Chakra Meditation Necklace

tibetan mala necklace This beautiful Chakra meditation necklace is a must-have addition to your yoga accessories. Wearing this piece will bring you peace by bringing out the natural Chakra in you. This jewelry will enhance your meditation style and practice and rejuvenate your soul.

Made from Onyx stone, the beaded necklace is visually appealing but more important is its symbolic meaning. The necklace repels negativity by blocking out sorrow, restlessness, worry, and stress. The necklace enlightens your aura by fostering positive feelings.

The Onyx can also open up your energy centers to ensure you reach your full potential in the universe.

Apart from making you peaceful, the beaded necklace stands out for its colorful look. The brilliant multicolored beads will help you to make a statement on your position in the universe.

tibetan mala necklace


Moreover, when negative energy tries to invade your life, you can always grab the beads to calm yourself down.

Scroll the gallery for other Chakra meditation necklaces that will help to keep you calm and bring clarity in your life.

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