21 Best Floating Desk Ideas for Space-Saving Solutions

If you want to make the most of your workspace in a creative and practical way, consider checking out floating desk ideas. These ideas are getting more and more popular because they help you make a special work area without using up your precious floor space. Floating desks are a cool and clever way to use up the small spaces in your home or office. Whether you live in a small apartment or have a home office with not much space, a floating desk can be a great solution to help you keep things neat and get your work done.

21 Best Floating Desk Ideas for Space-Saving Solutions

So, if you want more tips and cool ideas for floating desks, check out this article! We’ve gathered the best floating desk ideas to help you with your storage and organization needs. Give it a read and see what inspires you!

DIY Floating Desk Ideas: Upgrade Your Home Office with Style

Are you tired of your boring home office setup? Want to give it a fresh and modern look? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got some fantastic DIY floating desk ideas that can help you create the perfect workspace without breaking the bank. These ideas are not only stylish but also easy to make, even if you’re not a DIY expert.

1. DIY Wooden Pallet Wall-Mounted Desk: A Touch of Rustic Elegance

Source: Pinterest (@homedit.com)


If you’re a fan of rustic and eco-friendly designs, this idea is perfect for you. You can transform an old wooden pallet into a unique and stylish floating desk with shelves. All you need to do is disassemble the pallet, select the best pieces, and secure them together using screws and nails. This DIY project not only adds a touch of rustic elegance to your workspace but also helps you recycle and repurpose materials.

2. DIY Wall-to-Wall Desk: Maximize Your Space

Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.com)

Do you have a corner in your room that’s just sitting there, waiting to be turned into a productive workspace? This DIY wall-to-wall desk is the answer. It’s a space-efficient solution that makes the most of your room’s layout. You can create a sleek and contemporary wall-mounted desk that fits perfectly in that corner. Plus, you can customize it to match your home’s style by painting it or adding decorations. Don’t forget to add extra shelves and storage above or below the desk for keeping your office essentials organized and within reach.

3. DIY Floating Desk for Low Ceiling Rooms: Make the Most of Every Inch

Source: Pinterest (@recoverie.com)

Who says you can’t have a cool study area in a room with a low ceiling? With this DIY floating desk idea, you can turn an underused attic room into a functional workspace. The design is simple yet practical, and it has a hint of rustic charm. You can paint it in any color to match your home decor or change it up whenever you like. It’s an ideal addition to your kids’ bedrooms, and it’s easy to modify in the future if you want to freshen up the look.

So, if you’re ready to transform your home office into a stylish and functional space, give these DIY floating desk ideas a try. They’re affordable, easy to make, and they’ll give your workspace a whole new vibe. Happy crafting!

4. DIY Bedroom Floating Desk and Shelves: Upgrade Your Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@tatertotsandjello.com)


If you’re thinking about giving your bedroom a stylish makeover without making it too crowded, here’s a fantastic idea. Consider making a floating desk for your bedroom. It’s perfect for small corners and tight spaces. This modern design includes matching floating shelves that go well with the desk. And if you want to make your room seem more spacious, you can even add a mirror to this floating desk design.

5. DIY L-Shaped Corner Computer Floating Desk: Efficient and Easy

Source: Pinterest (@chalkingupsuccess.com)

When you think about a floating desk, you might want something that’s practical and efficient. Well, here’s a great idea: a DIY L-shaped corner computer floating desk. It’s one of the easiest floating desks to build. You just need to cut wooden boards into an L shape and attach it to a corner of your room using hooks. This layout is awesome for keeping your workspace tidy. Plus, it makes use of those empty corners, giving your room a neat and unique finish.

6. All White DIY Minimalist Floating Desk: Modern and Bright

Source: Pinterest (@lucieslist.com)


If you’re into modern designs, you can try an all-white floating desk. It’s a stylish choice for a DIY project. This white desk works well if you want a super modern look. It can brighten up a dark workspace, and it’s both affordable and straightforward to make. You can also personalize it with home decor or your own designs. Depending on how you decorate it, it can have a feminine or masculine touch.

