25 Unique Serving Dishes for New Homeowners

Special serving dishes are like finding a hidden treasure when it comes to housewarming gifts. They are not just useful but also bring good luck. They are a thoughtful way to wish your friends and family a life full of delicious meals. Some of these dishes can even be used as decorative pieces to brighten up a new home, whether it’s in the kitchen or the living room. Your guests will surely be impressed when they come over for a meal, thanks to your considerate gift.

25 Unique Serving Dishes for New Homeowners

Now, if you’re on the lookout for some great and unique serving dishes, don’t worry. We’ve put together a list of them for you to buy as a heartfelt gift.

With so many choices available, you can use this article as a guide to help you pick the perfect present for your loved ones. So, let’s not waste any more time and explore these top 25 serving dishes that will surely make everyone smile!

25 Unique Serving Dishes for New Homeowners

Are you in search of elegant plates and bowls to enhance your friends’ kitchens? This list features tableware in sophisticated colors and intricate patterns. These items are fit for royalty!

1. Turkish Ceramic Serving Dishes

Turkey is known worldwide for crafting stunning ceramic dishware adorned with intricate patterns. Because of this, we highly recommend considering the purchase of these charming Turkish serving plates as a special gift for your dear ones.

These exquisite ceramic wares showcase elaborate Turkish blue motifs that are fitting for any occasion. What’s more, they come in unique shapes, making them the perfect serving dishes for special meals. In our view, this gift choice is ideal for expressing your appreciation to your mother or for equipping your friends with both attractive and practical kitchen utensils.

2. Colorful Portuguese Serving Dish

Were you aware that Portugal is also renowned for producing top-quality dishware? Let’s take a closer look at our next item. With its beautiful pattern, you can instantly add a touch of elegance to your friend’s dining area by presenting them with this intricately designed serving bowl.

This exceptional piece features captivating abstract patterns in delightful, eye-catching colors! What’s even more remarkable is that this vintage-style Portuguese terracotta platter is hand-painted by a skilled artisan. We have every reason to believe that it will serve as a delightful addition to your friend’s dining table and also enhance the charm of their decorative shelf.

3. Mexican Salsa Turtle Bowl

If you’re seeking a more lively and playful design for a dish bowl, we wholeheartedly recommend considering this Majolica Salsa Turtle bowl set as a thoughtful gift option. Just look at how adorable these turtle bowls appear! They are certain to bring boundless joy to your loved ones at the dining table.

Additionally, these turtle-shaped serving bowls employ the traditional pottery techniques originating from Mexico! With so many endearing aspects to them, we confidently assert that this unique serving dish set, available in a variety of intricate motifs and colors, is exceptionally well-suited for holding salsa dips, cheese, or even gravy.

4. Whole Roast Serving Plate

Large serving dishes are indispensable in any kitchen, particularly during festive seasons. Consequently, we strongly encourage you to contemplate acquiring the East Fork handmade ceramic bowl as a special and endearing gift for your friends.

Beyond its simple yet elegant design, this ceramic bowl comes in a stunning array of natural colors, including the rich reddish amaro and the striking mountain black shade. In our estimation, it would be a splendid idea to acquire a pair of these bowls, each in a different color, as we understand that making a choice between them can be quite challenging. Furthermore, we believe this item is exceptionally well-suited for presenting a whole roast turkey or an assortment of chips during a lively and convivial gathering!

5. Elegant Black Plate with Gold Trim

These sophisticated and one-of-a-kind serving dishes will enhance the flavor of any snack or meal. Just picture a mouthwatering dish presented on the Macy Black Dinner plate!

The minimalistic and timeless design, combined with its solid black color and subtle gold accents, will unquestionably add a touch of refinement to your friend’s dining table and kitchen shelf. Actually, this set of plates can also be a fantastic addition to your own kitchen!

6. Vintage-inspired Serving Bowl

Are you on the hunt for a heartfelt gift for your grandmother? Look no further because we have the perfect suggestion for you. Judging by the design of this next serving bowl, we believe that the elderly will absolutely adore it! It exudes a vintage charm with a touch of nostalgic Tiffany Blue.

