24 Unusual Outdoor Toys That are Interesting To Play With

Many people today forget the fun of playing outside. Instead, they spend too much time looking at screens and missing out on the beauty of nature. If you want to inspire your friends or family to go outside, you can do it by giving them unique outdoor toys.

Unusual Outdoor Toys That are Interesting To Play With

Some outdoor toys are meant for group play. For example, you can have a great time outside with your kids or friends, and it can strengthen your relationships while being enjoyable. These toys are not just fun but also give people a chance to get some exercise.

Unique outdoor toys come in various shapes and functions, but their main goal is to bring happiness and relieve weekday stress for you and your family. These toys are suitable for toddlers, kids, and even adults. Let’s take a look at some of these items!

Why Are Outdoor Toys Important for Kids?

Outdoor toys open the door to a world of wonder and excitement! They offer many benefits for a child’s development. Get ready for exciting adventures as kids use these toys to improve their coordination, balance, and motor skills. But that’s not all; playing outdoors sparks creativity and imagination, turning young problem solvers into creative thinkers.

As children play and interact with others outside, they learn important social skills like communication and teamwork, which nurture their hearts and minds. So, grab those outdoor toys and watch your child’s world light up with joy, growth, and endless possibilities!

How Do Outdoor Toys Support Learning and Education?

Outdoor toys provide valuable opportunities for learning and education. They help improve fundamental movement skills like running, jumping, and throwing, which is essential for physical literacy. Nature-related toys also teach children about the environment and let them explore and connect with the natural world.

Toys like building sets and construction kits enhance problem-solving abilities, creativity, and STEM skills. Role-playing and pretend play with outdoor toys contribute to language development, social skills, and emotional growth by encouraging imagination and interaction with others.

21 Unusual Outdoor Toys That are Interesting To Play With

Are your kids spending too much time glued to their computer screens? It’s important to consider that excessive indoor sitting might not be the best thing for their growth and development. Over time, it could make it challenging for them to socialize with their friends and adapt to real-life interactions.

Additionally, when kids are constantly engrossed in their electronic gadgets, they may become frustrated or irritable if you restrict their screen time. To address this, we suggest introducing them to a range of exciting and unique outdoor toys that can genuinely capture their interest and make them want to venture outdoors!

1. Campfire and S’mores Outdoor Toy Set

Camping can be an incredible outdoor experience for children’s growth and development, and it’s never too early to introduce them to the wonders of camping. This unique toy set is designed to help younger children learn about the joys of camping in a playful way. Inside the set, you’ll find soft felt replicas of campfire essentials like wood, marshmallows, wood, and a fire. Your kids can engage in imaginative play with these items right in your backyard. To make the experience even more enriching, you can participate in their playtime and answer any questions they might have about the function of each piece, creating lasting memories together.

2. Stomp Rockets Launcher Outdoor Toy

Encouraging your kids to spend time outdoors is essential for their overall well-being and development, and this rocket toy set makes it incredibly enticing. The set includes six foam rockets and a stomp pad launcher. All your child needs to do is stomp on the pad, and they can watch with excitement as the rocket soars up to 100 feet into the sky. It’s a safe and exhilarating activity that doesn’t require any power source, making it perfect for summer breaks and family bonding sessions.

3. Silicone Gardening Tools Outdoor Toy

Introducing your kids to the world of gardening is a valuable experience, and this unique outdoor toy set is designed to do just that. The set includes colorful rake and watering tools made from flexible silicone, ensuring even toddlers can safely enjoy them. What’s particularly wonderful about this toy is that it sparks your child’s imagination. You can use it to engage them in planting seedlings and transplanting them into your garden when they’re ready to thrive. Who knows, this hands-on experience might inspire your children to become expert botanists or simply foster a deeper appreciation for nature.

4. Silicone Outdoor Toy Set for the Beach

Exploring the beach is a fantastic way to connect your kids with the natural world, and this outdoor toy set is ideal for beachgoers. It comprises a bucket, shovel, starfish-shaped mold, and other soft silicone items that provide endless opportunities for creative play in the sand. Whether your kids love building intricate sandcastles or simply enjoying the beach, these toys can enhance their experience. While they might relish playing independently, joining in the fun and spending quality parent-child time at the beach can strengthen your bond with your kids, creating cherished moments together.

5. Colorful Ribbon Hand Kite for Active Play

Want your kids to move around more? Try this vibrant hand kite! It’s a fantastic outdoor toy that will make your kids want to run around. They just hold onto the kite handle, and the colorful ribbons will flutter in the breeze.

It’s not only fun but also helps keep them healthy! Since the kite needs wind to fly high, find a big open space, like your backyard. Make sure there aren’t too many tall trees nearby to prevent the kite from getting stuck in the branches.

