25 Most Appropriate Gifts for Your Mormon Friend

Mormonism is more than just a word; it’s a community of people who have their own beliefs about Jesus Christ. They believe that Jesus was crucified, came back to life, and is divine. It’s a bit like having a special club with its own rules and ideas.

Most Appropriate Gifts for Your Mormon Friend

Imagine you have a friend who’s a part of this special community. You want to give them a gift that will make them really happy and show that you care. But there are some things you need to keep in mind when picking a gift for your Mormon friend.

What Not to Give Your Mormon Friend

First, let’s talk about what you should avoid. Mormons have some rules about what they can and can’t have. So, it’s important not to give them anything related to alcohol, coffee, tea, or tobacco. These things are a no-go.

But it’s not just about these items. You should also steer clear of gifts that have anything to do with inappropriate stuff or things related to sex. Those are definitely not the right choices.

How to Address Your Mormon Friend

Now that you know a bit about gift-giving, let’s talk about how to talk to your Mormon friend. When you call them or talk about their community, it’s best not to use the word “Mormon” or “LDS Church.” Instead, use the full name of their church, which is “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” You can also say “the Church” or “the Church of Jesus Christ.”

The Best Gifts for Your Mormon Friend

Alright, now that we’ve got the basics covered, let’s dive into the exciting part: finding the perfect gift for your Mormon friend. We’ve put together a list of some fantastic gifts that will not only bring a smile to their face but also show how much you respect their faith and values.

Gifts from the Heart

These gifts are more than just things you buy; they’re a way to express your love and appreciation for your Mormon friend’s beliefs. They’ll cherish these gifts for a long time.

Gifts to Strengthen Your Friendship

Gift-giving isn’t just about the present itself; it’s also about making your bond as friends even stronger. These gifts will help you do just that.

A Journey of Thoughtful Giving

Get ready for a journey of finding the perfect gift. We’re about to reveal some incredible ideas that will not only warm your friend’s heart but also make your friendship even more special. So, let’s get started and make their day unforgettable!

1. Stylish Burgundy Bag for a Religious Mormon


A religious Mormon friend would really appreciate this classy burgundy purse-style bag. It’s not just any bag – it’s got a cool crocodile pattern on it. Plus, there’s a fancy cross emblem made of shiny silver right in the middle.

This bag is super practical too. It has pockets on the outside, a special loop for holding a pen, and a handle like a regular purse. Your Mormon friend can take this bag to church on Sunday mornings or use it for casual hangouts with friends.

2. Inspirational Mug with Proverbs


If you want to bring a smile to your special Mormon friend’s face, consider giving them this awesome mug with some encouraging words from the Bible. On one side, it says, “I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.” And guess what? Those motivating words are printed on both sides of the mug!

This mug is made from top-quality ceramic, and it’s got a fancy coating that makes it look really cool. It’s perfect for friends who love their morning coffee or tea, and you can pop it in the dishwasher or microwave without any worries.

3. Engraved Compass with a Positive Message


Looking for a thoughtful gift for your Mormon pals? Check out this engraved compass. It’s not just any compass; it’s got some uplifting sayings on it that’ll bring a positive vibe to their journeys.

These words of wisdom are right on top of the compass, showing how important faith is to your Mormon friends. The compass is a neat little thing, about 2.5 inches in size, and it comes with a handy leather case. It’s also a fantastic gift for travelers who love exploring new places.

4. Night Light to Keep in Jesus’ Embrace


Mormons look up to Jesus as a role model for their lives. So, why not gift your Mormon friends this lovely In The Arms of Jesus Night Light? It’s sure to make a big impression.

The night light comes in a fancy blue gift box with a satin wrap – it’s all about charm and elegance. When you switch it on, you’ll see four LED lights creating a beautiful display of colors, all centered around an image of Jesus. The light base even turns slowly to create a 3D effect. This makes it the perfect addition to a nightstand.

5. Stylish Wooden Bow Tie and Cufflinks Set


Mormon guys often need lots of ties for their daily wear. That’s why this wooden bow tie and cufflinks set is such a great gift idea for your Mormon buddies.

This set includes a bowtie with a cool 3D gear pattern, a pair of cufflinks, and it all comes neatly packed in a gift box. The bowtie is made from natural wood and has a unique steampunk gears design, making it suitable for various occasions like graduations, weddings, or other religious ceremonies. It’s a stylish addition to their wardrobe that’s sure to turn heads.

6. Elegant Cross Cufflinks by MRCUFF


Want to impress your Mormon friend with a classy gift? Look no further than these MRCUFF cross-square cufflinks. They’re perfect for someone who values religious symbols. These cufflinks show a beautifully designed church cross on a calm blue background, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. You get a pair of them, neatly packed in a stylish gift box, along with a microfiber cloth to keep them shiny.

These cufflinks work well for both fancy events and casual gatherings. Whether it’s a business meeting, anniversary, Christmas party, wedding, or anything else, this thoughtful gift will make a lasting impression and be treasured for years.

