25 Lovely and Cool Gifts for Economists

Money can be fascinating to everyone, but diving into economics and its theories isn’t as enjoyable as it might sound. It involves a lot of math too. That’s why economics professors and teachers don’t always get the credit they deserve. They have to deal with students who may not understand what they’re saying. So, getting gifts for economists isn’t a bad idea. Giving them to real-life economists you know is also a great thought. Since economists work with numbers, charts, and stats every day, finding gifts for them to brighten their day is a good thing.

25 Lovely and Cool Gifts for Economists

Gifts for economists come in many forms, and they don’t have to be directly related to their work. Some funny items can lift their spirits, while others are great for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas.

Let’s explore some of the best gifts for economists on our list!

Amusing Gifts for Economists

Economics professors often have a tougher job than students, trying to make the subject understandable. The same goes for economists who have to focus on specific data. That’s why they could use a little pick-me-up, and these funny gifts for economists might just do the trick. Take a look!

1. Charty Party Game


Economics teachers really like numbers and graphs. So, how about a game that’s just like their favorite stuff? Introducing the Charty Party Game! You can play it with your partner, a friend, or a family member.

Here’s how it works: one person is the judge and picks a card with a mystery gap on the Y-axis. Everyone else has to fill in the gap with funny and clever ideas. It leads to lots of laughs and crazy results. This game is a fantastic choice for get-togethers where you need both smarts and humor. It’ll turn any gathering into a memorable and fun chart-topping event!

2. F in Exams


Picture this: Economics professors often deal with disappointed students, just like science professors. So, why not surprise them with a hilarious book that matches their wit and wisdom?

This book is a riot and a great addition to your list of gifts for economists. It’ll have them laughing during the holidays or on their special day. Inside, you’ll find 250 real-life answers to common test questions. It’s a funny gem that’ll keep them chuckling all day long.

3. Nerd Teacher Socks


When you’re searching for fun and unique gifts for your economist friends or loved ones, these nerd socks are a must! Cool socks are a common choice for stylish gifts, but these socks take it to the next level. They capture their profession perfectly with relatable designs and witty sayings.

Not only will these socks make them laugh, but they’re also comfy. They can proudly show off their nerdy side while feeling cozy. Pair these clever socks with a quirky and casual outfit to complete the look. Watch their face light up with joy and gratitude!

4. The Davos Theory Shirt


You’ve probably heard the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” But what goes down in Davos can impact the world, and most economics teachers know that. That’s why this funny shirt makes a great gift for economists.

Aside from its clever quote, the shirt is super comfy with its ringspun cotton fabric. It ensures you’re comfy while you unravel the complexities of the economy. Wear it with well-fitted pants or a stylish pencil skirt for a sophisticated look that matches the brilliance of economic insights.

5. Monopoly: Cheaters Edition


Monopoly is a game that economists probably adore. But have they tried the latest Cheaters Edition, where you can bend the rules and get up to some funny business?

Get ready for loads of laughter with this cool game. Team up with your partner, friends, and family for a thrilling game night. Or, imagine this: make this year’s Christmas gathering unforgettable with the uproarious fun of Monopoly: Cheaters Edition. We highly recommend giving it a shot!

6. Economists Coloring Book


Discover the hidden treasure inside this funny economist book – it’s the ultimate surprise for a birthday! Inside, you’ll find all sorts of playful designs and clever quotes that are meant to lighten up an economist’s busy mind and bring happiness on their special day.

As a fun bonus, you can carefully cut out the pages and use them as unique personalized gifts, showing your thoughtfulness with a creative touch. You can even frame them to create fantastic wall art for their bedroom.

7. Economists Joke Book


If you think economics professors are too serious for doodles and coloring, here’s a fantastic alternative: surprise them with a collection of hilarious and quirky economist jokes!

This gift is custom-made to tickle their intellectual funny bone and add some humor and wit to their day. Whether it’s their birthday, a holiday, or just a random act of kindness, this gift is guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces.

8. Beware of Economists Mug


Ever dared to talk about money matters with an economist? Be ready for a lecture on investment decisions that might leave you shaking! But don’t worry, we have the perfect solution to turn their serious side into bursts of laughter.