Furthermore, this bowl features charming hand-painted gold details reminiscent of a bygone era. We think this gift might even coax your grandma into sharing her cherished family recipe with you! How amazing would that be! So, grab this special item now before someone else snatches it up!

7. Retro Sweet Serving Dish

This unique serving dish hails from the olden days of Germany. As you can see, it has a nostalgic quality that can evoke sweet memories of yesteryears. Additionally, the vintage flower painting adds a delightful touch that reinforces the bowl’s old-school charm. Personally, we’re absolutely smitten with this piece!

Because of its charming design and intriguing backstory, we believe this serving dish would make a splendid choice for a housewarming gift for your loved ones. It can serve as a cherished decorative heirloom or a container for offering sweets or candies. Despite its age, we can guarantee that it’s still in pristine condition, without any cracks or chips, even after all these years!

8. Tunisian Exotic Serving Dish

Do you have a dear friend who delights in exploring exotic cuisines? If someone special comes to mind and you want to give them a gift, we believe this Tunisian serving dish would be an excellent selection.

In our view, it stands out as one of the most unique serving dishes for adventurous individuals who always seek new flavors for their taste buds. In terms of design, it boasts highly intricate patterns and vibrant paintwork. Crafted by Slama Pottery, we’re convinced that this oval serving bowl will infuse vibrant colors into your friend’s dining experience!

9. Tipi Snack Serving Dish

Let’s continue our journey through unique serving dishes with this innovative Tipi Snack Serving dish. What makes it special is the clever space right in the middle. This space isn’t just for show—it’s a handy spot to keep toothpicks or other small utensils.

We think this one-of-a-kind plate is perfect for serving snacks at a party! Your friend can use it to present sliced fruits, tasty nibbles, or even a variety of dipping sauces. It’s a versatile addition to any kitchen, and it’s a thoughtful gift for your friends, especially if they love hosting gatherings in their new home!

10. Appetizer Tray

Picture this: Komolab’s concrete bowl and a wooden tray come together to create one of the most unique serving dishes you’ve ever seen. This isn’t just any serving dish; it’s tailor-made for a newlywed couple! It sets the stage for a romantic dining experience.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for a sweet new couple in your life, look no further. Komolab’s concrete bowl is the answer. Imagine the lovebirds indulging in delicious appetizers while sipping on a glass of elegant wine. The concrete bowl can hold condiments for those who like their dips extra spicy or salty, while the elegant wooden board provides the perfect space for sushi and other finger foods.

11. Personalized Pizza Serving Board

We all have that one friend who loves nothing more than inviting people over for pizza night, don’t we? Well, we’ve got a fantastic gift idea for that friend. It’s a customizable pizza serving tray, and it’s bound to become their new favorite thing!

This round wooden board is designed to look just like a pizza, complete with slices to ensure everyone gets an equal share. But here’s the fun part – you can have your friends’ names engraved on each of the tray slices! Imagine the laughter and joy as everyone grabs their personalized piece. In our opinion, this delightful gift will not only bring a smile to your friends’ faces but also strengthen your bond with them.

12. Wooden Steak Serving Tray

Let’s turn our attention to a customizable wooden steak tray that’s an excellent choice for meat lovers! It’s not your average tray; it’s a versatile and stylish serving dish in one.

This tray is crafted from beautiful wood, ensuring both quality and durability. It boasts deep grooves and cutouts, making it perfect for holding knives, side salads, and, of course, succulent steaks. We firmly believe that it ranks among the most unique serving dishes you can offer as an elegant gift. And here’s the icing on the cake – you can personalize it further with a custom engraving, adding a special touch that your friends will truly appreciate.

13. Row Boat Serving Bowl

Let’s take a look at something truly unique: the Row Boat Serving Bowl. This piece of dishware is quite exceptional. It’s made from lightweight aluminum, and the design mimics a charming rowboat! We’re absolutely certain that this bowl will not only add a touch of creativity to your friend’s dining table but also create a playful and inviting lake house atmosphere.

