26 Wonderful Gifts Specifically Designed for Blind People

Blindness is a common challenge that many people face. Unfortunately, this disability can prevent them from experiencing the beauty of the world around us. However, it’s essential to remember that not everyone is blessed with the gift of sight. This realization should inspire us to offer our support to those who are less fortunate.

26 Wonderful Gifts Specifically Designed for Blind People

In today’s world, there are a variety of tools and activities specially designed to assist individuals with vision impairments. These include gadgets and games that cater specifically to the needs and interests of blind people. These items can have a profound impact on the lives of those with visual challenges, boosting their spirits and enhancing their daily experiences.

Moreover, giving these specially crafted items as gifts to blind individuals can be a heartwarming gesture. It’s a way to show your respect and love for them, especially if they’re close to your heart. These thoughtful gifts can provide them with not only entertainment but also a sense of inclusivity and understanding.

If you’re on the lookout for meaningful gifts for blind people, you’ve come to the right place! Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of carefully curated options that can bring joy and support to those with vision impairments.

26 Wonderful Gifts Specifically Designed for Blind People

Games and special items can be a source of immense joy and practicality for blind individuals. While facing the challenges of visual impairment, they often find comfort and enrichment in thoughtful gifts that cater to their unique needs. In today’s world, there’s a wonderful variety of such gifts available, each designed to enhance their lives in different ways. Let’s delve into some of these remarkable options!

1. Engaging Conversation Game

It’s a common misconception that individuals with visual impairments can’t enjoy games. On the contrary, you can brighten their day with an engaging conversation game. This delightful game is designed to spark interesting discussions and create memorable moments, irrespective of any visual limitations.

Have you ever heard of “hygge”? It’s a Danish term that encapsulates a sense of well-being and togetherness. By gifting this hygge game, you not only introduce your friend to a delightful pastime but also join them in meaningful conversations. Bring along some snacks and drinks to make the experience even cozier and more enjoyable.

2. Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

Blind individuals sometimes experience feelings of loneliness, as they are unable to see their loved ones who may be far away. You can uplift their spirits and demonstrate your unwavering support by gifting them a special bracelet set. Keep one bracelet for yourself and ask your friend to wear the other.

These unique bracelets allow you to convey your love and affection through touch. When you touch your bracelet, your friend’s bracelet responds with a reassuring vibration, fostering a deep sense of connection. This becomes particularly meaningful if you find yourself in a different city but wish to maintain your close bond.

3. Visually Impaired Badge Set

Despite our best intentions, there may be instances when unkind individuals mistreat people with disabilities. To help your friend navigate such situations with confidence, consider gifting them an incredible visually impaired badge set.

This comprehensive set includes a badge, two pins, and a leash, all of which draw attention to your friend’s disability. It serves a practical purpose by making others aware of their condition, which can be especially helpful when your friend requires assistance or understanding in public places.

4. Entertaining “What Have You Done?” Party Game

Conversation-based games are an excellent choice for visually impaired individuals. That’s why you should consider purchasing this exciting party game for your friend. During this game, all players are encouraged to share amusing stories and engage in lively discussions.

To make the game accessible, you can assist your friend in distinguishing between card colors by folding one of the cards. For example, you might designate blue cards as smooth and red cards as folded. Then, let your friend take the lead in storytelling, adding to the fun by responding with YES or NO cards.

5. Starbucks Collectible Braille Gift Card

Blind individuals have their own hobbies and interests, including collecting unique items. If your friend happens to collect gift cards or similar memorabilia, consider the classic Starbucks collectible Braille gift card.

While the points on this card may no longer be redeemable, it will hold a special place in your friend’s heart as a cherished keepsake. You might even consider framing the card, allowing your friend to proudly display it on their bedroom wall as a unique and sentimental decoration.

These gifts not only demonstrate your thoughtfulness but also offer practical benefits and opportunities for shared joy with your visually impaired friends. By selecting one of these options, you’re not only enriching their lives but also strengthening your bond with them.

