player on their right.
8. If the player on the right is still trying to bounce the ball into their cup, the cup should be stacked inside the cup of the player attempting to bounce the ball.
9. Continue the game by passing the stacked cups to the player on the right.

Number of Players: 4 to 6 participants

Game 8: “Guess ‘Who Am I?'” – Discover Your Identity

Another entertaining dinner party game for adults is “Who Am I?” This game works well for both small and large groups and is all about figuring out your own identity. To guess who you are, you’ll need to ask the audience closed-ended questions.

Have Fun to Play “Who Am I”

How to Play “Who Am I?”:

1. Write a word on a sticky note.
2. Stick the note on a player’s forehead without them seeing it.
3. The player should ask yes-or-no questions to the audience to figure out “Who am I?”
4. The audience can only respond with “yes” or “no.”
5. Ask questions at a good pace and try to guess your identity.

Number of Players: 2 to 10 players in a group

Game 9: “Pictionary” – Race Against the Clock

Pictionary is a classic game where you have to draw something while racing against the clock. The audience tries to guess what your drawing represents. Similar to Charades, you can prepare categories on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl.

Race Against the Clock When Playing “Pictionary”

How to Play “Pictionary”:

1. Get a blank paper and a pen.
2. Draw something within a limited time frame.
3. Let the audience guess what your drawing represents.
4. The person who guesses correctly becomes the next player.

Number of Players: 2 or more

Game 10: “Share Secrets with ‘Never Have I Ever'” – Uncover Surprising Truths

Never Have I Ever” is a game that can bring out hidden secrets within your group. In this game, players raise their fingers in the air. When someone mentions something they’ve done, those who have also done it put one finger down. It’s a hilarious game for adults that can lead to unexpected revelations.

Dare Your Guests by Playing “Never Have I Ever”

How to Play “Never Have I Ever”:

1. Hold up 5 to 10 fingers.
2. Ask questions about things the players have or have never done.
3. For each thing they have done, they put down a finger.
4. Create funny and daring questions to keep the game entertaining.
5. The first player to put down all their fingers is the winner.

Number of Players: 2 or more

Game 11: “Name That Tune” – Show Off Your Music Knowledge

For some nighttime fun, try “Name That Tune.” It’s a music game that music enthusiasts will enjoy, and it’s a chance to flaunt your music knowledge while having a blast at the dinner party. Guessing your favorite songs and tunes will add a musical touch to the evening.

Dinner Party Games for Adults

How to Play “Name That Tune”:

1. Play a song for 5 seconds.
2. Let the audience guess the song title and the artist.
3. If they guess only the title, they earn 1 point.
4. If they correctly guess both the title and artist, they earn 2 points.
5. If they only get the artist’s name right, no points are awarded.

Number of Players: 2 or more

Game 12: “Groove to the Beat with ‘Freeze Dance'” – Musical Challenge

Another music-based game is “Freeze Dance,” where you challenge yourself to stop moving when the music stops. It’s a test of self-control because it’s hard to stay still when your favorite music plays. Your body just wants to dance!

Dinner Party Games for Adults

How to Play “Freeze Dance”:

1. Play a song on a speaker.
2. Dance when the music is playing and freeze immediately when it stops.
3. Each player must hold their pose until the music starts again.
4. If a player doesn’t freeze immediately, they must do a certain punishment (like jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, or drink a beverage).
5. After the punishment, they can rejoin the next round.

Number of Players: 2 or more

Game 13: “Truth or Dare” – A Classic Game for Excitement

Truth or Dare” is a classic game that adds excitement to any gathering. Whether you’re serving dinner on unique dinnerware sets or enjoying some beer, this game is a great way to keep the party going. It’s best played with a small group, as it may lead to revealing secrets.

Dinner Party Games for Adults

How to Play “Truth or Dare”:

1. Get an empty glass bottle.
2. Clear a space for spinning the bottle.
3. Sit in a circle with the bottle in the center.
4. Spin the bottle to determine who will choose between “truth or dare.”
5. The player pointed to by the top of the bottle gets to choose.
6. If they choose “truth,” ask them a question.
7. If they choose “dare,” give them a challenge to complete immediately.

Number of Players: 4 to 10 participants

Game 14: “Avoid Saying ‘Yes’ in ‘Don’t Say Yes'” – A Fun Challenge

Imagine playing a game where you’re not allowed to say “yes” or any similar words, and if you slip up, you face a penalty. The penalty doesn’t have to be physical; it could be as simple as placing a small sticker on your body each time you utter the forbidden word. “Don’t Say Yes” is a thrilling game for larger groups, and it’s entertaining to see who ends up with the most stickers by the end of the party.

Dinner Party Games for Adults

How to Play “Don’t Say Yes”:

1. Prepare small stickers.
2. Start the “Don’t Say Yes” game.
3. Carry on conversations as usual.
4. Whenever someone says “yes” or a synonym, place a sticker on them.
5. At the end of the party, announce the “people pleaser” with the most stickers.

Number of Players: 2 or more

Game 15: “Solve the Mystery with ‘Murder Mystery Game'” – A Critical Thinking Challenge

The “Murder Mystery Game” is a fantastic game for adults, suitable for large groups. The goal is to uncover the identity of the murderer in the story, and it requires sharp critical thinking skills. Players must analyze the story from different angles to find the crucial information needed to solve the mystery.

