25 Best Harry Potter Gift Box that Kids Love

Every person who loves Harry Potter knows the names of the sweets, chocolates, and jellies that Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the students at Hogwarts enjoy snacking on. These treats are famous for their unique flavors and shapes, and some of them have flavors that are quite unusual, making them even more intriguing to try! The exciting news is that you can actually buy and taste these magical snacks for yourself.

Best Harry Potter Gift Box that Kids Love

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for a die-hard Harry Potter fan, why not consider Harry Potter snacks as a delightful present? To help you choose the best snacks to give, we have some great suggestions for you in the form of Harry Potter candy gift boxes.

Our candy recommendations can be the ideal gift that will truly thrill any Harry Potter fan. So, take a moment to make a list of the snacks you want to order first. There’s a whole world of magical flavors waiting for you to explore!

25 Best Harry Potter Gift Box that Kids Love

1. Enchanting Chocolate Wand by Jelly Belly

If you’re friends with a devoted Harry Potter fan, you’re in luck because we have a fantastic gift idea that’ll make them jump for joy. Imagine a wand that’s not just for casting spells, but for savoring delicious chocolate! Yes, that’s right, it’s a wand made of chocolate, and it’s a dream come true for any Harry Potter enthusiast.

What’s even more exciting is that this chocolate wand isn’t just any wand. Its design is a replica of the very wand Harry Potter used in the movies! It looks just like the one that accompanied him on all his magical adventures. And guess what? Each wand also comes with a sheet of magical spells, adding a dash of enchantment to your gift.

In our humble opinion, this item is a treasure among Harry Potter-themed gifts. So, whether you’re treating yourself or making someone’s day, this Chocolate Wand by Jelly Belly is a must-have.

2. Bursting Bonbons: A Citrus Candy Surprise

If you ever find yourself at the enchanting Wizarding World of Harry Potter Experience in Universal Studios, don’t miss the opportunity to pick up some extraordinary presents for your friends or family who adore all things Harry Potter.

One delightful choice to consider is the White Chocolate Bonbons with a twist of citrus. Inside this charming box, you’ll find ten delectable white chocolates that hold a secret: popping candy! These candies pop and fizz like magic, making them a delightful treat for any Harry Potter fan.

This unique candy box is the ideal gift to bring a sprinkle of magic into someone’s day. So, whether it’s for a special occasion or just to spread some joy, these Bursting Bonbons are a splendid choice.

3. PEZ Harry Potter Collector’s Tin

Here’s a fun fact: pretty much everyone loves PEZ, including us! So, when we discovered these adorable PEZ candies featuring beloved Harry Potter characters, we couldn’t resist sharing them with you. What’s more, they come in an irresistible collectible tin that any true Harry Potter fan will cherish.

Open up the tin, and you’ll find Dumbledore, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley PEZ dispensers, each ready to delight with their sweet offerings. If you’re an avid Harry Potter aficionado yourself or on the hunt for the perfect gift for one, don’t wait too long to grab this collector’s tin. Its cuteness factor is off the charts!

4. Gummy Adventure Aboard the Knight Bus

Every true Harry Potter fan knows that when wizards are lost, the Knight Bus comes to the rescue. Now, you can ensure your dear Harry Potter enthusiast never feels lost, especially in the middle of the night, with this incredible gift – a Knight Bus packed with gummy candies in an assortment of delightful flavors.

Gummy candies are universally loved, and we’re pretty confident that includes your Harry Potter-loving friend. So, our heartfelt recommendation is to snag this delightful treat before it disappears from the shelves. Trust us, goodies like these tend to vanish quickly!

5. Fizzing Whizzbees Chocolate Delight

It’s no secret that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios is a magical paradise for all Harry Potter fans. Amidst the enchanting experience, you’ll discover an array of magical souvenirs, including delightful gift boxes like the Fizzing Whizzbees chocolate gift box.

While you’re exploring this wondrous world, don’t forget to visit the souvenir shop, where you’ll find a plethora of merchandise and gift boxes that will make your fellow Harry Potter lovers’ hearts soar. Take, for instance, this delightful Fizzing Whizzbees chocolate gift box, which boasts 6 ounces of Whizzbees candy, making it the perfect gift or keepsake for any Harry Potter enthusiast.

6. Milk Chocolate Golden Snitch – A Magical Treat

Every fan of Harry Potter has wondered about the golden snitch, which is a significant part of the wizarding world and is eagerly awaited during Quidditch matches. Inspired by the iconic shape of the golden snitch, we believe this Solid Milk Chocolate Golden Snitch is the perfect gift for Harry Potter enthusiasts.

If you’ve ever wished to own a piece of the golden snitch for yourself or as a gift for a true fan, now’s your chance. After all, who could resist having their very own edible and adorable Golden Snitch?

7. Jelly Slugs: A Curious Candy Adventure

Have you ever watched Harry and Ron munching on jelly slugs and wondered what they taste like? Now you can put your fellow Harry Potter fan’s curiosity to rest by gifting them a box of these jelly slugs gummy worms candy.

