Vue Lite 2: A Smart Audio Glasses for Smart Users

I still remember when Vue first introduced their special smart glasses back in 2016. They did this through a big campaign where lots of people supported them on a site called Kickstarter. These glasses officially became available in 2018. Back then, I saw many people writing about their experiences with these glasses.

But, I didn’t get a chance to try them myself, so I don’t know much about them from personal experience.

Vue Lite 2: A Smart Audio Glasses for Smart Users

Now, my little brother has told me that Vue has made a new version of these glasses in 2020. He got a pair called the Vue Lite 2 Smart Audio Glasses because one of his friends said they were good. After using them for a little while, my brother asked me to try them out and give my honest opinion.

Vue Lite 2: Smart Audio Glasses

He said he really liked them.

So, now I have the Vue Lite 2 Smart Audio Glasses with me, and it’s my turn to try them out and tell you what I think.

From what I found online, the Vue Lite 2 is the newer model of the first Vue Lite Audio Glasses that came out in 2020. They made some improvements, like better sound and more choices for how they look.

What’s Inside the Box?

When I first looked at these glasses, they just seemed like regular glasses. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought they were just normal glasses.

The design is simple and cool. I think they would match any outfit or situation.

When I saw the box that the glasses came in, I thought it looked really nice. It had a stylish design with words that said, “Your better everyday starts today!” It’s like a promise from the company that these glasses will make your life better.

What’s In The Box?

Inside the box, there were the Vue Lite 2 Smart Audio glasses, a pouch in a cool green color, a special cable for charging, a cloth for cleaning the glasses, a guide to help you get started, and a booklet that explains the warranty.

I especially liked the green pouch because green is one of my favorite colors.

My brother got the glasses with a black frame, which is called the Cygnus. But when I checked online, I found out that the Vue Lite 2 comes in lots of different colors and designs, like Taurus, Columba, Orion, and the newest one, Leo.

With so many choices, you can pick the one that fits your style the best.

What’s even better is that you can customize the lenses and prescription if you need to. That might cost extra, though. If you don’t need glasses for seeing better, there’s also a version of these glasses with sunglasses lenses you can choose.

My First Impressions

When my brother decided to get the Vue Lite 2 with black frames, I thought that was a smart choice. If I were picking, I’d go with black frames too. In my book, glasses with black frames are like the classic, go-with-anything style. They’re the safe bet for any occasion.

Even though these glasses have a bit of a nerdy look, the black frames make them versatile for various situations.

My First Impression with VUE Lite 2 Smart

What struck me is that they don’t look like smart glasses at all! At first glance, they appear just like your everyday glasses. But here’s the cool part: all the smart stuff is tucked away inside the sides of the frames. That’s where you’ll find speakers, microphones, and a handy charging port.

I was surprised by how slim the sides of these glasses are. You’d never guess that they could pack in so many high-tech features. Plus, they have the Vue logo on both sides, which acts as a guide for finding the touch panels easily.

How to Use Vue Lite 2 Smart Audio Glasses?

Before you dive into using the Vue Lite 2, you need to make sure they’re juiced up and ready to go.

To do that, just check the battery status light on the side of the frame. If the lights are on, it’s a sign that your glasses are running low on power. That’s your cue to plug them in and charge them up. Once they’re fully charged, the lights will turn off, and you can unplug the charging cable from the glasses.

One thing to remember here is that you’ll need an extra adapter to plug the cable into a wall outlet. That’s how you get the power flowing into your glasses.

Track Your Activity

Now, let’s talk about how you can control these smart glasses. It’s as simple as tapping the Vue logo on the sides of the frames. A double tap lets you play or pause music or answer calls.

If you’re in the mood for the next track on your playlist, just give the panel a triple tap. And if you want to chat with your virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant, all you have to do is hold down the panel for a moment.

The touch panels are impressively sensitive. Just give them a gentle but firm tap. To make sure your taps register, you’ll hear a little beep each time you touch them. It’s a helpful feature that confirms your action.

Before you can fully enjoy these glasses, there’s one more step. You need to connect them to your smartphone. I paired my Vue Lite 2 with my iPhone using Bluetooth, and it was a breeze. Connecting them is just like linking any other Bluetooth device.

Once the frames say “paired,” you’re good to go. Your glasses are now connected to your phone, and you’re ready to dive into the smart world they offer.

Wearing These Glasses Is a Breeze

One of the coolest things about these glasses, apart from how they look, is how comfortable they are to wear. They’re super lightweight, only about 25 grams. That’s as light as everyday glasses you wear. Because of this, they feel really nice when you put them on.

Comfort While Wearing

To see if they’re comfy for the long haul, I decided to give them a real test by wearing them all day long. Well, I had to take them off when I did things like washing my face. But for most of the day, I kept them on while I did various activities. I wore them while cleaning my room, working on my computer, even while cycling and running. And guess what? They didn’t give me any trouble!

So, when it comes to comfort, I’d confidently give them a solid 8 out of 10.

Staying Connected with Vue Lite 2

Just like your other gadgets, you can easily connect these glasses to any device using Bluetooth. Besides linking them to my smartphone, I also gave them a spin with my laptop, and it worked like a charm with no issues whatsoever.

However, there’s one thing to keep in mind. For the best connection, your devices should stay within about 30 feet (that’s around 10 meters) of the glasses. If they get too far, you might lose that connection.

