24 Sweetest Birthday Gifts for Pregnant Wife

If your wife is pregnant and her birthday is coming up soon, it’s essential to find a special gift for her. We believe this is more important than other tasks. Before your new baby arrives, why not make your wife happy with a thoughtful gift? This will help her feel good during labor.

Remember, a happy mom means a happy baby, right? So, let’s make sure your wife feels pampered on her birthday with some of the best gifts for pregnant wives we’ve found online. You definitely want to make that happen.

Fortunately, we’ve searched the internet to find the best gifts for expectant moms, whether they’ve just learned they’re expecting or their due date is approaching. We have the perfect gifts for you to give them before they blow out their birthday candles!

Here are 24 highly recommended birthday gifts for pregnant wives that are sure to bring a smile to her face. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

24 Sweetest Birthday Gifts for Pregnant Wife

Celebrating your pregnant wife’s birthday is a special occasion. It’s a way to show her love not just as your partner but as a soon-to-be mom. Picking the right gift means being thoughtful and considering what she needs and wants during this important time in her life.

There are lots of great birthday gift ideas, from things that help her relax and take care of herself to meaningful items that represent the journey ahead. By being creative and understanding, you can show your support and excitement for her special day and the upcoming arrival of your baby.

So, let’s dive into the list!

1. PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

As pregnancy progresses, it can be really hard for expecting moms to find a comfortable sleeping position. That’s why we’re sure this big U-shaped pregnancy pillow is one of the best gifts she could get this year.

It’s made to support her whole body, including her growing bump. So, why not put it on the bed with a big ribbon and give her the gift of a peaceful birthday nap? That would be fantastic!

2. First Glimpse Sonogram Picture Frame

Here’s a fantastic birthday gift for your pregnant wife and any expecting moms out there. While it’s common to put your baby’s sonogram picture on the fridge, you can do something more special for your wife’s birthday!

Check out this adorable ‘Love At First Sight‘ photo frame. It’s the perfect way to display the first peek at your upcoming bundle of joy. Your wife will be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful present on her special day.

After all, a baby bump is undoubtedly one of the most precious gifts for any mom in the world.

3. Zmart Labor and Delivery Socks

Next time your wife needs a break and puts her feet up, make sure she has these super-comfortable and amusing socks to wear! Even if her baby bump isn’t showing yet, no one will question her need for a little relaxation.

These socks can also make for great photos. Take a picture and the next time you’re invited out, send it to your friends and family to share your exciting news that your wife is growing a baby bump!

4. Letters To My Baby

If you and your wife are already making lists of things to tell your baby in the future, this gift is perfect. It comes as a hardback book with special stickers and twelve envelopes.

Each envelope encourages you to write a different type of letter about your baby’s early years and your hopes for their future. Write these letters now, seal them up, and give them to your child for a special birthday later in life.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best gifts for a pregnant wife.

5. New Mom Care Package

Sleepless nights, achy joints, and very tired feet – if anyone deserves some pampering, it’s a mom-to-be, especially your wife! Thankfully, this luxurious gift box has everything she needs for a few relaxing evenings.

We absolutely love the ‘Badass Mama – coming soon’ branding, and we’re sure she will too! It includes bath salts, body butter, lip balm, a scented candle, and more.

You can even draw your wife a warm bath to ensure she has the most laid-back birthday ever.

6. Best Fur Mama Mug

If you and your wife are already proud pet parents of dogs and cats, we think this cute mug will be one of the sweetest gifts for a pregnant wife. You can even give it to her on her birthday!

Give it as a special gift from you, or write a little card and pretend it’s from your furry friend. She’ll cherish it no matter who it’s from, especially when it’s filled with her favorite hot beverage!

7. Natural Baby Bump Bath Melts

Taking a relaxing bath is a wonderful way for your wife to celebrate her birthday, especially during pregnancy! So, ensure she has the most soothing evening possible by gifting her these unscented bath melts designed for her bump.

We’re confident she’ll adore this thoughtful gift, especially coming from you. These bath melts are made with Himalayan sea salt, organic vitamin E oil, organic cocoa butter, and more to keep her skin soft and well-moisturized during pregnancy.

8. Mama Hooded Sweatshirt

Finding clothes that fit comfortably can be a challenge as her pregnancy progresses. That’s why your wife will be delighted to receive this charming ‘Mama’ hoodie on her birthday this year.

It’s perfect for her pregnancy and can also be worn after your little one arrives. Plus, it comes in six different colors, so you can choose her favorite shade or even one that matches your baby’s nursery.

9. Personalized Baby Countdown Plaque

Your wife may be excited about her birthday, but we bet she’s even more thrilled about counting down the days until the baby arrives! So, why not help both of you keep track of your little one’s due date with this fantastic wooden plaque.

It features a chalkboard, allowing you to write the number of days to go each morning. Plus, it can be personalized with your baby’s last name. Pretty adorable, isn’t it?

10. Surprise Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirt

If your wife hasn’t shared her pregnancy joy with friends and family yet, this t-shirt will make a perfect birthday gift for her to do so when she’s ready. She can keep it hidden under her coat or a sweater, then reveal it when the time comes to surprise everyone with the news!

And yes, the shirt is made of comfortable cotton, so she can wear it all day on her birthday. We suggest pairing this tee with shorts or wide-leg trousers if your wife wants to take her fashion game a notch higher.

11. Personalized Baby Name Necklace

If you and your wife have already picked out a special name for your upcoming baby, here’s a unique gift idea. Imagine a necklace that’s all about your new baby! You can get it in shiny gold, delicate rose gold, or classic silver, and it will have your baby’s name right on it.

This way, your wife can wear it close to her heart, not just on her birthday but every day, keeping that special name close until your little one arrives and long after!

