Sock Sorter Machine

Are you usually overwhelmed with arranging socks? Worry no more thanks to the Socks Sorter machine!

You already know how boring sorting socks can be. However, the job can be easier and a little bit exciting if you have the sock sorter!

The sock sorting machine makes folding and pairing up socks easy. This awesome sock organizer has two sections: a removable spinner and a laundry basket. To use the cloth sorter, simply fold a sock on the Spinner, turn the Spinner and proceed to another cup repeating the exact thing.

sock sorter machine

When you find a sock that resembles one on the cup, put it at the top, fold, and then shove the pair through the cup. This will compact the socks and direct them into the basket.

You can also remove the Spinner from the laundry basket for some extra space.

Sock-folding shouldn’t be boring anymore. Get the kids to help you with the task. If you are alone, you can have fun with the activity by using a sock sorter.

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