HICKIES 2.0 No Tie Shoelaces, Never Tie Your Strings Shoelaces Again

Are you tired of rushing in the morning to make it to work on time and still having to deal with tying your shoelaces? I’ve been in that situation many times before, and something as simple as tying shoelaces can sometimes feel like a big chore. Plus, there’s the annoyance of shoelaces coming undone throughout the day, forcing us to re-tie them over and over again. It’s frustrating, right?

Well, guess what? I’ve found a solution to this problem called Hickies, and I think it’s time to ditch traditional shoelaces in favor of this innovative alternative. I stumbled upon Hickies online while searching for no-tie shoelaces that could turn my regular sneakers into slip-on shoes.

Let me tell you, Hickies are a game-changer for anyone who, like me, has an ongoing battle with traditional shoelaces. With these no-tie shoelaces, putting on my shoes has become a breeze, all thanks to Hickies.

Since I know I’m not the only one dealing with this issue, I’ve decided to provide an honest and detailed review of Hickies, specifically Hickies 2.0. I’m confident that this review can be beneficial for those of you seeking a quick and easy way to transform your shoes or sneakers with traditional string shoelaces into convenient slip-ons within minutes!

Unlocking the Power of Hickies 2.0: Changing the Shoelace Game

Let me share what I’ve discovered about Hickies – it’s a clever and simple way to lace up your shoes. It connects each set of holes on your shoes separately, making them look sleek and perform better. In a nutshell, Hickies 2.0 is like magic no-tie shoelaces that transform your regular shoes into slip-ons.

I’m a sneaker enthusiast. Sneakers are comfy and come in awesome designs. Designers have been consistently delivering fresh and innovative pairs of sneakers. But there’s one thing about sneakers that hasn’t changed in ages – those traditional shoelaces.

Now, thanks to my Hickies, I don’t have to fuss with tying my sneaker laces anymore, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Most of my sneakers are white, so I grabbed a pack of white Hickies. Each pack contains 14 pieces, which I find more than enough for a single pair of sneakers. They come in one size that fits all. Installing them is a breeze, and there’s even an instruction booklet with various ways to wear them.

You can adjust how you wear them to make your shoes snug or loose, depending on your preference.

As a flexible no-tie shoelace solution, I believe the creators of Hickies have hit the jackpot with this innovative product. It might just be the answer to our everyday struggle with shoelaces. It’s like they’ve solved one of the world’s biggest problems, don’t you agree?

1. Comfort and Performance

I have to say, Hickies 2.0 is a real winner when it comes to comfort and practicality. It suits just about everyone, whether you’re a traveler, an athlete, a city dweller, a kid, a parent – you name it! Surprisingly, I even found out that some famous folks are sporting Hickies too!

If you hop onto the official Hickies website, you’ll spot photos of celebrities like rocking their Hickies. So, if these supermodels find comfort in their Hickies, why wouldn’t we feel the same way, right?

Apart from being super functional, I’d go as far as to call it one of the trendiest shoe accessories for any occasion. Take sports, for instance. For me personally, I no longer fret about my shoelaces coming undone while I’m out for a run. These laces are top-notch for athletic performance.

And it’s not just running; they work wonders for other sports too. They’re super flexible, making them a fantastic alternative to traditional shoelaces for those of us who are active and love outdoor adventures.

I can genuinely vouch for their performance as someone who’s quite active. Even during exercises with lots of twists and turns, Hickies stayed securely in place. They adapted seamlessly to different movements. So, when it comes to comfort, I’d rate them 8/10.

2. Easy Installation and Adjustability

When it comes to putting on and adjusting Hickies, it’s a total breeze. Thanks to their rubbery nature, you can slip them on and off as easily as counting to three.

And guess what? They’re highly flexible too, which is a big plus.

No matter what type of eyelets your shoes have, Hickies will work like a charm. Whether your shoes have leather, fabric, flyknit/flywire, loops, D-rings, metal, or plastic eyelets, you can rest assured that Hickies will fit snugly.

However, it’s important to choose the right size variation of Hickies when making your purchase. Hickies offers two sizes: one for adults and another for kids under 12 years old.

You wouldn’t want to wear kids’ Hickies on your shoes all day if they’re too tight, would you?

3. Fashion and Adaptability: Enhancing Your Shoe Style

When we talk about style and versatility, sometimes pictures speak louder than words. Just take a look, and you’ll see how Hickies can give any pair of shoes, especially sneakers, a serious style boost.

I personally adore how my sneakers look with Hickies – it’s a game-changer. No more loose shoelaces flying around, no more tugging and tying knots. I can slip on my sneakers effortlessly, just like my favorite slip-on shoes. It’s that simple.

Hickies has become increasingly popular, and they’ve expanded their product range to offer customers even more choices.

They basically have four categories of Hickies products, each serving different purposes. Let’s go through each one:

1. HICKIES Originals: These come in a range of colors, from classic black and white to vibrant pastels.

2. HICKIES Metallics: As the name suggests, these are Hickies with metallic hues like copper, gold, or silver.

3. HICKIES Kids: Smaller-sized Hickies designed for kids under 12 years old.

4. HICKIES with Crystals: Perfect for those who want a bit of sparkle on their shoelaces.

What’s really awesome about Hickies is that you can mix and match the pieces in countless ways to suit your style.

Furthermore, Hickies are a fantastic choice for people who prefer wearing sleek leather shoes without the hassle of tying shoelaces. In this case, you might want to go for black or brown Hickies to match the shoe color, and watch how effortlessly elegant your shoes become.

4. Strength and Lifespan

Hickies are crafted from sturdy rubber material, so I don’t reckon they’ll easily break. However, it’s worth noting that rubber can wear out after prolonged use. To be prepared, you might want to keep some extra pieces on hand, just in case. But considering that each pack includes 14 no-tie shoelaces, I doubt you’ll run into any issues.

Taking Care of Your Hickies 2.0

Unlike regular string shoelaces, you don’t need to wash Hickies like that. A simple wipe-down with a damp cloth will do the trick. To keep their color looking fresh, it’s a good idea to give them a quick wipe before using them.

After using them, you can store them back in their plastic packaging and release the buckles to maintain their flexibility.

Where to Find Hickies 2.0?

Hickies are readily available in the market. You can purchase them directly from the official , or you can also find them on Walmart, and . The choice is yours.


Comparing Hickies 2.0 to Similar Products

There are several options when it comes to no-tie shoelaces out there. However, I personally believe that Hickies is the brand that ticks all the boxes for me.

It excels in functionality, boasts a stylish and diverse design range to choose from, and offers durability as well.

Take INMAKER, for instance. They also produce no-tie shoelaces, but in terms of designs, I still think Hickies takes the crown. Many other no-tie shoelace products on the market are plain and come in basic colors only, which is not the case with Hickies.

So, yeah, my vote still goes to Hickies.


If you’re as fed up with tying shoelaces as I was, then Hickies might be the ultimate answer to your problem. It’s a real game-changer that can transform your life. With Hickies, you can easily convert any pair of your shoes into slip-ons, and they’ll not only look cooler but also be more comfortable to wear.

So, my strong suggestion is to grab a pack or two of Hickies, give them a try, and you can express your gratitude later. And, of course, remember to share your thoughts and experiences with Hickies in the comments below!

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