FLEXTAIL EVO ICER: Battery-Powered Ice Maker in Just 5 Minutes

For a while now, we’ve been yearning for a fun family getaway, especially the kids. With work, school, and other responsibilities piling up, we’ve been swamped. But you know what? A short, enjoyable break is overdue.

So, I’ve finally managed to find a window in everyone’s schedule to plan a family trip out of town next month. And you can bet the kids are thrilled about it!


Now, here’s the catch – the weather has been scorching hot lately. That means cold drinks are a must. I thought about bringing along a traditional cooler box, but honestly, who wants to deal with the hassle of lugging around a giant, bulky cooler?

That’s when I stumbled upon something exciting while browsing online – the FLEXTAIL EVO ICER. It’s not your typical cooler; it’s a nifty, portable ice maker that runs on batteries. And I thought, “Hey, this could be a game-changer for our family trip!”

The FLEXTAIL EVO ICER isn’t like the usual ice cube makers you find. It’s rechargeable and packs a powerful 200Wh battery. I’m convinced this little wonder will soon become a must-have for all outdoor enthusiasts. It’s compact, easy to carry, and super convenient.

The best part? It’s currently featured on Kickstarter, and it’s set to hit the market in July, just in time for our trip. So, I wasted no time – I pre-ordered it, keeping my fingers crossed that it arrives before our adventure begins. Here’s to a cool and refreshing family getaway! 🌞❄️

FLEXTAIL EVO ICER: My Initial Thoughts

I was pleasantly surprised to come across a bunch of reviews and articles discussing the FLEXTAIL EVO ICER. What’s interesting is that this product isn’t even in stores yet – you’ll have to wait until July to get your hands on it.

Now, let’s talk about how this thing looks. Based on the pictures and videos I’ve seen online, it appears to be like a futuristic mini freezer that you can carry around with ease. Imagine a compact gadget that’s as simple to move as a lunchbox, and you’re on the right track.

In terms of size and weight, it’s about 20 pounds and measures roughly 12.6 inches by 12.6 inches by 11 inches. Inside the package, you’ll find the EVO ICER unit itself, a handy ice scoop, and a Type-C charging cable. As for color options, you’ve got one choice: a sleek black and white design. On the front, there are some buttons for operating it, and on the back, you’ll spot the charging port.

What really caught my eye is its modern, streamlined appearance. It’s like carrying a portable music player, but instead of tunes, you’ve got your own supply of ice cubes at your fingertips – pretty neat, isn’t it? So, I’m excited to see how this device performs in action when it’s finally available. ❄️🎶

A Rechargeable Power Source

One more thing I’m really excited about regarding this nifty portable ice maker is that it doesn’t rely on cords. It’s got a rechargeable battery, which means no messing around with cables when you want to use it. Plus, it offers two convenient ways to recharge it – through a USB-C cable or an AC adapter.

Charging it up fully takes about 4-5 hours, and once it’s charged, you get a solid 3 hours of cordless ice-making goodness. In just 5 minutes, it can whip up a dozen ice cubes, and you can churn out more than 400 ice cubes before it needs another recharge.

And here’s a cool bonus – you can use it to charge your phones or even your portable speakers. It’s like a multitasking ice wizard!

User-Friendly and Super Portable

Now that I’ve stumbled upon this awesome gadget, I’m convinced it’s the perfect ice maker for outdoor events and a must-have picnic companion for summer. I’m eagerly anticipating its delivery so I can enjoy the simple pleasure of making ice cubes myself.

I’ve checked out some reviews from YouTubers who got their hands on the beta version, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and satisfying. It seems that the FLEXTAIL EVO ICER is incredibly easy to use.

In a nutshell, I have no doubt that this fantastic device will make ice-making a breeze for outdoor enthusiasts like me. 🧊🌞

A Handy Handle and Quiet Operation

I noticed that some reviewers really liked the strong handle on this ice maker. It’s a special feature because not many portable ice makers have handles. So, having that handle is definitely a big plus that deserves a shout-out.

What’s more, this little ice machine is super quiet. I’m pretty sure our camping buddies won’t even notice it running.

The only noise you’ll likely hear from this machine is the delightful sound of ice cubes dropping. Personally, I find that sound more refreshing than bothersome, don’t you agree?