6. DIY Guitar Pick Punch

Many talented musicians, like the legendary Stevie Wonder, prove that music transcends all barriers, including disabilities. If your friend has a deep passion for music and guitars, they’ll adore this DIY Guitar Pick Maker.

It’s as simple as punching it through a used card, transforming it into a fantastic guitar pick that your friend can use to strum their favorite tunes. Instead of leaving your friend to do it alone, consider joining in the creative process and adding a splash of color to the card with paints.

7. Orba Handheld Multi-Instrument

What if your friend loves music but hasn’t learned to play an instrument? No worries! You can still delight them with the incredible Orba Handheld Multi-Instrument as part of your thoughtful gifts for blind individuals.

With this remarkable device, they can tap and slide to create a wide range of sounds that match their musical taste. If they ever need guidance, lend a helping hand in operating the tool. This kind of gift empowers them to explore and enjoy the world of music, regardless of their disability.

8. Stylish Folding Cane

Just because your friend can’t see doesn’t mean they can’t walk in style. Consider gifting them a sleek and durable folding cane made from superior alloy material. The elegant copper tone adds sophistication to their mobility aid.

Thanks to its durability, they can confidently navigate the streets with this stylish cane. To complete the set and enhance their safety, consider pairing it with the visually impaired badge we’ve mentioned earlier.

9. Braille Magic Cube Puzzle

Kids love solving puzzles, and magic cubes are a fantastic brain-teaser. We’ve discovered a cool Braille magic cube puzzle that makes for one of the most delightful gifts for blind individuals.

This toy not only provides endless fun but also sharpens their minds as they work to match the cubes by touch. Encourage your kids to surpass their limitations and have a blast while enhancing their problem-solving skills. Surprise them on their birthdays to let them know how much you care!

10. Vintage Soviet Watch with a Stylish Twist

While blind individuals often rely on Braille watches, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a touch of elegance. Treat your friend to this exquisite vintage Soviet watch that combines functionality with style.

Its sleek design, reminiscent of a compass, adds a touch of sophistication to your friend’s attire. If the watch doesn’t come in a wooden box, consider getting one to enhance the presentation. Additionally, craft a heartfelt braille note to convey your warm message, ensuring your friend can read your thoughtful words.

11. Braille Fingerboard Set for Thrilling Fun

Finger skateboarding, also known as fingerboarding, is a trend that’s still going strong. If you enjoy playing fingerboards with your visually impaired friend, you might want to consider gifting them the fantastic Braille Skateboarding Mystery Set.

This set includes a complete miniature skateboard and a track, ensuring your friend can dive into the excitement right away. Moreover, it comes with all the essential accessories, allowing your friend to personalize their own board to suit their preferences.

Useful Gadgets for Simplifying Daily Life

Technological advancements have brought a world of convenience to the lives of blind individuals. Today, there’s a wide range of gadgets designed to enhance their daily activities, from work to cooking. If you’re looking for practical and thoughtful gifts for blind individuals, you’re in the right place. Let’s explore these handy gadgets one by one!

12. WeWalk Smart Cane: Navigating with Confidence

Bid farewell to traditional walking canes and say hello to the latest innovation – the smart cane! The WeWalk smart cane is a game-changer. Equipped with ultrasonic sensors, it provides your friend with vibration and sound alerts, ensuring they navigate public spaces with confidence and without worry.

This smart cane is particularly reassuring when your friend is out alone, as it helps prevent accidental collisions and enhances their safety.

13. Voice Labelling System: Keeping Things Organized

Keeping track of items at home can be challenging for your blind friend. However, you can make their life easier by gifting them the PenFriend item labeling system. With this ingenious device, they can effortlessly organize their belongings and record essential information.

Notably, this gift isn’t limited to blind individuals; it’s also beneficial for those with speech impairments, helping them maintain order and independence.