7. DIY Floating Desk with Secret Compartment: Clever and Stylish

Check out this creative and stylish desk! If you want a cool DIY floating desk with a minimalist design but loads of functionality, this is a great idea. It comes with a secret compartment for storing your stuff and helps save a lot of space. The clean and attractive look of this minimalist floating desk is thanks to how the pull-out drawer fits seamlessly into it. Say goodbye to cluttered desktops with this clever design.

Floating Shelf Desk Ideas: Smart Storage Solutions

Floating shelves are not only good-looking but also practical for creating space-saving storage in any room. With a floating shelf desk, you can give any space a unique and functional twist while utilizing all the available wall space. Our shelf desk ideas come in different shapes and sizes, so you can pick one that suits the style and size of your space perfectly.

8. Charming Floating Desk with Shelves: Boost Your Productivity

Source: Pinterest (@shelterness.com)

Here’s a desk that not only looks great but can also help you work or study better! This stylish desk is made from strong hardwood and has two plywood shelves. You can leave the desk in its natural wood color for a rustic and natural vibe. As for the floating wood shelves, paint them to match your wall color. And don’t forget to decorate the shelves with home decor items and some plants to make them look even better.

9. Sleek Laptop Desk with Cable Concealment

Source: Pinterest (@hayneedle.com)

Here’s a clever idea for your floating desk: use shelves to hide those pesky laptop cables. To make this work, you’ll need to create a custom floating desk that’s big enough to incorporate shelves and drawers. This way, you can create a space behind them to tuck away your laptop cables. The desk also comes with handy shelves for storing paperwork, books, CDs, and even a printer.

10. Secret Floating Desk Cupboard: A Fun Surprise

Source: Pinterest (@dunhamfittedfurniture.co.uk)


This is one of the coolest floating desk ideas, especially for kids. It adds an element of fun and surprise to their room. When you open the cupboard, you’ll discover a desk with drawers and wall-mounted shelves. This foldable desk is a smart choice for improving your home. It has a sleek and modern design that blends seamlessly with your wall, so you won’t even notice it when it’s closed. It’s perfect for smaller apartments or homes where space is tight because you can easily fold it up when you’re done working and set up your office again in seconds the next morning.

11. Floating Desk with Bookcases: Show Off Your Collection


For those who love books, we’ve got an excellent idea for you. Place a wall-mounted desk and bookcases near a window to brighten up the room with natural light. By displaying your book collection, you can add coziness to a small space. You can enjoy your books while working and easily grab one during your lunch break if you have floating desks with bookcase storage. And to add a touch of stylish elegance, consider using beautiful bookends.

12. Charming Wooden Floating Shelf Desk: Create a Cozy Workspace

Source: Pinterest (@littleyellowwheelbarrow.com)

Imagine having a workspace that not only looks cozy but also gets the job done effectively. Well, here’s an idea for you – a charming wooden floating shelf desk. This desk is made of sturdy wood that can withstand the test of time, and it’s a breeze to clean, making it ideal for a home office.

What’s really cool about working with wood is its versatility. It comes in various shades, so you can choose one that suits your style perfectly. Each piece of solid wood boasts a unique grain pattern, color, and finish, making your desk one-of-a-kind. And if you’re aiming for that rustic vibe, consider using distressed wood in a contrasting color. It will add a touch of personality to even the tiniest of spaces.

13. Floating Desk with Shelves on a Chalkboard Wall: Brighten Up Your Space

Source: Pinterest (@quoteschristian.com)

Do you have a small room with a dark wall that needs a little livening up? We’ve got a fantastic solution for you! Transform that gloomy wall into a creative chalkboard-style nook. Once you’ve got your chalkboard wall, attach a floating desk with handy drawers and shelves. This is all about maximizing your vertical space.