1. Easy Setup and Operation Simplified

Setting up and using the FLEXTAIL EVO ICER is a breeze, as I’ve mentioned before. You simply switch it on, pour water into the small slot on top, and then pick one of the three ice-making modes: Cup Mode, Quick Mode, or Eco Mode. Each mode is meant for different situations, depending on what you need at the time.

What sets this ice maker apart is its clear display. You can easily see when the ice cubes are ready. Plus, on the bottom left side, there’s a handy indicator that tells you when you need to add more water.

From what I’ve seen in review videos, adjusting the settings is pretty straightforward too. Just press the buttons on the front, and you’re good to go.

2. Portability and Performance of the FLEXTAIL EVO ICER

When it comes to size, this ice maker is pretty standard compared to others in the portable category. But remember, it has a special feature – that handle I mentioned earlier.

Whether you’re off camping, having beach parties, or enjoying a picnic in the park, you can rely on this device to handle all your ice-making needs. Carrying it around is a piece of cake.

However, don’t forget to bring your drinks along – whether it’s beer, juice, cocktails, or your favorite beverages – because you’ll need lots of ice cubes, especially on scorching summer days.

The FLEXTAIL EVO ICER is powered by the IceBurst Rapid Refrigeration Technique, which lets it use a smaller motor and compressor. The secret sauce here is the micro motor, which keeps the device cool even after making ice multiple times.

It also boasts a sizable cooling fan with three air inlets, ensuring it stays cool and can keep running for longer periods.

Efficient Ice Production

When we’re out and about, waiting for our old ice makers to cough up some ice can be a real patience-tester. Sometimes, it feels like it takes forever! But with the FLEXTAIL EVO ICER, I’ve got some high hopes because this battery-powered ice maker promises a whopping 12 ice cubes in just 5 minutes, and it seems like some reviews back that up.

That’s pretty convincing to me.

1. Speed and Efficiency in Ice-Making

This little wonder claims to whip up your first batch of 12 ice cubes in just 9 minutes, and after that, it cranks out a new batch every 5 minutes. So, say goodbye to those long waits for ice cubes when you’re craving cold drinks.

In one review, they even put the FLEXTAIL EVO ICER head-to-head with a similar product. After the Evo Icer had already finished making two rounds of ice, the other product was still struggling with its first batch.

For me, it was love at first sight with this ice maker. I’m really hoping it lives up to its promises. I wholeheartedly believe the kids will be over the moon to have this fantastic device to use on our upcoming trip.

2. Ice Cube Size and Options

This machine churns out ice cubes in just one size, and from what I’ve seen, that size seems just right. It’s not too teeny, and it’s not overly large, making it a great fit for any drinking glass. So, overall, I’m pretty happy with the ice cube size.

However, it does offer different ice-making modes that allow you to get fewer cubes if I’m not mistaken. But when it comes to shaping the ice or changing its size, well, that’s not an option. Personally, I don’t think it’s necessary anyway.

Battery-Powered Ice Maker Convenience

The Evo Icer comes with a battery that can keep going for a solid 3 hours before needing a recharge. In those 3 hours, it can whip up more than 400 ice cubes, which I think is more than plenty for a fantastic day at the beach. You don’t even need to worry about plugging it into an outlet as long as your battery is juiced up.

Now, here’s the cool part – it offers two ways to charge it up: using a USB-C cable or an AC Adapter. You get to pick what works best for you, so it’s all about your choice and convenience.

That built-in 200wh Lithium battery? Well, it’s tucked away at the bottom of the machine, and it’s good for a full 3 hours of power. You’ve got the freedom to take it wherever you fancy – whether it’s the beach, a camping adventure, an outdoor party, a sports event, or even inside your car or RV.

In a nutshell, it’s pretty much a must-have gadget for all your outdoor shindigs and activities.

Sturdy Build and Durability in Real-Life Situations

When it comes to quality, I’ve gathered some insights from Kickstarter and various reviews, and most folks seem to agree – the FLEXTAIL EVO ICER is built tough. It’s crafted from sturdy materials designed to last. Plus, that aluminum handle isn’t just for show; it makes carrying it around super easy.

