Gutter Cleaning Robot

Got a dirty and unsightly gutter? Get the Robotic Gutter Cleaner. This gutter cleaning robot does the filthy task of cleaning the gutter swiftly, leaving it shiny.

The robot can clean close to 30-foot surface of gutter in 5 minutes, and can be operated using a remote control from up to 50 feet away.

The Robotic Gutter Cleaner is small, measuring 2” high and 3” wide. Therefore, it can fit into majority of K-Style gutters.

The cleaner’s tread pattern allows it to drive through the blocked gutter. The rotating blades work gently but can certainly polish any vinyl, metal, copper or aluminum gutter. The cleaner is designed to be resistant to wet environment. This means wet leaves will no longer be a bother.

Polishing a gutter is tiresome since there’s a lot of bending and physical work do to be. However, you don’t have to put your health on the line when this gutter cleaning robot can do an exemplary job for you.

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