Vue Lite 2: Connectivity

I personally think these glasses are a great fit for work. With Vue Lite 2, you can take phone calls, hop into Zoom meetings, or any other online meetings without needing extra earphones or headphones.

This means your ears stay free, and you can still keep an ear on what’s happening around you.

But wait, there’s more! You can also have a chat with virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant to help you out with your daily tasks. These fancy glasses work with voice control, which means you can easily use your smartphone’s features using just your voice while rocking these cool glasses. It’s like having a personal assistant right on your face!

Vue Lite 2: Sound Quality and Microphone Performance

The name “Smart Audio Glasses” clearly tells us that sound is a big deal with the Vue Lite 2. Unlike the earlier Vue glasses, which used Bone Conduction technology to deliver stereo sound, the Vue Lite 2 takes a different approach. They have built-in speakers on each side of the frame legs.

So, how does it sound? I put it to the test by listening to music and podcasts, and I have to say, it was pretty good. I expected the sound to be a bit muffled, but I was pleasantly surprised. The sound came through sharp and clear.

Vue Lite 2: Audio Performance and Features

I even took these glasses for a run one sunny afternoon, listening to music all the way. Surprisingly, the sound held up well despite the noise of the outdoors. The same goes for phone calls – the audio quality was decent. However, I would recommend using these audio features indoors for the best experience.

While you can still hear the bass, don’t expect it to thump like a big speaker when you’re outside. Also, keep in mind that you can’t adjust the volume from the glasses themselves; you’ll need to do it directly from your phone.

Overall, the sound quality is pretty good. Let’s hope Vue can make it even better in the future.

Impressive Noise-Canceling Mic

Now, let’s talk about the microphone. To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations for it. Microphones can be quite sensitive, and fitting a great one into a pair of glasses isn’t an easy task. But when I used it to make phone calls, I was pleasantly surprised. The microphone picked up my voice clearly, even in noisy surroundings. I even had no trouble using voice commands to call up Siri.

Comparing Vue Lite 2 to Other Smart Glasses

Since the Vue Lite 2 is a pair of smart glasses, it’s only fair to compare them to similar products like the Acho Frames or Bose Frames. Each has its strengths and weaknesses in the audio department.

When it comes to audio quality, Bose Frames have an edge. Bose has been known for their expertise in sound for many years. However, it’s worth noting that Bose Frames have bulkier frame legs compared to the Vue Lite 2.

On the other hand, Acho Frames offer more advanced audio features, like automatically adjusting the volume based on the noise level around you. So, while each of these glasses has its unique audio qualities, the Vue Lite 2 holds its own with clear and enjoyable sound.

Vue Lite 2: Battery Life

I really want to talk about how awesome the battery life is for this device. I’d even give it a super high score of 9 out of 10! And guess what? It charges up super fast too! It only takes 10 minutes to get it fully charged, and that’s it.

Once it’s all charged up, you can use these glasses to enjoy 4 hours of music playback, and they can sit in standby mode for up to 20 hours without losing power.

Now, here’s why this is cool – think about people who need prescription glasses to see well. Sometimes, they can’t do much without their glasses on. But with Vue Lite 2, they only need to spend 10 minutes to charge up the glasses, and they’re good to go with a fully charged device.

Should You Get Vue Lite 2 Smart Audio Glasses?

This isn’t an easy question, but I can help you figure it out. It really depends on what you need. If you spend long hours in front of a computer and have lots of online meetings, these glasses could be a game-changer.

With these glasses, you can enjoy your meetings without the hassle of headphones or earphones. Your ears stay free!

But hey, if you like having a gadget that keeps your hands free, this could be a good choice for you too. Besides the cool audio stuff, Vue Lite 2 has some other neat features that you might find handy.

When it’s connected to your phone through Bluetooth, you can use it to take selfies because the touch panel acts as a remote camera button. Even cooler, you can use it to get directions while you’re out and about. Just listen to the directions through your glasses – no need to check your phone constantly!

1. Price and Where to Get It

You can buy this product from Vue’s official website, and the prices start at $199. They offer various styles and designs of the Vue Lite 2 for you to choose from. If you want customized lenses with specific features, that can be done too, but keep in mind it might cost more depending on what you need.

2. How Well It Performs

When it comes to how these glasses work and how they look, I’m a big fan. They’re light and comfy, perfect for long hours of wear. However, I do think there’s room for improvement when it comes to the audio and sound quality.

But despite that, I’d still recommend these glasses. It’s always great to have wearable devices that make our lives easier, don’t you think?

What I Like About It (Pros)

  • It has a sleek design, and there are lots of different styles to choose from.
  • It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • You can go hands-free, especially when you’re indoors.
  • They offer options for lenses with your prescription.
  • Charging is super fast.

What Could Be Better (Cons)

  • Not the best for music and audio, especially when you’re outside.
  • You can’t control the volume directly from the glasses.

Adding speakers to a pair of glasses can be tricky. But since these Vue Lite 2 glasses are all about smart audio, it’s important for the audio and sound quality to shine.


Compared to the earlier Vue glasses, I believe Vue did a fantastic job with the Vue Lite 2. I must say the design, style, and the option to have prescription lenses pre-installed are really great.

What’s even better is that they look just like regular glasses, and they’re so lightweight that I can wear them comfortably all day long.

Honestly, I didn’t have any issues with the audio speakers when using them indoors. But when it comes to using them outside, there’s definitely room for improvement. Nonetheless, I’d still give the Vue Lite 2 a final score of 7 out of 10, so it’s definitely worth having in my book.

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