In our view, you can be a hero by providing them with peace of mind through this gift box filled with Harry Potter’s jelly slugs. From now on, they can enjoy a bite or even a whole handful of these delectable jellies.

8. Chocolate Peppermint Toads: A Flavorful Delight

Now, let’s move on to the next recommendation, which we believe is one of the top choices on our list. In our opinion, this Peppermint Toads Candy is a standout option among Harry Potter Candy Gift Boxes.

We’re confident that any Harry Potter enthusiast would be thrilled to receive this unique chocolate box and can’t wait to savor its delicious contents. Just be sure none of these toads attempt to escape by hopping out of the train window, okay?

9. Chocolate Flavored Fudge Flies: A Wizarding World Exclusive

This box stands out as one of the most exclusive items in the chocolate box collection from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. Packaged beautifully, each box contains four ounces of delightful chocolates.

If you’re seeking a sweet Harry Potter gift box with an extra special touch, we highly recommend considering this one. It’s not only perfect for gifting but also for sharing with your closest friends.

10. Bertie Bott’s Beans: A Taste of Hogwarts Magic

Your dear friend who’s a massive Harry Potter fan will truly treasure this gift of Bertie Bott’s Jelly Belly beans from the wizarding world. Not only are these beans famous among Hogwarts students, but they also make for a fantastic gift.

Personally, presenting your beloved Harry Potter fan with this delightful treat will make them feel like they’re strolling through the corridors of Hogwarts, heading to Professor Snape’s Potion class.

11. U No POO Chocolate Covered Candies: A One-of-a-Kind Treat

Not all presents come in regular old boxes. Take, for example, the U No POO Chocolate Covered Candies. These aren’t your everyday sweets; they come in a special glass jar that looks downright adorable. For a true Harry Potter fan, this jar is a magical gift in itself.

When you give these candies to a friend, it’s like giving them a piece of the wizarding world. Plus, it’s a reminder that there are sweeter things to focus on than worrying about You-Know-Who. With these chocolates, your friend can dive into the world of deliciousness without any worries. Pretty neat, right?

12. Gringotts Chocolate Coins: A Gift of Elegance

If you’re wondering which gift box stands out from the crowd, it’s definitely the Harry Potter Inspired Gringotts Chocolate Coins set. It’s not just a box of chocolate; it’s an experience.

The packaging is elegant, and the chocolate coins inside look so cool that anyone who receives them will feel like a wizard with a vault at Gringotts. Just remember to open the package before you start munching on the chocolate coins, or you might have a hard time spending them!

13. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans: A Fan-Favorite Treat

Bertie Bott’s beans are famous not just among the characters in the Harry Potter series but among all fans of the wizarding world. That’s why we think getting a box of Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans is always a great idea for a gift.

Here’s a fun suggestion: how about making these beans your movie-watching companions during a Harry Potter marathon this weekend? Don’t do it alone; invite your fellow Harry Potter fans to join in the flavor-packed fun!

14. Harry Potter Candy Bertie Bott’s Beans: A Flavorful Journey

Another fantastic gift box filled with Bertie Bott’s beans is this 1.2-ounce treasure chest filled with various flavors, like Banana, Black Pepper, Booger, Candyfloss, Cherry, Cinnamon, Dirt, Earthworm, Earwax, Grass, Green Apple, Lemon, Marshmallow, Rotten Egg, Sausage, Soap, Tutti-Frutti, Vomit, and Watermelon.

Challenge your friend to explore the different flavors, and see if they can handle the weird ones like vomit, dirt, or earwax without making a face. Don’t forget to capture their hilarious reactions as they embark on this flavorful adventure!

15. Honeyduke’s Chocolate and Bertie Bott’s Set: Double the Delight

Why settle for one fantastic gift box when you can have two? Here’s an exciting 2-pack featuring exclusive items from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Florida.

Each box, shaped like a frog, contains a coveted House Founder card. You might get Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff, or Rowena Ravenclaw. It’s like owning a piece of Hogwarts history! So why wait? It’s time to surprise your Harry Potter-loving pals with this enchanting duo of gifts!

16. Chocolate Frogs in 6 Different Bags

Now, let’s move on to the next fantastic idea on our list: Harry Potter chocolate frogs! These delightful treats come in various packaging options that you can choose based on what suits you best. If you’re looking to add these to your collection of Harry Potter collectibles, consider getting the chocolate frogs in a set of 6 bags for a customized gift presentation.

17. Funko Pop Pez Potter Collection: A Five-Charm Surprise

If you think that having just four PEZ characters from the Harry Potter world isn’t enough, we have something special for you. This set includes five PEZ characters, featuring Ron, Hermione, Luna, Harry, and, of course, Dobby! Yes, you can have Dobby as part of your collection too.

