25 Best Pedestal Deer Mount Ideas

A pedestal deer mount is a unique way to showcase a deer’s head as a stylish decoration in your home. People often hang them on their walls or place them on their dining room tables. These mounts can be crafted using either synthetic or real antlers, giving you the flexibility to choose based on your preference. They’re designed to draw attention and add a touch of interest to your living space, often resembling a lifelike deer statue that enhances your wall decor.

Best Pedestal Deer Mount Ideas

One of the remarkable features of a pedestal deer mount is its ability to adjust the deer’s head, allowing you to change its direction to suit your interior design. This versatility means you can adapt it to different settings and moods, making it a great addition to your home decor.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a variety of pedestal deer mount ideas that cater to different tastes and budgets, making it easy for you to find the perfect fit for your home. These ideas range from affordable options to more extravagant ones, ensuring there’s something for everyone looking to elevate their living spaces with this unique and eye-catching decor.

If you’re considering adding a touch of luxury and elegance to your home, exploring these outstanding pedestal deer mount ideas is a great place to start. You’ll discover various types and models, including those designed for floor placement and wall mounting, all aimed at helping you adorn your room in a way that suits your individual style. So, let’s dive right into the list!

What Is a Wall Pedestal Mount?

But what exactly is a wall pedestal mount? This particular style of mount is placed against a wall, with the deer’s head positioned away from the wall and into the room, creating a three-dimensional effect. It offers an elegant way to display a deer’s head, transforming it into a work of art and, for some, a symbol of hunting achievement. If you’re interested in exploring more ideas for wall pedestal deer mounts, please refer to our detailed article above, where we delve into various creative options to enhance your interior decor.

25 Best Pedestal Deer Mount Ideas

1. Tree Trunk and Floor Base Deer Display

This cool idea combines a sturdy floor base with a tree trunk used as the backdrop for your deer mount. It lets you showcase the deer’s shoulder and a bit of its back while it stands upright. For a lifelike look, use a taxidermy deer head.

To make it even more special, decorate the base with fake stones and grass to give it a natural vibe. This makes it one of the most unique ways to display a deer, perfect for adding a touch of charm to your living room or family room.

2. Orion Taxidermy Mule Deer

For a delightful room decoration, consider adding an adorable mule deer head as one of your pedestal deer mount ideas. Orion taxidermy products are always crafted from real antlers, making them an impressive addition to your decor.

To enhance its look, opt for a large wooden floor pedestal that complements its distinctive large ears. Add some natural elements like tree branches, dry grass, and small stones around this charming character to bring out the nature-inspired vibes.

3. Triple Deer Floor Stand

Create a stunning deer mount art piece by using multiple mount brackets to showcase three deer on a single floor pedestal. Opt for a floor pedestal with a dry tree-style design that matches the models of their antlers.

This unique display will radiate the beauty of animals and nature. Due to its size, it’s best placed in your living room, especially if you have an empty wall space to fill.

4. Farmhouse Bench-Style Deer Pedestal

Reveal the graceful profile of a deer’s head with this idea. Use a farmhouse-style floor pedestal along with a substantial tree trunk to support the deer. Mount the deer on the tree trunk so it faces upward, creating a stunning side view.

You can also add some grass and tree trunk decorations under the floor pedestal to give it a more natural touch. If you have limited space, consider placing this pedestal deer in the corner of your living room.

5. White-Tail Pedestal Deer Display

Highlight the magnificence of the powerful white-tailed deer with this concept. Mount its impressive head, along with a portion of its back, on a sturdy tree trunk. Use a white tail mount hanger to ensure the head stays perfectly secured on the tree trunk.

Enhance the overall look by adding vines around the base of the floor pedestal to create a forest-themed atmosphere. Don’t forget to sprinkle some stones or moss for that added touch of natural beauty, making it one of the most striking pedestal deer mount ideas you can easily incorporate into your home decor.

6. Double Deer Mount Display

Having a double deer mount display is a fantastic idea because it allows you to arrange them in different ways. You can use a dual shoulder mount to showcase two large deer heads on a single floor pedestal.

To create a seamless look, you can use a single tree trunk as the base for your double deer pedestal. Adding some grass to the base will give it a natural and unified appearance.

7. Barnwood Pedestal with Lights

Make your room stand out with these pedestal deer mount ideas that shine. Incorporating lights to enhance their appeal is a great way to do it. For a solid and well-lit display, use a clear rustic barnwood box as the floor pedestal, which can easily support a large white-tailed deer head.

Inside the rustic box, you can add some wooden and antler skull decor. Don’t forget to install lights inside the box so that it illuminates beautifully, especially during the night. This will create a fantastic focal point, especially if you place the pedestal against a neutral-toned background.

8. Rustic Barrel Floor Display

Give your room a touch of vintage and rustic style by using old barrels. Use a large, weathered barrel as the floor pedestal to showcase a deer. You can add antique skulls and small tree trunks inside the barrel to create that rustic atmosphere.