Because of its distinctive shape, it’s particularly well-suited for serving certain dishes. Imagine using it for a hearty bowl of soup, a steaming stew, or a delightful seafood feast. The possibilities are endless, and it’s bound to make mealtime a bit more exciting.

What’s more, this item is plated with a shiny silver finish, which gives it an elegant and sophisticated look. But that’s not all—when you acquire this unique serving bowl, it comes complete with two wooden spoons designed to look like oars. It’s a thoughtful detail that adds to its overall charm.

And the best part? You can snag this remarkable piece at an affordable price, making it an excellent choice for a housewarming gift that’s sure to impress your friends and elevate their dining experience.

14. Serving Board with Coastal Design

This is a fantastic gift idea for your friend who has a soft spot for sushi and other delectable seafood delights. We’ve got just the thing: the Serving Board with a Coastal Design. This unique serving board is specially crafted to allow your loved ones to present their favorite appetizers in a stylish and eye-catching manner.

When it comes to design, this serving board truly stands out. It showcases a breathtaking shoreline pattern that’s sure to draw everyone’s attention. What’s even more impressive is that it’s handmade, ensuring that each piece is crafted with great care and attention to detail. It uses a special resin to create realistic and captivating images that capture the essence of the coast.

Whether your friends are hosting a dinner party or simply indulging in a cozy evening at home, this Coastal Serving Board is an excellent addition to their kitchenware collection. It’s not just a practical serving tool; it’s a work of art that elevates the presentation of their dishes and adds a touch of coastal charm to their home.

15. Soup and Cracker Mug Set

If you have friends who love to unwind in bed while watching movies, we’ve got a delightful surprise for them: the Soup and Cracker Mug Set. We believe this set deserves a spot on our list of unique serving dishes due to its clever design and ability to enhance their snacking experience.

This set isn’t your ordinary mug and bowl combo. It’s something special. The mug comes with a convenient handle, making it easy to hold, and it boasts an integrated compartment that’s perfect for storing crackers. This thoughtful feature allows your friends to enjoy their favorite soup and crackers without any hassle.

Imagine the joy on their faces as they sip on warm soup and nibble on crispy crackers, all while they kick back and relax during their movie time. It’s a combination of comfort and convenience that’s sure to make their evenings even more enjoyable.

16. Insulated Bowl for Outdoor Adventures

Picnics and outdoor gatherings are all about good company and delicious food. If you’re thinking about giving a special gift to your loved ones who enjoy picnics in the park or outdoor dining, we have an excellent suggestion for you: the Insulated Stainless Steel Serving Bowl.

This remarkable item, designed by RigwaLife, is perfect for those outdoor adventures. It’s not just a regular serving bowl; it’s a game-changer when it comes to keeping food at the right temperature. The bowl is insulated, which means it can keep soup piping hot for up to 4 hours. So, your friends can enjoy a steaming bowl of their favorite soup even when they’re far from the comforts of home.

But that’s not all—this versatile serving bowl can also keep cold foods, like ice cream, pleasantly chilled for up to 8 hours. Whether it’s a summer picnic with salads or a winter outing with hot chili, this bowl ensures that your loved ones can savor their favorite dishes at the perfect temperature, no matter where they are.

So, why wait? Get the RIGWA 1.5 bowls now and equip your friends with a set of unique serving dishes that will make their outdoor dining experiences even more enjoyable and memorable.

17. Versatile Hot Plate

Gathering around the table for a sukiyaki meal with loved ones is a cherished family activity. It’s a time when everyone comes together to enjoy delicious food and create lasting memories. To make this experience even more special, we recommend giving the gift of a versatile hot plate.

This hot plate is designed to elevate family dinners and gatherings. It’s incredibly versatile and can be used in various ways to enhance the dining experience. You can set it up on a low table for a traditional hot pot meal, allowing everyone to cook their favorite ingredients right at the table.

But the versatility doesn’t end there. This hot plate can also be used for cooking and serving piping hot dishes directly on the dinner table. Imagine the joy of sizzling sukiyaki, grilled meats, or flavorful stir-fries served right at the dining table. It adds an interactive and enjoyable element to the meal, making it a memorable experience for everyone involved.