Dinner Party Games for Adults

How to Play “Murder Mystery Game”:

1. Prepare the “murder mystery game” with a cold case file investigation.
2. Read the case aloud for all players to hear.
3. Players must think critically and analyze the story to guess the murderer.
4. When a player correctly guesses the murderer, they win.
5. To add more excitement, you can have a penalty for incorrect guesses, like taking a shot of alcohol.

Number of Players: 2 or more

Game 16: “Imitate a Star in ‘Press Conference'” – Unveil the Mystery Celebrity

In “Press Conference,” you’ll host a Q&A session where guests ask questions to a mystery celebrity. What makes this game unique is that the celebrity doesn’t know their own identity, but the other guests do. The challenge is for the celebrity to answer questions without any clues, leading to humorous responses that will have everyone laughing.

Dinner Party Games for Adults

How to Play “Press Conference”:

1. Select one player to be the “celebrity.”
2. Gather the guests and secretly agree on the celebrity they will interview.
3. The guests act as reporters and ask various questions to the celebrity.
4. The celebrity answers the questions as naturally as possible.
5. Enjoy the entertaining press conference!

Number of Players: 4 or more

Game 17: “Spark Creativity with ‘Story Starters’ Game” – Collaborative Storytelling

Discover the power of group storytelling with the “Story Starters” Game. With a group of 4 to 6 people, each person takes turns contributing one sentence to a story. The result can be a heartwarming tale or an unexpectedly dark adventure. You won’t know until you try it!

Dinner Party Games for Adults

How to Play “Story Starters” Game:

1. Form a group of 4 to 6 players.
2. Have the first person start the story with a sentence.
3. The next person continues the story, passing it to the next player in a circle.
4. Each person gets multiple chances to add to the story.
5. Finally, one group representative reads the complete story aloud.
6. Enjoy the most unpredictable story you’ve ever encountered.

Number of Players: 4 to 6 participants

Game 18: “Discover Like-Minded Souls with ‘Great Minds Think Alike'” – Mind-Reading Game

Ever wondered if people’s minds sync up? Find out with “Great Minds Think Alike.” You’ll see how well your thoughts align with others in the room. It’s a game that reveals how many people share your way of thinking.

Dinner Party Games for Adults

How to Play “Great Minds Think Alike”:

1. Prepare small pieces of paper and pens.
2. Give each player a piece of paper and a pen.
3. Players write their answers to a question they choose.
4. One by one, players take turns asking their question to everyone else.
5. Players earn a point for each matching answer they receive from others.

Number of Players: 2 or more

Game 19: “Laugh with ‘What Do You Meme?'” – The Meme Card Game

Memes are everywhere on social media, bringing laughter to people’s screens through their smartphones. These funny images with quirky captions are a constant source of humor. Memes are particularly popular among Gen Z and Millennials. There’s a vast collection of memes you can bring to your dinner party, and here’s how to play:

Dinner Party Games for Adults

How to Play “What Do You Meme?”:

1. You’ll need the “What Do You Meme?” card game to play.
2. The judge plays a photo card, and the other players match it with a caption card.
3. The combination that creates the most laughter wins.
4. Make sure your humor matches the judge’s to win the round.

Number of Players: 4 to 10 participants

Game 20: “Vote Anonymously with ‘The Voting Game'” – Uncover the Truth

“The Voting Game” lets you cast your votes without revealing your identity. It’s a fun and organized game where you answer questions about people in the room. No need to worry about running out of questions because this game provides all the amusing and sometimes savage questions you need. Questions like, “Who is most likely to build the biggest house?” or “Who is most likely to survive in a Zombie Apocalypse?”

Dinner Party Games for Adults

How to Play “The Voting Game”:

1. Gather a group of 5 to 10 people.
2. Use “The Voting Game” box, which contains all the necessary questions.
3. Distribute number cards to each player as their voting identity.
4. Players use these number cards for voting.
5. Shuffle the question cards and place them on the table.
6. A reader draws a black question card and reads it aloud.
7. Everyone votes anonymously using their number cards.
8. The reader collects the voting cards and displays the results to the group.
9. A player who receives at least half of the votes earns a point and keeps the black question card.
10. Continue playing until a player collects 6 black cards or 6 points.

Number of Players: 5 to 10 participants

Game 21: “Learn About Each Other with ‘Would You Rather'” – Conversation Starter

“Would You Rather” is a choice-based game that helps people get to know each other better. By examining their choices, you can gain insights into their personal preferences. It’s a game for adults that requires no materials, making it a fantastic icebreaker. Say goodbye to awkward moments and use this game to deepen your understanding of your friends.

Dinner Party Games for Adults

How to Play “Would You Rather”:

1. The first player asks a “Would you rather…” question to each person at the table, one by one.
2. Alternatively, the player can ask the question to one specific person, who then poses another question to someone else at the table.
3. Ensure that each person is asked at least once.

Number of Players: 4 to 10 participants


There are plenty of fun and casual games you can introduce at your dinner party to add some excitement to the gathering. Classic card games, games involving acting and guessing, and those centered around asking questions can serve as excellent conversation starters and reveal hidden secrets among your guests.

The games we’ve listed earlier are fantastic options to make your party enjoyable. In fact, the possibilities for games with your friends are endless. However, it’s crucial to remember that while playing games at your dinner party, it’s essential to do so with respect for one another as adults.

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