Suction Foot Scrubber

suction foot scrubberWorried that you’ll fall on the bathroom floor when trying to clean your toes? You won’t need to worry if you have the Suction Foot Scrubber.

Most people don’t like cleaning their feet! But with the Suction foot scrubber, things will change. This device, however, makes it possible to exfoliate the toes with ease. The scrubber looks like a sandal, has squashy bristles and built-in pumice stone. The warmth that comes with sponging and rubbing the toes inside this scrubber is relaxing and orgasmic.

To use the scrubber, you have to position it at the floor of the bathroom or jacuzzi. When you are ready for your shower, slide your foot in the scrubber to get it rubbed and sponged smoothly. You will love the relaxing cleaning without worrying about your stability. No more stretching and bending to clean the toes and risk falling!

Your feet deserve that ‘magnificent’ scrub. Try out the Suction Foot Scrubber.

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