6. Outdoor Punching Bag Set for Kids

Who says you can only find punching bags at the gym? This unique outdoor toy can be your child’s training partner. They can punch and kick the bag to their heart’s content and practice some martial arts moves.

We also recommend getting a martial arts costume to go with this toy. Your kids can wear it proudly while playing, boosting their energy. So, set it up in the backyard for some outdoor fun!

7. Fun Bouncing Trampoline for Your Yard

Place this exciting trampoline in your garden, and your kids will have a blast! Instead of bouncing indoors, which can be noisy and bothersome, let them jump around outside on this trampoline.

It comes with a safety net and a sturdy base, making it very safe. Because it’s quite large, find a spacious spot in your front or backyard. Just in case your kids fall, it’s a good idea to have soft turf underneath to prevent injuries. If your kids are very young, keep an eye on them while they play.

8. Kids’ Tee-Ball Set with Bat and Balls

Baseball is a favorite sport for both kids and adults in the United States. But for younger kids and toddlers, it’s best to start with tee-ball as practice. It’s safer because there’s no ball pitching involved.

You can set up a tee-ball game outdoors for your kids with this toy set. It’ll encourage them to be physically active and use up their energy by hitting the balls. Just be cautious and supervise them when they play with their friends to avoid accidents.

9. Exciting Bouncy Body Bumpers for Outdoor Play

Discover the thrill of outdoor fun with these incredible bouncy body bumpers! These unique inflatable toys are designed in the shape of body bumpers, allowing kids to put them on and safely bounce into each other without any fear of getting hurt. These bumpers are like protective cushions that absorb any impact, making it a safe and enjoyable game.

To maximize the excitement, find a spacious area with soft grass where your kids can bounce around freely. While these bumpers are designed for safe play, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on them just to be sure. Unusual toys like these can inspire creativity and open up new avenues of play for children, fostering their imagination and physical activity.

10. Fun and Safe Toy Bow and Arrow Set for Kids

Archery is a fantastic outdoor sport that encourages focus and concentration. However, real archery equipment can be too dangerous for young kids. That’s where this toy bow and arrow set comes in handy.

This set includes safe, blunt-tipped arrows, a toy bow, and a target. It allows your kids to practice their aiming skills, improve their concentration, and enjoy a great outdoor experience. While they have a blast, it’s important to teach them about safety, especially when playing with friends. Learning the importance of responsible play is a valuable lesson for kids.

11. Sandbox Digger Toy Excavator for Little Builders

Children often watch in awe as construction workers operate heavy machinery like excavators. Now, your kids can experience the thrill of operating their own excavator with this unique outdoor toy.

This full-size excavator toy can be placed next to a sandbox or taken to the beach. Your child can use it to move sand and create their mini construction site. This unusual toy not only provides hours of entertainment but also helps your child improve their focus and strengthen their upper body muscles, all while having a great time outdoors.

12. Child-Friendly Hand-Thrown Parachute Toy for Outdoor Adventures

Parachutes are a source of wonder for children, especially when they see people gracefully descending from the sky. Give your kids a taste of the excitement with this special hand-thrown parachute toy!

Designed to mimic the real thing, this child-sized parachute slowly descends, just like a real parachute landing. Your backyard becomes an adventure zone as your kids take turns throwing and watching the parachute glide gently to the ground. Be sure to assist them in reaching the right heights for their tosses to ensure a fantastic time filled with outdoor thrills.

13. Toy Gun with Soft Bullets

In the United States, lots of people like guns, and this toy gun looks just like the real thing! It’s a fun way to teach your kids about being safe with guns. Plus, they can use it to make up exciting games like cops and robbers!

The toy gun shoots soft bullets that won’t hurt anyone. These soft bullets can travel up to 10 meters away. And guess what? The toy gun even has a silencer so it won’t make too much noise. But, you still need to be careful because those soft bullets can sting a bit if kids aren’t being careful.

14. Butterfly-Shaped Kite for Kids

This kite is not your everyday kite. Nope, it’s shaped like a beautiful butterfly, all set to flutter its wings in the big, open sky. Your kids can take it outside and watch it dance in the wind in your yard or at the park.

And it’s not just for your yard or the park. You can take it with you when you go to the beach or a grassy area. Beaches usually have lots of wind, perfect for making kites soar high! Just remember to wear your sunglasses so you can keep an eye on your butterfly kite up in the sky!

15. Voice Changer Toy

Do you want to surprise your kids with something cool to play with outside? Give the voice changer a try! It can make all sorts of weird and funny sounds that will make their friends laugh. It might even startle the animals in the garden because the sounds will be so strange to their ears.

Not only is it fun, but it’s also a bit educational. You can use it to show your kids that their voices might change as they get older, like when they go through puberty. That’s pretty interesting, right? Just make sure they know not to use it right next to someone’s ears because it can be really annoying!

