Have The Universe in Your Hand with Quantum Solar System

Exploring the wonders of our solar system has always intrigued me. Even though I’m not a dedicated astronomer, I can’t help but be amazed by how beautifully our celestial neighborhood operates. There’s always something new to learn, and it’s a delightful journey to discover more about it.

Have The Universe in Your Hand with Quantum Solar System

Now, let’s talk about a fascinating idea – having your very own replica of the solar system right at home. If you ask me, I’d enthusiastically say, “Yes!”

You’ve probably heard about the Quantum Solar System (QSS). It’s an exciting platform that offers miniature replicas of the planets in our solar system, and they appear to float and orbit the Sun. This incredible product is slated for release by the end of the year. While it’s not officially available yet, you can already find some intriguing information about it online, with YouTube videos and posts on websites like kickstarter.com.

Educational and Entertainment Value

At first glance, this product looks nothing short of amazing! Picture it: tiny planets in orbit around the Sun, all in a compact size. It achieves this with innovative magnetic levitation technology, which allows these planets to float gracefully. Each planet boasts its perfect color and shape, just like their real counterparts in space.

The Sun takes center stage in this mini solar system, and it serves another purpose too – as a lamp!

The Features of The Quantum Solar System

Now, let’s delve into the features of the Quantum Solar System. Based on the information I found online, this product seems quite promising with an array of exciting features. It includes all nine planets in our solar system – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and, of course, the Sun. These mini planets are meticulously recreated in precise proportions, and the attention to detail is truly impressive.

The Features of The Quantum Solar System

If you’ve ever seen images or photos of our actual solar system, imagine having that same setup but in a much smaller scale. The base of this mini solar system has a diameter of 16.73 inches (42.5 cm) and a thickness of 1.46 inches (3.75 cm), and it comes in a sleek black design that looks remarkably solid. It’s like having a piece of the cosmos right in your own home, ready to inspire your curiosity about the universe.

Perfect Miniatures That Capture the Essence

Among the many features this product offers, the standout has to be the planets. What’s remarkable is that each one is designed using models directly sourced from NASA. This likely explains how they’ve managed to create miniature replicas that look absolutely spot-on, just like the real deal. To add to the realism, every single planet has been painstakingly hand-painted, down to the finest lifelike details.

Create Miniatures That Look Perfect

Now, here’s where it gets even more fascinating – all these planets are not just stationary pieces; they levitate! Their positions are continuously synchronized in real-time, and it’s claimed to be in sync with NASA data. This means I’ll have the power to place the planets at any date in history, the present, or even the future. Frankly, this particular feature has me buzzing with curiosity, and I can hardly wait for the product to arrive in December so I can experience it firsthand.

There’s also a nifty feature that lets you speed up the planets’ movements. Surprisingly, it claims you can condense 3 days into just 1 second! Imagine witnessing the planets zip around the Sun in fast-forward mode. In my opinion, this product has the potential to be more than just a decorative piece; it could be the ideal companion for some relaxing downtime at home. And as for the Sun, it’s not just any Sun – it doubles as a lamp! That’s right, it’s a lamp! So, not only do you get a captivating decor piece, but you also have a soothing lamp right at the center. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Creating Your Personal Mini Universe

Why did I decide to order the Quantum Solar System? Well, there are several reasons behind that choice. Firstly, I wanted to have my very own miniature universe that faithfully represents our solar system. Given its incredible shape, design, and choice of materials, I’m hoping it can be more than just a miniature; it could become a calming home decor item with a healing touch. Just envision how soothing it would be to watch the planets move while maintaining their positions relative to each other.

Having Your Own Miniature Universe

Based on a YouTube video I’ve watched repeatedly, I think it would make a fantastic addition to a living room as a home decor piece. The best way to showcase it is on a table where everyone can see it. Alternatively, dedicating a special round table to display this Quantum Solar System could also make it the focal point of the room.

Another compelling reason is to have a fantastic educational tool on hand for teaching kids about the solar system. I believe it’s the perfect astronomical model to make learning about planets an engaging and interactive experience for children.

If you have kids in elementary, junior high, or high school, this is undoubtedly a must-have teaching tool that can turn astronomy into one of their favorite subjects. Moreover, this product is a must-have for science enthusiasts and space lovers alike.

The Sun Lamp: A Dazzling Centerpiece

Now, let’s chat about the Sun. It’s the central star of this whole setup and the largest among the planets, with a diameter of 3.15 inches (8 cm). I think of the Sun as a fantastic centerpiece that also doubles as a lamp. Yes, you heard that right – the Sun is a lamp! Just picture how this lamp could create a unique atmosphere in a room. The warm, yellow light it emits will add a cozy touch to your space, turning it into a captivating focal point that I’m sure will impress any guests who visit.

The Sun Lamp: A Brilliant Centerpiece

However, I found out online that the Sun comes in two versions: one with the light and one without it. Naturally, the version with the light is a bit more expensive. But personally, I believe that even the one without the light is still worth considering.