Consider placing a small antler skull above the deer’s horns to add an artistic touch. Putting the pedestal on a wooden barrel will further emphasize the rustic theme.

9. Deer Pedestal with Grain Planter

If you’re a fan of indoor plants and want a unique twist, this idea is perfect. Use a tree trunk wall hook to mount the deer’s head on the floor pedestal instead of hanging it on the wall.

Create a spacious planter on the base, allowing you to plant grains. This setup works well in your living room, surprising your guests with a combination of deer decor and indoor greenery. It’s undoubtedly one of the best pedestal deer mount ideas for plant enthusiasts.

10. Wall-Mounted Deer Head with Custom Plaque

For wall pedestal deer mount ideas, consider using a deer head peel for a highly realistic appearance. To add a touch of elegance, include a custom plaque barn with your deer mount.

Opt for a brown tone that matches the deer head to maintain a harmonious look. Depending on the available wall space, you can place it in your patio backyard or in the living room. This idea works beautifully for classic-style homes, adding a touch of timeless charm.

11. Wood Wall-Mounted Deer with Real Antlers

For those who are watching their wallets but still want to enjoy the beauty of a deer mount, this idea is a real winner. It involves mounting a finely carved wooden deer head on a wall pedestal, and for an extra dash of authenticity, real antlers can be added.

This budget-friendly approach offers a unique and affordable pedestal deer mount, perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to your home, particularly if you have a farmhouse or rustic-style interior. Placing it against a backdrop of white wooden planks will emphasize its striking design.

12. Artificial Male Deer Head Display

If you’re seeking budget-friendly options for your pedestal deer mount ideas, consider using an artificial male deer head for your home decor. It’s a fantastic choice for homes with classical or minimalistic interior designs that could use a bit of detail to liven up the space.

One of the advantages of this option is the ability to customize the size and antler design to fit perfectly within your room. It’s also a great option if you’re new to using a pedestal deer mount as a decorative element. To make it the focal point of a room, mount it against a clean white wall.

13. Stuffed Deer Head Pedestal

At first glance, it’s easy to mistake this for a genuine deer head. However, it’s a cleverly crafted artificial deer head that’s been stuffed and covered in faux fur. The result is a realistic yet slightly eerie appearance, as if the deer has come back to life.

This is undeniably one of the most outstanding artificial deer mount ideas, closely resembling the real thing. With its table hooker trophy mount, you can count on it for sturdy and striking display.

14. Real Wall-Mounted Deer Head

For those who appreciate simplicity and a touch of realism, this wall-mounted deer head on a pedestal offers an elegant solution. Its perfectly balanced head and lifelike appearance make it one of the most stylish pedestal deer mount ideas.

Featuring a sturdy European deer hanger, this remarkable decor piece is beautifully showcased on your wall. You won’t need any additional decorations because its presence alone in the room is strong enough to make a statement.

15. Taxidermy Stag Head with Unique Antlers

If you’re on the hunt for unique pedestal deer mount ideas that reflect your appreciation for art, this suggestion might be just the ticket. Using an antler mounting kit, you can create a unique antler design that suits your taste.

Mount the deer head on a wooden barn plaque to give it an elegant and upscale appearance. To make this pedestal design pop, consider using a plain background with a brighter tone. This versatile idea can blend seamlessly with both modern and classic home styles, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate artistry and uniqueness in their decor.

16. Hunter’s Deer Skull Trophy

What an amazing addition to your home decor! This is certainly one of the top pedestal deer mount ideas for hunters. Displaying the skull of a deer you’ve hunted on your wall makes a bold statement, showcasing your skills as a professional hunter to your guests.

This house decoration is like a prized trophy, celebrating your hunting achievements. To feature this remarkable piece in your living room, use a wooden mount pedestal plaque to securely display the deer’s skull and create a captivating visual focal point.

17. Male Deer Latch with Bell

Adding a classic touch to your home’s gate, this pedestal deer mount is among the most impressive outdoor pedestal deer mount ideas. Crafted from metal, you can customize its size and style to match the overall theme of your house gate.

This decor piece can also serve as a charming good luck charm that adds a layer of protection to your home. Don’t forget to hang an iron bell on its head, serving a functional purpose as it rings to welcome your guests. You can choose to place one at your house gate or on the patio, depending on your home’s design.

18. White Faux Taxidermy Hunting Trophy

For those who have white walls and desire to maintain a clean and tidy home, a white faux taxidermy hunting trophy is an excellent choice for decoration. Customize its design and color to harmonize with the white wall’s aesthetics.

A hook trophy mount can be used to hang it on the wall, and consider gray walls if your home boasts an industrial design. This is unquestionably one of the finest pedestal deer mount ideas for those who appreciate a neutral and minimalist color palette.