Introducing this playful mug, a must-have gift for anyone brave enough to discuss finances with economists. Beyond its witty saying, this mug is incredibly sturdy and durable, making it a great choice for spreading joy during the holiday season or on their special birthday.

Decorative Gifts for Economists

Decorative gifts are an excellent idea for economics teachers and economists because they reflect their passion for the economy. That’s why we’ve gathered everything you need to pamper them! From captivating wall art that captures the essence of financial intricacies to green companions that symbolize growth and prosperity, this exceptional list offers plenty of cool and meaningful options to decorate their space with intellectual elegance.

Take a look!

9. Super Economists


No matter how tough your economist friends may seem, they’re really good at what they do, and that’s something worth celebrating. These amazing sticker decals could make fantastic birthday gifts for economists.

This set of three stickers is designed to adorn their computer, office desk, and other places they like. These eye-catching decals proudly display their commitment to the world of finance and analysis. You’ll see their workspaces turn into a visual celebration of their economic expertise, showing off their skills.

10. Tiny Forest


If your loved one works as an economics professor, you probably want to help them deal with the challenges of teaching tricky students. Studies have shown that taking care of plants can help reduce stress, which is why this miniature forest is such a cool idea.

Imagine gifting them a charming miniature forest where they can nurture a small grove of beautiful trees. This thoughtful gift is perfect for special occasions like their birthday, anniversary, or the start of a new school year. Let this gift of greenery bring tranquility to their workspace and inspire their growth!

11. Karl Marx Art


Karl Marx was a famous thinker known for his economic ideas. We’re pretty sure that every economics teacher has mentioned him at least once in class.

So, what better way to celebrate Christmas (or their birthday) than by giving them this beautiful piece of wall art to display at home? Let their home become a gallery of inspiration as they proudly showcase this captivating masterpiece, reminding themselves and others of the lasting impact of economic visionaries.

12. Personalized Economist Caricature


Get ready to surprise your economist partner with a gift that goes beyond their wildest expectations! As their birthday approaches, seize the chance to embrace their love for numbers and finance with a special and personal present. Imagine this: a super cool caricature that captures their hard work and financial expertise, all wrapped up in a delightful illustration.

This unique and personal gesture will surely bring joy to their heart. To make it even more special, display this captivating caricature in their home office, where it will be a constant reminder of their dedication and skills.

13. John Maynard Keynes Figurine


John Maynard Keynes was a famous British economist whose ideas greatly influenced modern economics. Giving your economist friend this lovely figurine is a great idea.

Perhaps, in their toughest moments, they can look at the Keynes figurine and find motivation! Place it prominently on their study desk, where its presence will serve as a guiding light during their most challenging economic thoughts.

14. Economist’s Definition


Economists often talk about predicting financial trends with statistics. Sometimes they’re spot on, but other times, their predictions are way off. That’s why this funny wall art makes a perfect Christmas gift.

It’s not only a great decoration but also a sure way to bring a smile to your economics professor’s face. When proudly displayed in their office or study, this witty decor is sure to bring hearty laughter and fond amusement to your esteemed economics professor.

15. Best Economist Plaque


Have you ever wondered what happens when you search for the best economist on Google? Here’s a little hint: it’s your economist friend (who might also be an economics teacher).

Plus, you can customize this lovely and funny plaque by adding their name and picture! Whether it graces their office, study, or classroom, this quirky plaque is sure to start conversations and bring smiles to everyone who sees it!

16. COVID-19 Market Art


We all know the COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of damage to the world economy. Surprisingly, this artwork can still make a great gift for an economics professor.

This cool wall art is printed on high-quality, thick, and durable paper, like the kind they use in museums. This means it will last a long time! It’s a timeless piece they can hang in their office or study, reminding them of the power of knowledge.

17. Vintage Financial Chart


If you’re looking for bigger and more impressive wall art featuring financial charts, check out these beautiful posters! These charts show economic ups and downs, inflation, deflation, and more over 168 years!