For our upcoming trip with the kids, we’re planning a picnic at the beach and hitting the road for a long car journey. This machine is going to be our trusty battery-powered ice maker on the go, as long as we bring enough water bottles along.

But here’s a crucial thing to keep in mind – we’ve got to remember to charge it whenever we have the chance. After all, the last thing we want is to run out of ice cubes with our ice maker running on empty, right?

Why I’m Excited

After checking out some reviews, I got this wild idea to use the FLEXTAIL EVO ICER for some serious outdoor adventures – like going fishing on a boat in the middle of a lake. Surprisingly, it’s not heavy at all, so I’m seriously thinking about taking it along on my fishing trips.

Just picture this: I’m out in the middle of the lake, and I can enjoy ice-cold beer. Now, that’s what I call a refreshing fishing experience!

But you know what? I’ve got even more plans for this machine. It’s going to be a game-changer when I’m hosting birthday parties for my kids. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with those bulky, heavy ice boxes.

And let’s be real – those ice cubes inside the box? They turn into puddles pretty darn fast under the scorching sun. That’s why I’m convinced that the FLEXTAIL EVO ICER battery-powered ice maker is the answer to my ice-related woes. I can now serve lemonade to my guests in perfect peace.

The Upsides and Downsides

Before I dive into the good and not-so-good stuff about this product, let me quickly fill you in on the price and where to grab one. Right now, it’s in the production phase and will start delivering in July 2023. But here’s the scoop – you can jump on board early and pre-order it through Kickstarter.com for a cool $359.

And guess what? They’ve got some extras you can pick up separately, like the FLEXTAIL Cooler Box, AC Adapter, Ice Scoop, and an Extra Ice Storage Basket. What’s even better? These add-ons come with discounts.

Now, fingers crossed that this product lands on our doorstep right on time for our family adventure.


  • Super portable with a sturdy aluminum handle; it’s a breeze to carry, operate, and move around.
  • Comes with a built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Gets the job done quickly, making a dozen ice cubes in just 5 minutes.
  • Rocks a sleek and modern design.
  • Can also charge your other devices, like smartphones or portable speakers.


  • The size is still on the larger side.
  • When you charge it using the USB C cable, it won’t have enough power to make ice cubes.
  • Options for colors are a bit limited.


In a nutshell, I’m crossing my fingers that I won’t regret getting the FLEXTAIL EVO ICER because all the reviews have been super positive, and most reviewers seem to think it’s a really promising product.

For me, the most exciting thing about this battery-powered ice maker is, without a doubt, the battery itself. It gives me the freedom to use it wherever I want outdoors.

And let’s not forget the fantastic fact that it can make a dozen ice cubes in just 5 minutes. Who has the time or patience to wait for ice cubes when you’re craving a cold drink in the sun, right? So, I’ve got high hopes for this product, and I’m really looking forward to our family trip being a whole lot more refreshing with this machine by our side – or in our car trunk, for that matter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I use the FLEXTAIL EVO ICER without a battery?

No, you can’t. The battery is the powerhouse behind this ice maker, and that’s why it’s called a battery-powered ice maker. However, the good news is that the battery is rechargeable using either a USB-C cable or the AC adapter. So, as long as you keep it charged, you’re good to go.

2. How much ice can the FLEXTAIL EVO ICER produce in a day?

The amount of ice it can make in a day depends on how long you use it. Typically, when it’s fully charged, you can run it for about 3 hours, and during that time, it can churn out more than 400 ice cubes. To get it fully charged, you’ll need to plug it in for roughly 4-5 hours. So, you can do some simple math to figure out how much ice you’ll need based on your daily requirements.

3. Is cleaning the FLEXTAIL EVO ICER easy?

Absolutely! The FLEXTAIL EVO ICER makes cleaning a breeze with its One-Button Clean & Drain feature. Just flip the machine to its back, and you’ll find a button for cleaning and draining. A single click on that button, and you’re all set to clean it up after a day of ice-making fun.

4. Can I customize the size of the ice cubes with the FLEXTAIL EVO ICER?

Unfortunately, no, you can’t do that with this machine. It’s designed to make ice cubes in one specific size and shape, and it doesn’t have the option to change that. But hey, it’s all about keeping things simple and straightforward!

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