12. Baby’s Name Onesie – Custom Baby Outfit

The name of your baby is like a precious secret waiting to be revealed. So, why not celebrate your wife’s birthday with a cute surprise? Get a tiny baby onesie with your baby’s name printed on it as a special gift.

It’s available in a newborn size, perfect for your little one to wear when they make their grand entrance into the world. Just imagine the adorable pictures you’ll capture with your baby wearing this personalized outfit!

13. Expecting Belly Torso Candle

Make your wife’s birthday special with this beautiful pregnancy candle that celebrates her amazing pregnant body. This candle is not just for lighting; it’s a unique decoration piece.

It’s made from natural soy wax and has a lovely cedarwood and earthy scent, which is safe for moms-to-be, including your wonderful wife. It’s perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere at home.

14. Mommy’s Gift Necklace

When it’s your pregnant wife’s birthday, a gift from you is wonderful, but a gift from your growing baby is even more heartwarming! Picture a lovely necklace with two hearts, one in shiny gold and the other in elegant silver, beautifully intertwined.

The best part? The gift box holds a sweet message from your soon-to-arrive baby, signed off with ‘love, kisses & kicks.’ It’s not just for her birthday but can also be a touching surprise for your anniversary or as you get closer to welcoming your baby!

15. Pregosaurus T-shirt

Whether your wife is a fan of dinosaurs or just enjoys a good laugh, this Pregosaurus t-shirt is a fun and comfy gift idea for her birthday. It adds a touch of humor, and we all know that pregnancy can bring a mix of emotions.

It’s available in different cute colors like black, dark gray, or navy, making it the perfect casual outfit for her growing baby bump. Your wife will love the playfulness of this gift!

16. Mom & Baby Bath Set

Celebrate your wife’s journey to motherhood with a special gift: the Mom & Baby Bath Set. This thoughtful birthday present includes pampering items for both her and the baby. Inside, you’ll find Blooming Belly Butter, Calm Mom essential oil, and a Bath Tea with fragrant rose petals and lavender. These goodies are perfect for her during pregnancy and after the baby arrives.

The set also includes products for your little one, like Lavender Lullaby Bath Wash and Calming Baby Balm. Your wife can enjoy this gift to relax, especially in the third trimester when her body might be feeling a bit tired.

17. Mother’s Love Necklace

This exquisite handmade ceramic pendant is a symbol of the boundless love and protection a mother offers to her baby, whether it’s before or after birth.

A mother’s love knows no bounds.

That’s why we think this sentimental necklace is the perfect birthday gift for your pregnant wife. If she hasn’t shared her pregnancy news yet, you can keep the meaning of this beautiful necklace a secret until she’s ready to reveal it to the world!

18. The Doula Deck for Expecting & New Moms

This set of beautifully illustrated cards, created by Lori Bregman, a Doula with over two decades of experience, shares wisdom and insights for a calm and peaceful pregnancy.

The deck contains meditations, affirmations, and exercises designed to promote self-care and reassurance throughout your wife’s pregnancy. It’s an ideal birthday gift for expecting moms who may be feeling a bit anxious about becoming a new mom.

She can learn from these informative cards during her pregnancy journey, gaining valuable knowledge and peace of mind.

19. Micro Brew Baby Onesie

If you and your wife enjoy sharing a craft beer or two (when she’s not pregnant, of course!), then consider getting her this adorable micro-brew baby onesie for her birthday. She’ll appreciate the clever and humorous message on it, and the tiny blue onesie is just too cute to resist.

As a mom-to-be, your wife might find it even more delightful to receive gifts for her baby. This onesie can be used for a fun photoshoot or worn daily when your little one arrives.

20. Maternity Best Gift Ever T-Shirt

If your wife’s birthday falls around the holiday season, then this “Best Gift Ever” shirt is an ideal choice! With its festive red and green font, it’s perfect for spreading the joy of your pregnancy during the holidays.

Plus, it’s a creative way to announce to friends and family that you and your wife are expecting. It’s a holiday season to remember for sure! To make the printed writing stand out, consider pairing this tee with relatively dark trousers.

21. Mama Bear Coffee Mug

Your wife might have taken a break from caffeine during pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy a hot drink in this adorable coffee mug. After all, she’s already a mama, even before your little one arrives!

Instead of just wrapping it up, why not surprise her with breakfast in bed and serve her favorite hot beverage in this cute mug? It’s a special way to start her birthday morning that she won’t forget!

22. Oh! Mamma Maternity T-shirt

Finding comfy and stylish clothes when you have a cute baby bump can be a challenge. So, make sure your wife has something fashionable yet cozy to wear on her special day by gifting her this stylish top.

It comes in eight different colors, so you can choose a few in her favorite shades to give her more options. She’ll appreciate how much you’ve thought about her feeling good on her birthday!

23. Beautimate Facial Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set

If your wife prefers to skip massages during pregnancy, this facial roller is a great way for her to pamper herself safely and relax.

This set is designed to brighten her skin, reduce puffiness around her eyes, and give a cool and calming feeling on her skin. We think it’s the perfect gift for a night of birthday pampering, especially when combined with one of the bath gifts from our list!

24. Alpine Swiss Cable Knit Memory Foam Slippers

Pregnancy often means tired feet, so it’s important to make sure your wife feels pampered and comfortable on her birthday. These luxurious cable knit memory foam slippers are the answer.

They’re easy to slip on and off, which is perfect for when she’s heavily pregnant, and they’ll keep her feet warm and cozy as she relaxes at home on her special day. Pairing them with a bath set would be a lovely gesture to complete the pampering experience.


Becoming parents-to-be is a wonderful reason to celebrate, and if you’re planning a special birthday surprise for your pregnant wife, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a list of sweet and thoughtful gifts to spoil your lovely wife before you both welcome your new family member.

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