14. Echo DOT Smart Speaker: Effortless Music Enjoyment

Playing music with a myriad of buttons can be quite daunting for your friend, especially when they have visual limitations. That’s where the Echo DOT smart speaker comes in. This smart speaker boasts voice control, allowing your friend to effortlessly enjoy their favorite tunes.

You can assist them in connecting the speaker to Alexa, making it even simpler for your friend to request their preferred songs using voice commands.

15. Talking Kitchen Scale: Precision in Cooking


Cooking enthusiasts will greatly appreciate this talking kitchen scale. Your blind friend won’t need to guess the weight of their ingredients anymore; this remarkable scale has them covered.

What’s more, it offers language options, including German, French, Spanish, and English, making it a versatile gift for your visually impaired friend. Plus, the voice features can be easily toggled on or off, depending on your friend’s preferences and needs.

16. OrCam AI Reader: Bringing Books to Life

Reading is a wonderful hobby that helps us stay informed and entertained. Unfortunately, your visually impaired friend may struggle with reading due to their disability. But fear not, as you can make a big difference in their life with the OrCam AI Reader.

This nifty device is a game-changer. It can read various texts and books that your friend desires on a daily basis. All they need to do is adjust the camera to focus on the words they want to read, and they’ll hear the AI voices bringing the text to life. How amazing is that?

17. Bluetooth Speaker and Hydration Companion

Imagine enjoying your favorite tunes while staying hydrated throughout the day. That’s the magic of this remarkable water bottle speaker! Your blind friends can now groove to their preferred music while carrying this stylish bottle during their daily activities. Pretty awesome, right?

Thanks to its Bluetooth capability, you can assist your friends in connecting the speaker to their smartphones. Now, whenever they go on a picnic or simply want to enjoy some music, they can bring this water bottle speaker, sip on their drink, and listen to their favorite songs.

18. Solar Charger for Mobile Phones: Convenience and Safety

Charging a phone may seem like a simple task, but it can be quite challenging for blind individuals. They not only struggle to locate the socket but also face the risk of electric shock. That’s where this compact phone charger comes in handy.

This device is perfect for the job because it operates using solar panels, eliminating the electrical hazards that can pose a danger. It’s also dust and water-resistant, making it durable and safe. Your friend can simply place their phone on it and let the battery fill up with energy from the sun.

19. Powerful Bluetooth Tracker: Never Lose Your Phone Again

Does your blind friend frequently misplace their phone? If so, this fantastic device can be a lifesaver. It’s a powerful Bluetooth tracker designed to help them locate their lost phone effortlessly.

With this device, they can press the tile button, and the speaker will produce audible sounds, even if the phone is in silent mode. No more panicking over a misplaced phone; they can quickly find it with this handy tracker.

Stylish and Practical Shirts for the Visually Impaired

Blind individuals also enjoy looking stylish when attending events, and casual shirts are perfect for such occasions. But these aren’t just any shirts; they come with special features that indicate your friend’s visual impairment. Let’s explore this cool collection of shirts that make great gifts for blind individuals!

20. “Don’t Look Blind” Shirt: A Sarcastic Twist

Is your friend a fan of sarcasm? Some folks can move about town with such grace that others doubt their disability. This skepticism can lead to rude behavior. To keep your adept friend safe, consider gifting them this clever “Don’t Look Blind” shirt.

This shirt features a witty message, “I don’t look blind, I know,” poking fun at those who judge solely by appearances. Your friend can wear it with shorts in the summertime or whenever they’re out in public.

21. “Blind Spot” Shirt: Embracing Every Spot

For a visually impaired person, every spot is a blind spot. This stylish “Blind Spot” shirt is perfect for their everyday activities. It offers comfort and a cool look.

If your friend isn’t great at mixing and matching outfits, you can lend a hand by pairing this tee with their favorite shorts in the spring or summer. Don’t forget to add sunglasses to complete the cool, blind-friendly ensemble.

22. “Insight is Blind” Shirt: A Wise Perspective

This fantastic shirt carries a wise message. It reminds us that true understanding goes beyond what meets the eye. If you have a wise friend, this shirt would make a thoughtful gift.