7. “I Love Jesus” Shirt


If your Mormon friend holds their religious beliefs close to their heart, this “I Love Jesus” t-shirt is a fantastic choice. It’s made with care, using top-quality fabric that’s 100% pre-shrunk cotton, so it’s comfy and long-lasting.

The collar on this shirt is seamless, which adds a touch of elegance to its design. You can pick from various sizes and colors, making it easy to find the perfect match for their style. Whether it’s for a special church event, a spiritual gathering, or just everyday wear, this unisex t-shirt shows their unwavering devotion.

8. Church Bell Wind Chimes


When it comes to church-themed gifts, wind chimes and metal church bells are hard to beat. These wind chimes are beautifully crafted, paying close attention to every detail. They bring a sense of elegance and calm to any outdoor space.

They’re made from high-quality aluminum, so they’re not only pretty but also tough enough to handle different weather conditions. Hang these wind chimes in a garden or on a patio, and they’ll create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere, perfect for some relaxation.

9. Paschal Cross Candle by Cirio


Celebrate the spiritual journey of your Mormon friends with the lovely Cirio Paschal cross candle. This thoughtful gift is a beautiful symbol of their exploration of faith. The candle stands about 2 3/4 inches tall and doesn’t have any scent, so it won’t distract from the serene atmosphere it brings.

Suggest to your friends that they can use this candle during moments of prayer, baptism, or other important religious occasions. It can also add a special charm to their room decor.

10. Custom Football Jersey for Your Sports-Loving Mormon Friend


If you have a Mormon friend who’s crazy about football, they’ll absolutely love getting a personalized football jersey as a thoughtful gift. This jersey can be customized with their favorite text and number, making it one-of-a-kind.

This jersey is made with a special kind of material that lets air through, so it’s comfy to wear even during a tough game. It’s got something called PosiCharge technology, which means the colors on this shirt will stay looking bright for a really long time. And guess what? This jersey is for everyone, guys and gals alike. Whether it’s for a birthday surprise or just to show them you care, this personalized football jersey will definitely amaze them.

11. Handmade Vintage Journal for the Writer in Your Mormon Friend


Mormon friends are just like any other pals; they have their own hobbies and interests. If your friend loves to write and is into vintage stuff, this high-quality handmade vintage journal is the perfect gift.

The cover is made of leather, and it’s got a cool floral pattern that gives it that vintage look. You can choose from four different styles and two cover patterns to find the one that matches your friend’s taste. It’s a gift that will make some great memories.

12. Stay Cool with Black Neck Cooling Ties


Here’s a super cool gift idea for your Mormon friends: black neck cooling ties. These ties are made from a special kind of cloth called a bandanna, and they’ve got buttons to hold them in place. What makes them awesome is that they have eight special gel chambers that touch your skin and the air. When you wear them, they make your neck feel all cool and refreshed, which is perfect for hot summer days.

Plus, there are lots of colors and sizes to choose from. If you want to rock one with your summer outfit, go for a bigger size in a bright color.

13. Baseball Shirt for the Baseball-Loving Mormon


This will be a real hit with your special Mormon friend who’s a big baseball fan. It’s got a design that anyone can wear, and it comes in lots of different colors and styles. Inside, it’s reinforced with shoulder taping to make it extra durable in those areas that get a lot of wear and tear.

And don’t worry, there are plenty of color and style options to pick from. Your Mormon friend can pair this casual tee with shorts or skirts to match their summer style perfectly. This shirt is a home run for Mormons who love baseball.

14. Mickey Mouse Foam Soap Dispenser Attachment for Fun Handwashing


Kids and even grown-ups will have a blast with this one! It’s a attachment that turns ordinary handwashing into a bit of a Disney adventure. The foam comes out looking just like Mickey Mouse’s head, adding some excitement to the regular hand-washing routine.

This clever attachment fits perfectly on standard Bath & Body Works foam soap bottles. To make the gift even more enjoyable, we suggest including the soap so they can start having fun right away.

15. Handy Eyeglasses Holder with a Unique Twist


Looking for something special to give your Mormon friend? How about this unique eyeglasses holder? It’s made from hand-carved Sheesham wood and is the perfect little helper to keep their glasses within easy reach.

This gift will especially be appreciated by those forgetful pals who always seem to misplace their glasses. With this holder, they won’t waste any more time hunting for their specs.

16. Painter’s Cup for the Artistic Mormon Friend


If you know your Mormon friends have a passion for painting, you’re in luck when it comes to gift ideas. Consider getting them this painter’s cup, designed specifically for brush cleaning.

It’s made with painters in mind and even has notches on the rim to rest brushes. Plus, it features a lovely palette picture, making it both artistic and practical – a perfect gift for your Mormon friend who enjoys painting.