16. Countdown Timer Toy for Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a classic game that everyone loves, but these days, lots of kids prefer to play video games. Well, here’s a way to get them excited about the good old hide-and-seek game again!

This toy looks like a digital countdown timer from the future. You can hide it somewhere, and then your kids can go on a hunt to find it and stop the timer. It’s a great game to play at family gatherings, especially with their cousins. It makes hide-and-seek even more fun!

Unusual Outdoor Toys for Young Kids

Unusual outdoor toys designed for young kids can be a fantastic way to get them interested in the great outdoors. These toys not only provide lots of fun but also help them discover more about their bodies, imagination, and brains. Plus, they’re designed with safety in mind, so you can have peace of mind while your little ones play outside. Now, let’s take a look at some unique outdoor toys made just for young kids!

17. Toddler Wooden Bowling Set

It’s important to let your little ones move and play! This helps them build strong muscles and become more agile. Plus, physical activities are a great way for toddlers to explore their world.

Instead of buying them cars or dolls, you can get them active with this wooden bowling set. The pins and the ball are all made of sturdy wood, so they’re very safe. Set up the pins just like a real bowling game and watch them have a blast trying to knock them down!

18. Toddler Push Toy Lawnmower

Toddlers are curious, especially when they’re just learning to walk! This mini lawnmower outdoor toy is a great way to help your little ones practice walking. It might look a bit unusual, but your son and daughter will love it! Kids love to imitate adults, and this toy lets them pretend to mow the lawn just like you do when you garden.

While you’re busy in the garden, your kids can have a great time playing with this toy lawnmower. You can even make it more fun by pretending to ask them for help cutting the grass. It gives them a sense of responsibility and makes them feel helpful to their parents.

19. Water Gun with Fun Water Backpack

Water guns are super exciting, and this one is extra special! It’s not your ordinary water toy because it comes with a water backpack for quick refills. Your children will be eager to run outside and start playing with these cool items.

Plus, the backpack has a super cute design with ladybugs, bees, and colorful insects that will instantly catch their attention. Let them enjoy this game in the summer while they run around the backyard. It’s not just fun; it also helps them stay active and build their muscles.

Unusual Outdoor Toys for Grown-Ups

Who says adults can’t enjoy toys? Some people collect toys as a hobby, and others didn’t have the chance to have the toys they wanted when they were kids. So, they look forward to fun and unique toys for adults.

These unusual outdoor toys for adults are different from those for kids and toddlers because they often involve advanced technology, a bit of risk, or unique materials. Some of these toys are even great for expressing romantic feelings, making them more suitable for adults.

20. Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane

Remember the times when you used to fold paper into airplanes as a kid? Well, now you can relive those fun memories in a modern way with this cool paper airplane that you can control with your smartphone!

It’s a unique outdoor toy that can excite any grown-up. You can even get one for your friend and head to the park to enjoy some healthy sunshine. Or take it to the beach where there are no trees to get in the way of your airplane’s flight!

21. Mechanical Paper Plane Launcher

This paper airplane is quite different from the one you control with apps! It’s more old-school and mechanical. You’ll need to put it together before you can send it soaring through the air!

It has a wind-up launcher mechanism that lets the plane take off. Adults will especially enjoy putting this mechanical airplane together. Besides playing with it outdoors, you can also use it as a cool decoration in a display cabinet.

22. Personalized Heart Swing for Couples

Stuck on what to get your partner for your wedding anniversary? Check out these unique outdoor toys in the shape of a heart swing. Your loved one will never expect such a charming gift!

Your spouse can wear the swing as an accessory with their favorite dress for a romantic date. Plus, you can hang one outdoors under a tree in your backyard or on the patio to give your home a warm and welcoming touch.

23. Titanium Alloy Outdoor Dice

Want to play board games in the park? Then you need this awesome set of titanium alloy dice! They’re super durable and perfect for outdoor parties or camping trips.

You can use them for games like Monopoly or any other board game you like. Just make sure to invite more players to join the fun. It’s always more enjoyable when friends and family get involved!

24. Magic Flying Ball Toy

Planning a fun nighttime outdoor party? Grab a bunch of these flying disco balls! They come with propellers and colorful LED lights that make them a blast to play with in the dark.

Instead of just throwing them around aimlessly, why not invite your friends over and organize a mini soccer game? Or if you have a swimming pool, try tossing the balls in and make it a game where the losers have to swim back and forth for a lap!


Unique outdoor toys can give your children a chance to discover the world around them. They can learn more about nature, make new friends while playing with these toys outside, and even strengthen the bond between parents and kids, which might have weakened due to busy lives. So, why not clear your weekend plans, take a break from work, and enjoy some outdoor playtime with your little ones?

When it comes to toys for adults, these special toys can bring a kind of joy that might not have been experienced since childhood. Moreover, they can bring happiness to collectors who appreciate unique items.

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