Let your friend choose the color they prefer. Your task is to help them find the right bottom wear to go with the tee. For a stylish look, consider pairing the t-shirt with a mini skirt or jeans. When the weather turns colder, comfy jogger pants are the way to go!

23. “Blind Lives Matter” Shirt: A Message of Equality

This shirt cleverly plays on the phrase “Black Lives Matter.” It serves as a reminder that blind individuals deserve equal treatment and are integral members of our society. Show your support with this powerful shirt.

Even though it’s a men’s tee, consider getting one for your girlfriend if she enjoys wearing oversize t-shirts. Opt for the grey shade as it has a lighter tone that’s easy to match with other colors. Pair the tee with blue jeans or baggy pants to enhance your friend’s style.

24. Legally Blind Driver Shirt: Embracing Humor

If your friend has a great sense of humor and a stash of ironic, dry jokes, they’ll likely adore this hilarious shirt. It playfully pokes fun at those impatient individuals who get annoyed when they encounter blind people walking slowly on the sidewalk.

With a variety of colors to choose from, consider navy blue or black, as they’re versatile and pair well with other tones.

25. Blind V for Vendetta Shirt: A Cool Color-Blind Test

Your friend will exude coolness in this striking shirt. It features a color blend commonly used to test color blindness, with green, orange, and yellow tones. However, this blend spells out “F*** The Color Blind.”

Wearing this tee is like walking as a living color-blind test. The captivating design printed on the shirt is sure to turn heads and leave an impression. Your friend will rock this unique style with confidence.

26. “Braille-iant” Shirt: A Stylish Statement

Our list comes to an exciting close with the “Braille-iant” shirt. This shirt isn’t just a piece of clothing; it’s a style statement. The design effortlessly complements your friend’s unique style. It’s a simple yet striking shirt adorned with braille signs, instantly signaling to everyone that your friend is blind.

This versatile tee can be rocked casually with a pair of jeans or shorts, making it perfect for those sunny summer days. We’d recommend going for a more relaxed fit for the bottoms, as it’s become quite the trend on social media. To complete the look, throw on a pair of comfy sneakers or stylish boots, especially during the winter months.

Final Thoughts

Living with physical limitations, such as blindness, brings its own set of challenges. Simple, everyday tasks that most of us take for granted can be quite demanding for individuals with disabilities. However, many blind individuals are determined to live independently and be seen as complete and capable human beings.

That’s why finding thoughtful and practical gifts that aid in their daily activities is such a wonderful way to show your support. These gifts not only make their lives a bit easier but also convey your love and appreciation for who they are. Consider surprising them with these thoughtful gifts, especially on their birthdays, as a heartfelt expression of your love and pride in them.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What do you get a blind person as a gift?

When choosing a gift for a blind friend, consider their needs and interests. Practical gadgets that aid in daily activities or enjoyable games that boost their spirits are excellent choices.

2. Are there any social or interactive gifts that promote connections for blind individuals?

Absolutely! There are plenty of gifts that encourage social interaction for blind individuals. Board games with tactile features, accessible card games, or musical instruments like drums can provide hours of fun with friends and family. Experiences like tickets to concerts or theater performances can also create lasting memories.

3. What are the best gadgets for a blind person?

Technological advancements have opened up many possibilities. Consider gifting a smart cane to enhance their mobility and safety. The DOT Speaker is another fantastic option, offering both entertainment and accessibility.

4. What are the best gifts for a blind grandma?

For a grandma who enjoys cooking, a talking scale can be a thoughtful gift, making meal preparation more manageable. The OrCam AI reader is perfect for avid readers who want easy access to news and books.

5. What are the best funny gifts for the blind?

Humorous shirts that playfully address misconceptions, such as “Don’t Look Blind,” can bring a smile to their face. Party games can also be a great choice, adding some lighthearted fun to their gatherings.

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