So, let’s bring a big smile to a special Harry Potter fan with this gift set, and don’t forget to have a plan for Dobby’s liberation once the candies are all gone.

18. Wizard Mix Candy Hampers: A Magical Treat

We believe these charming candy hampers will transport the magic of the wizarding world of Harry Potter right to your special friend’s doorstep. It’s a wonderful gift for someone who happens to be a huge Harry Potter fan.

Inside, you’ll discover jelly slugs, milk chocolate frogs, and Bertie Bott’s beans, plus an extra touch of magic – a pair of Harry Potter’s glasses as a bonus keepsake.

19. Jelly Belly Magical Chewy Sweets: Irresistible Jelly Bean Delight

Who could possibly resist the temptation of this gift box filled with Harry Potter Jelly Belly Magical chewy sweets? Certainly not us! That’s why we believe choosing this box as a special gift for a dear friend who adores Harry Potter is an excellent decision.

Just look at the packaging; it features a unique Harry Potter pattern that adds an extra layer of charm. And inside, you’ll find a treasure trove of tasty jelly beans. In our opinion, presenting this as a special gift to a sweet Harry Potter fan in your life will be truly rewarding.

20. Color Changing Hot Chocolate: A Magical Drink and Keepsake

As you may already know, the design of this delightful Harry Potter chocolate gift set and candy collection is clearly inspired by Platform 9 ¾. We think the unique yet original packaging design is a definite plus when giving a special gift to any Harry Potter fan out there.

And here’s a little tip: once you’ve enjoyed all the chocolates inside, consider keeping the box. It’s super adorable and iconic, making it a perfect storage spot for your small items and treasures in your room.

21. Harry Potter Chocolate Coins Collection: A Magical Surprise

Picture this: you receive a special gift box filled to the brim with chocolate coins. But not just any coins – these are adorned with personalized photos of the beloved characters from the Harry Potter movies. It’s safe to say that anyone, especially a true Harry Potter fan, would be absolutely thrilled to unwrap this delightful gift from you.

Inside this extraordinary gift box, you’ll discover a whopping 50 chocolate coins, each one featuring adorable photos of Harry, Ron, Hermione, and other cherished characters from the Harry Potter film series.

22. Honeydukes Sour Gummy Worms Tin: A Sweet Adventure

If you’re in search of the ultimate Harry Potter Candy Gift Box, look no further. We’ve got a fantastic suggestion for you, and it’s as simple as it is sweet. This tin is more than just a container; it’s the gateway to a world of magical flavor.

Within this charming tin, you’ll uncover the enchanting Harry Potter Honeydukes Sour Gummy Worms. And here’s a bonus – once you’ve savored every last gummy worm, the tin doesn’t lose its magic! It transforms into the perfect home for the small collectibles and treasures of a devoted Harry Potter fan.

23. Honeydukes Candy Chocolate Frog: A Thoughtful Confection

The true magic of a gift lies in its uniqueness and the thought behind it. For a die-hard Harry Potter fan, we believe this box of chocolate frogs is the epitome of a thoughtful gift. Thanks to its charming box design inspired by the magical movies, you’re not just giving a sweet treat; you’re gifting a piece of the wizarding world.

24. Bertie Bott’s by Universal Studios: A Taste of the Magic

A genuine Harry Potter enthusiast will undoubtedly treasure your gift of this charming box filled with Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, crafted by Universal Studios. If you’re planning to bring back a piece of The World of Harry Potter from your visit to Universal Studios, don’t forget to add this special gift box to your shopping cart.

In our view, the Harry Potter-style box serves as a delightful reminder of the cozy Gryffindor common room, filled with laughter and adventure.

25. Universal Studios Harry Potter Gift Set: An Enchanting Surprise

Just take a glance at the heartwarming gift bag and all the sweetness it holds within! Any young Harry Potter fan would be absolutely overjoyed to receive this incredibly charming gift, especially on their birthday. Inside each bag, a treasure trove awaits – Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, and a Chocolate House Crest Mystery – all precious gems that Harry Potter fans will cherish.

After all, who could possibly resist the allure of a goodie bag brimming with Harry Potter snacks? It’s more than just a treat; it’s a slice of the magical world brought to life through sweets and surprises.


In the enchanting realm of Harry Potter, there exist a plethora of candies with peculiar tastes and strange flavors that both we and fellow Harry Potter enthusiasts yearn to sample. If you happen to know a dedicated fan who dreams of savoring candies from the wizarding world, gifting them a special Harry Potter gift box is a splendid idea. Options abound, such as the famed Bertie Bott’s Beans or the iconic Toads candies.

No matter your choice, any Harry Potter devotee will be absolutely delighted to receive these treats and will likely have trouble resisting the urge to enjoy them right away! We sincerely hope that our list has sparked your imagination. Furthermore, if you happen to be a Harry Potter fan yourself, why not treat yourself to one as well? After all, there’s no harm in indulging in a bit of magic and sweetness.

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