They’re printed on large 16×80-inch high-quality paper, making them real attention-grabbers. You can proudly decorate your sophisticated office, a stylish financial institution, or a chic study with these masterpieces.

18. Thank You Bear


Simple gifts can mean a lot, especially when given with love. If your loved one is an economist, this cute bear is a sweet way to show your support.

Who knows, maybe its adorable appearance will boost their spirits and motivate them to work even harder! You can proudly display this charming bear on their office desk, where it can uplift their morale and inspire them to reach new heights in their work.

Exciting Gifts for Economists

Hang on, we’ve got more fantastic gifts for economists to explore! While some of these items aren’t directly related to their job, they can still make wonderful gifts for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas.

So, stay excited and let the gift hunt continue because there are plenty more delightful surprises waiting to be discovered! Take a look!

19. Outsmarting an Economist?


Economics teachers, like other educators, love expanding their knowledge and challenging their minds. That’s why you can surprise them with this cool book for their birthday! Inside, they’ll find tricky puzzles and mysteries to solve.

Imagine gathering in cozy coffee-scented nooks, engaging in lively discussions at a scholarly retreat, or joining a book club filled with fellow intellects. This is where the games begin, and you’ll see them dive into the world of riddles!

20. Give, Save, Spend Bank


Economists often talk about saving money, right? Well, that’s why this fantastic savings bank could be a fun and practical gift.

They can separate their coins into three sections based on their purpose. It’s truly one of the best gifts for economists, especially with the Christmas spirit in mind! Just place it under the Christmas tree and watch how this thoughtful gift delights their analytical minds and adds a touch of financial cheer to the holiday season.

21. Stress-Relief Punching Bag


When you have a partner who works as an economist, you might occasionally see them stressed at home. But here’s a way to help them: get them a cool punching bag as a stress-reliever.

Now, they can punch away their stress on this bag instead of taking it out on you! Set up this powerful stress-reliever in their own space, a corner of the house just for them, where they can relax and come back even more energized for their work in economics!

22. Walmart Shopping Gift Card


Economists often talk about saving money, but it’s also important to treat yourself once in a while. That’s why we recommend this fantastic gift card!

Now, they have some money to spend on things they really like. Whether it’s for a birthday, a big achievement, or just to show appreciation, this gift will make their day and remind them that sometimes, it’s important to enjoy life’s little luxuries.

23. Supply & Demand T-shirt


The law of supply and demand is one of the most common economic theories in the world. Every economics professor has probably mentioned it at least once in their classes.

So, consider getting them this stylish shirt. Its cool and modern design makes it a great addition to their wardrobe, perfect for casual gatherings on their well-deserved days off. Let them proudly show their love for the subject by wearing this shirt, a statement piece that says a lot about their passion.

24. Mouse Pad with Wrist Support


Economists and economics professors spend a lot of time on their computers, analyzing data all day long. To prevent any wrist injuries, you can gift them this comfortable mouse pad.

It has a great design with wrist support for smooth and comfortable use, even if they’re “playing” with their mouse all day. Whether it’s a surprise for their birthday or a thoughtful gesture during the holiday season, this adorable mouse pad is sure to brighten their day.

25. Personalized Message Money Clip


If you’re looking for a cool and simple personalized gift for economics teachers, this money clip is a great choice. If your loved one doesn’t like carrying a wallet while traveling, they can use this money clip to hold a small amount of cash!

Plus, you can add a unique touch by imprinting heartfelt, handwritten messages onto the clip. Imagine the joy on their face when they receive this personalized treasure. It’s an excellent gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a surprise token of affection!


Choosing the right gift for economics professors is a considerate way to show appreciation for their hard work and knowledge in shaping young minds. The collection of gifts we’ve explored above is carefully selected to match their academic interests and meet their practical needs while adding a touch of humor. Whether it’s an enlightening book to fuel their curiosity, amusing items to lift their spirits, or personalized gifts that combine usefulness with sentimental value, each present expresses genuine appreciation.

In our view, the best occasions to give these gifts are special ones like Christmas, birthdays, or significant academic achievements. These moments provide an opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge their valuable contributions to the field of economics.

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