We’re confident that whoever receives this gift from you will be thrilled to use it right away. It’s a practical and versatile addition to any kitchen, perfect for family gatherings and special occasions. So, go ahead and bring this delightful hot plate into the lives of your loved ones, and watch as it transforms their dining experiences into something truly extraordinary.

18. Square Dinner Plate

If you’re on the hunt for a classy housewarming gift, we have just the thing for you. Square dinner plates are often linked with elegant dining experiences, and you can bring that sophisticated ambiance to your family or friend’s new home by gifting them this set of Modern Square Serving Dinner Plates.

These plates are made from melamine, which is a sturdy material. This means they won’t easily break, and they’re easy to stack, saving space in the kitchen. We recommend getting the complete set of these square plates as we believe they would make the perfect gift for a modern family!

19. Petal-shaped Serving Dish

Are you searching for unique serving dishes that can make your friend’s dining table look even more beautiful? Look no further – consider trying out this Elama Signature dishware set! This set includes 6 serving bowls that are shaped like exquisite flowers.

What’s even more delightful is that it comes with a rotating lazy susan, which is perfect for serving condiments and appetizers! It’s a practical and charming addition to any dining setup.

20. Elegant Ceramic Plate in Matte Colors

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your friend’s dining table, you can’t go wrong with the Matte Plate! This plate is crafted from hand-finished ceramic and is available in a variety of sophisticated matte colors. We believe the plate’s design exudes luxury and will stand the test of time, becoming a treasured addition to any kitchen.

So, why wait? Get the matching set for your loved ones at a budget-friendly price now, and give their dining experience a touch of sophistication!

21. Minimalistic Serving Dishes

For a modern household, we’re absolutely certain that this set of minimalistic serving dishes will elevate their dining experiences. In addition to their attractive neutral color, these dishes feature a golden rim around the edge, adding a rustic modern touch.

Moreover, you can rest easy knowing that these high-quality plates are safe to use in the microwave. They are not only stylish but also practical. We highly recommend shipping these scratch-resistant ceramic dinner plates to your friend’s house now to take advantage of the best offer available!

22. Popular Matte Gray Serving Dishes

The simple and elegant design of this matte gray serving dish set has a special quality – it makes the colors of the dishes served on it stand out beautifully. We believe it will make your friend’s meals taste even better.

With these dishes, people can focus on enjoying their food without being distracted by flashy patterns. Don’t miss out on the chance to get the Gibson Home Rockaway’s Matte Gray Serving Dishes at the best price available!

23. Porcelain Minimalistic Lasagna Dish

Does your friend have a passion for cooking dishes that require baking? We think the AQUIVER Small Ceramic Baking Dish would make the perfect gift for someone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen. These dishes are safe to use in the oven, so they’re great for baking lasagna and other mouthwatering meals!

What’s more, they can also serve as unique serving plates for piping hot dishes. We’re convinced that the impressive craftsmanship and durable porcelain material will ensure these dishes last for many years to come.

24. Three-Tier Serving Dishes

Are you on the lookout for unique serving dishes that are perfect for a large family or gatherings? If you are, then you’ll love our next recommendation. We believe these three-tier serving bowls are an excellent choice. They come with a sturdy metal rack that not only adds an impressive touch but also makes it easier to serve guests.

This set is also ideal for those who enjoy hosting parties or special occasions at home.

25. Indian Serving Dishes

Indian cuisine is renowned for its incredible flavors and spices that tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your belly. We’re sure you’re already familiar with that, right?

Well, now you can gift your friends these specialty serving dishes designed specifically for serving Indian cuisine. We have no doubt that these authentic dishes will not only enhance the flavors of the dishes but also bring a taste of vibrant Indian culture into your friend’s kitchen.


Out of all the unique serving dishes on our list, which one do you find most appealing? Each of these items makes a thoughtful gift for the people you care about, especially when they’re celebrating a new chapter in their lives. Providing your friends and family with practical and beautiful plates, bowls, and mugs is a thoughtful gesture that shows you care. We hope this article has served its purpose by offering you user-friendly recommendations!

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