Educational and Entertainment Value

Similar to the miniature globe, I anticipate that this Quantum Solar System could be an excellent educational tool for those eager to delve into the mysteries of the solar system. My spouse and I have been on the hunt for the perfect tool to teach our children about the universe for some time now.

Usually, we like to show them educational videos online and buy books about the universe, planets, and the Sun. However, when we stumbled upon this product, we both quickly made the decision to order it. With any luck, we’ll have it at our doorstep in December, and we can embark on a fun learning journey about the solar system with our kids.

Educational and Entertainment Value

This platform showcases incredible miniatures that are true to NASA in terms of design and real-time positioning. Therefore, I believe that having this product will be a significant advantage, and even kids who may not have been interested in astronomy before will likely develop a newfound love for it, all thanks to this remarkable product.

I can already sense how thrilled my children will be to have this product. They are sure to relish exploring the planets, which will provide them with an enjoyable and interactive way to learn about the solar system.

Creating Your Personal Quantum Solar System Experience

I’m pretty confident that the Quantum Solar System will make a fantastic addition to my home decor. In fact, I believe it could serve as a captivating centerpiece, bringing a unique ambiance to any room. The versatility of this product is quite impressive. It seems like it can effortlessly complement various room styles, whether it’s a minimalist, classic, industrial, or even a bohemian design. But if I were to pick the best matches, I’d say the minimalist and industrial designs are ideal.

The reason behind this is that both minimalist and industrial designs tend to feature earthy tones like gray, black, wood, white, and peach. In such settings, the Quantum Solar System could truly shine as the perfect focal point. Although the product won’t be available until December, I’ve already given some thought to where I’ll place it in my home.

I want to ensure it occupies the perfect spot, making it not only a captivating decor piece but also a valuable educational tool for my kids. That’s why I’m leaning towards the living room as the best space for it, especially since my family and I spend a lot of quality time there.

Gift Your Loved Ones a Quantum Solar System

I’m ordering this product for my family, and I plan to present it as a special Christmas gift for the kids, given that it’ll be delivered in December. Moreover, I’d strongly recommend considering it as a Christmas gift for your dear ones too. Apart from being an excellent educational gift for kids, it’s an ideal present for anyone in your life who’s passionate about science or space.

Let’s hope that the product lives up to the expectations set by the videos on YouTube and the Kickstarter campaign.

Get Your Quantum Solar System As Gifts

1. Pricing and Availability

You can place your order for this product on indiegogo.com, and the fact that it’s currently available for pre-orders comes with some fantastic discounts. You can save anywhere from 48% to 50%, which is a real steal in my opinion. There are various early bird packages to choose from, starting at $549 for the basic package without a light, $649 for the basic package with a light, and $799 for the package with a light, certificate, and team signatures. You also have the option to get two Quantum Solar Systems, along with certificates and team signatures, for just $1,499.

So, if you want to be among the first to have this incredible Quantum Solar System, I’d advise you to place your order now before the price increases and the initial batch runs out of stock.

What I Love the Most? (Pros)

  • The Sun, which can also double as a lamp, adding a functional element to its beauty.
  • The levitating planets, which bring a high-tech and fascinating educational aspect to the product.
  • The adjustable settings that allow me to control the rotation speed and sync it with NASA data, making it an engaging learning tool.

What I’m Not So Fond Of? (Cons)

To be completely honest, there’s one thing I’m not too thrilled about – the waiting time until December to finally get my hands on this product. However, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the product’s quality will make the wait well worth it.


The team behind the development of the Quantum Solar System has done an outstanding job showcasing their product through various online platforms and channels. It’s truly impressive, and I believe the innovative magnetic levitation technology is the standout feature here, bringing to life the mesmerizing sight of planets gracefully orbiting the Sun with pinpoint accuracy. What’s more, the fact that these planets are crafted based on NASA’s references adds to the appeal. I’m eagerly hopeful that the product will live up to my expectations.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What motivated you to order the Quantum Solar System levitation platform?

Well, my primary motivation was my desire to have a lifelike solar system right in my home. I also see this product as a fantastic and dependable educational tool for teaching my kids about astronomy and the solar system in an engaging and interactive manner.

How do you envision the Quantum Solar System enhancing your home decor?

I imagine it will become the centerpiece of my home decor, capturing everyone’s attention the moment they see it. It has the potential to be that one item that immediately steals the spotlight.

What do you think are the unexpected perks of using the Quantum Solar System?

I think one of the most unexpected perks is the fact that the Sun can double as a lamp. Being the largest piece among all the miniature planets and placed at the center of the platform, having it function as a lamp could create a truly unique ambiance and add a warm touch to the space.

What are your thoughts on using the Quantum Solar System as an educational tool for children or students? How do you think they’ll respond?

I highly recommend it! Given how accurately it represents our actual solar system, I believe it will serve as an outstanding and interactive tool for teaching children or students about our solar system and the wonders of astronomy.

Which planet in the miniature recreation is your personal favorite, and why?

Personally, I have a soft spot for Saturn. Its iconic ring sets it apart from all the other planets, and its realistic colors, appearance, and design make it a standout.

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