17. Italian Olive Oil in a Hand-Painted Ceramic Container


For your Mormon friend who enjoys salads, here’s a fantastic gift idea: Italian extra virgin olive oil in a beautifully hand-painted ceramic vessel. This olive oil, all the way from Italy, is made the traditional way, with hand-picked olives, giving it a richer taste.

The olive oil comes in a stunning ceramic canister that’s available in three different colors: sunny yellow, deep cobalt blue, and cool turquoise. If your Mormon friends are cheerful and bright, yellow would be the ideal choice!

18. DIY Basket Weaving Kit for Learning Something New


Give your Mormon friends the chance to pick up a new skill with this DIY basket weaving kit. It’s designed to make basket weaving a fun and enjoyable experience. The kit includes materials for making two baskets, such as stainless steel Chinese scissors, coils of rattan reed, raffia cord, and a detailed video lesson from the maker.

Each kit also includes some random samples to help those who are new to basket weaving and its materials. Once they’ve finished their DIY project, your Mormon friend can proudly display it in a glass cabinet or their kitchen.

19. Ooma Bowl: The Snacking Solution


Here’s a fantastic gift idea for your Mormon friends who enjoy snacking with dips. The Ooma Bowl is just perfect for them. It’s designed to keep their favorite duos separate, like salsa and chips or taco and sour cream.

The cool part is that it’s easy to handle with just one hand. No more struggling while munching on snacks and watching their favorite TV shows. This bowl makes snacking hassle-free.

20. Bonnie and Pop Dried Fruit Variety Basket


This gift basket filled with delicious dried fruits is a real treat for your Mormon friends. Inside, you’ll find an assortment of tasty fruits that can be savored solo or shared with loved ones.

The fruits come in a foldable wooden fruit bowl, which can be reused as a handy fruit holder for their table. With these thoughtful features, it’s a refreshing gift idea for your Mormon pals that’s perfect for any occasion or holiday.

21. Indulge in Astor Chocolate Belgian Truffles


Mormons don’t go for alcohol, but they sure do love sweet treats like these from Astor. The gift box includes eight gourmet truffle cups, each hand-topped with rich fillings and flavors for the ultimate sweet experience.

These truffle cups are not just delicious; they can also be the centerpiece on any dessert table. They’re the perfect gifts for your Mormon friends on occasions like Christmas, to say thank you, for parties, Thanksgiving gatherings, or any special celebration.

22. Gillette TREO Caregiver Razor: A Thoughtful Gift for Caregiver Mormons


If you have a Mormon friend who’s also a caregiver, consider getting them a practical gift like the Gillette TREO Caregiver Razor. It’s specially designed to meet the needs of caregivers.

This razor is disposable and comes with built-in shave gel, making it super convenient for caregivers. To make the gift even more complete, you can include some shaving creams in case your Mormon friend prefers to use those instead of the gel. It’s a thoughtful gesture that shows you appreciate their caregiving efforts.

23. Church Painting Canvas Art: Elevate Their Home Decor


If you want to give your Mormon friends a meaningful gift that also brightens up their home, consider a Church painting canvas print. This lovely artwork adds a spiritual touch to their living space. It’s not just any print; it’s hand-stretched to ensure it lasts a long time.

The canvas comes with a solid wood stretcher bar that has a beveled edge, making it easy to hang on the wall. We recommend placing it in the living room, where everyone can admire its beauty and feel the serenity it brings.

24. Two-Tone Faith Cross Necklace: A Symbolic Piece of Jewelry


The word “faith” carries a lot of meaning in our lives, and you can help your Mormon friend embody that spiritual belief with a two-tone faith cross necklace. This necklace features the word “Faith” split into two parts on a silver plate, accompanied by a gold-finished cross adorned with sparkling cubic zirconia accents.

It comes with an 18-inch chain that sits gracefully at the collarbone, making it a versatile accessory. Your Mormon friend can pair it with different outfits, like a tank top and a long coat, for a modest yet charming style that showcases the necklace’s beauty.

25. Faith Metal Wall Art: Decorate Their Space with Faith


Another great faith-related gift for your Mormon friends is a metal wall hanging that spells out the word “Faith.” It’s a wonderful addition to their home decor, adding a touch of religion and spirituality.

The cursive style of the word gives it a classic and elegant appearance that suits any room. You can choose between “Faith” and “Jesus,” depending on your friend’s preference. If they prefer a more subtle look, the “Faith” pendant is the way to go.


When selecting gifts for your Mormon friend, it’s an excellent opportunity to celebrate their faith and values. Mormons appreciate gifts that have meaning and practicality while aligning with their beliefs. Consider options such as inspirational books or scriptures, religious artwork for their home, or a journal to document their spiritual journey.

Other thoughtful ideas include a personalized temple recommend holder, modest and comfortable clothing, or a service-oriented gift that supports their faith. By choosing gifts that resonate with their Mormon identity, you can show your friend how much you respect and value their beliefs.

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