19. Mounted Deer Head with Majestic Antlers

This is one of the most impressive pedestal deer mount ideas featuring large, awe-inspiring antlers, and you can even position its head facing downward! Use a sturdy skull hooker for taxidermy to securely mount its substantial head, as a robust installation is required for this concept.

Leave some space above the deer’s head to extend its large antlers towards the ceiling. We suggest placing it against wooden or white walls if your home flaunts a minimalist interior design. This idea will lend a magnificent decor vibe, akin to a majestic deer keeping watch over your space.

20. Wall-Mounted Deer Taxidermy with Natural Accents

For those seeking even more charming wall pedestal deer mount ideas, we’ve got something special for you! Incorporate some branches and stone decor on one side of the deer head. You can also add dried flowers and antique skulls to infuse a rustic ambiance.

Since it will be affixed to the wall, make sure to select a robust mount to ensure your decoration stays securely in place. Instead of hanging it on walls with a similar tone, consider lighter or plain walls to transform this piece into a captivating focal point.

21. Island-Style Pedestal Deer for Your Wall

This unique pedestal deer has an island-shaped base, which represents the islands where hunters often embark on their deer hunting adventures with their friends. The base is covered in leather, making it look charming, as it’s designed to blend seamlessly with the deer’s head.

Given its substantial size, it’s best suited for a spacious area, like your living room or patio, where it can warmly welcome your guests. This is indeed the perfect choice for a genuine hunter’s home decor.

22. Wooden Pedestal Deer with Arrow Accents

This clean and well-crafted wooden pedestal deer is a great addition to your home decor, whether it’s tucked in a cozy corner or proudly displayed in a true hunter’s living room. It features a wooden base adorned with two arrows, adding a touch of classic charm.

You can also attach a wooden board, shaped like an island, to the base. This board not only serves as a mounting surface but also adds an appealing aesthetic touch. If you want to make this pedestal deer the star of the show, consider hanging it on a white wall.

23. Natural Pedestal Deer with Straw Elements

Our next pedestal deer is a real gem. It’s crafted from raw wood and straw, creating a natural, forest-like appearance that’s sure to add a unique touch to your wall decor.

Given its size, it will undoubtedly become a captivating focal point in any hunter’s living space. We recommend placing it in your living room or a dedicated collection room if you have one. Just ensure you have ample space to accommodate this substantial piece.

24. Barrel-Base Pedestal Deer

Transform your old barrel into a delightful pedestal deer that adds a special charm to your home, especially when placed in a cozy corner like your living room or family room.

For those aiming for a rustic look, consider adding dried leaves or untreated wood to enhance the decoration. Voilà! You have a charming pedestal deer to enjoy every day. Just make sure those leaves are securely attached to the barrel to avoid any unexpected mess.

25. Artistic Wooden Pedestal Deer

For hunters who also appreciate art, this one’s a perfect fit! This pedestal deer takes on an artistic form, resembling a finely crafted sculpture made from high-quality wood that will look exquisite no matter where you choose to display it.

Given its larger size, it’s best suited for a room with ample space. We recommend your living room, backyard patio, or family room as ideal settings to showcase this artful piece.


Pedestal deer mount ideas provide a fantastic means of displaying your cherished hunting trophies, creating a distinct focal point within your home. These ideas come in a variety of designs, offering captivating options to enhance your living space with a rustic, artistic ambiance. Remarkably, they aren’t confined to a particular style – they can seamlessly complement industrial, modern, and minimalist home designs as well.

The key to successfully incorporating these mounts into your decor lies in customizing your interior to match the theme of your home. Once you’ve securely placed these decorations on your wall, they will instantly transform into striking statement pieces, amplifying the beauty of your home and serving as a proud testament to your hunting accomplishments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you go about hanging a deer mount on the wall?

To display a deer head mount on your wall, you’ll need a wall mount hooker specifically designed for wall pedestals. Ensure that you use a sturdy, heavy-duty lag screw anchored to a wall stud, placed at the center for optimal support. You can even consider adding a wooden plaque to further enhance the visual appeal of the mount.

2. Can heat adversely affect deer mounts?

Indeed, excessive heat can be detrimental to your deer mounts. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can result in issues like cracking, shrinking, and more, even if the mount has been properly installed. Therefore, it’s advisable to store your mounts in an environment with a controlled temperature range to maintain their integrity.

3. How can you determine if a deer mount is of high quality?

A top-quality deer mount should exhibit tanned skin, a critical factor in ensuring its durability and longevity. Additionally, inspect the mount for clean, well-defined mouthlines. To further scrutinize the quality, examine the nose – it should initially appear black and gradually transition to a gray hue where it meets the lips, mirroring the natural features of a real deer.

4. What’s the best way to arrange deer heads on the wall?

When arranging deer heads on your wall, begin by selecting the direction in which you want the head to face, taking into account how it fits with the overall design of the room. Utilize a robust wall mount hooker and ensure that the head is centered for optimal balance. If you plan to incorporate additional ornaments, make certain they are securely mounted to prevent any accidents or mishaps.

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