We recommend going with a white desk and shelves in this setup. Why? Because it creates a striking contrast with the dark wall, instantly making your room appear brighter and more stylish. This combination not only adds functionality to your space but also brings a touch of fun and elegance.

14. Stylish Modern Home Office: Add Some Greenery

Source: Pinterest (@stocksy.com)


Who says your home office can’t be both practical and aesthetically pleasing? Here’s an idea: create a home office that not only serves its purpose but also lifts your spirits. How? By bringing in some lush green plants.

All you need to do is install a minimalist floating desk that’s both stylish and functional. Then, arrange some shelves above it for extra storage and display space. To give your workspace a refreshing and natural atmosphere, place potted plants on those shelves. It’s a simple touch that can make a big difference in your work environment.

And for that extra bit of flair, choose a chair that matches the color of your walls. This simple yet effective design can be a fantastic home improvement project for your small home office.

Wall-Mounted Floating Desk Ideas: Space-Saving Solutions with Style

If you’re on the hunt for a workspace that won’t eat up your precious floor space, a wall-mounted floating desk is the way to go. These clever creations can be securely attached to your wall, providing you with a sturdy and functional workspace while freeing up valuable floor space for other uses. There’s a world of wall-mounted floating desk ideas to explore, and we’re confident you’ll discover the perfect one to make the most of your space, no matter how big or small it may be.

15. Wood and Aluminum Pipe Wall-Mounted Desk: A Cool Industrial Combo

Source: Pinterest (@housefulofhandmade.com)

When you’re thinking about an industrial-style wall-mounted desk for your kitchen or office, this idea is pretty awesome. It combines wood and aluminum pipes to create a fantastic look. You can use wood for the desk part and some aluminum pipes to make it sturdy. The angled supports that are attached to the desk give it a stylishly industrial appearance. And the aluminum trim adds a nice finishing touch to the overall design.

16. Simple and Futuristic Wall-Mounted Desk: Modern and Cool

Source: Pinterest (@contemporist.com)

Now, here’s a wall-mounted desk that’s both intriguing and futuristic. It’s the kind of desk that would fit perfectly in a modern room. The top is made of real oak wood, and the frame is made of shiny stainless steel that’s been coated with lacquer. Because it’s compact and designed with efficiency in mind, it’s ideal for minimalist interior designs. This desk can instantly make your small space look stunning.

17. Modern Floating Vanity with Pull-Out Drawer: Versatile and Stylish

Source: Pinterest (@saphronlondon.com)

If you’re into simple and modern designs, this floating vanity could be just what you need. Whether you want to create a beauty room or a study space, this floating desk can do it all. Plus, it has practical storage space for your files or makeup collection. It’s a small, modern wall-mounted floating desk that’s perfect for saving space, and it can easily fit into any room in your house.

18. Sleek Minimalist Wall-Mounted Floating Computer Desk: Clean and Organized

Source: Pinterest (@ikeahackers.net)


This sleek wall-mounted desk has a simple design that’s a great match for a minimalist computer setup. The keyboard and mouse have their place on a shelf positioned behind a wall cabinet that serves as a stand for your computer. All those messy cables, hard drives, and other items are neatly hidden away in the storage space. You can choose hardwood materials that are painted white to give the computer desk a minimalist and clean look.

19. Foldable Wood Wall-Mounted Table: A Space-Saving Marvel**

Source: Pinterest (@muemue.com)

If you’re on the hunt for a desk that can fit into your small apartment without taking up too much space, you’re in for a treat with this idea. This floating desk comes with a strong tabletop and handy shelves for keeping your things tidy. What makes it even more special is its foldable legs. When you need a sturdy surface for your laptop or even a meal, just unfold it. You can use this floating desk for studying, working, or having a quick bite. And when you’re done, simply fold it up to create more space.

20. Simple Foldable Wall-Mounted Desk: Stay Focused**

Source: Pinterest (@trendhunter.com)


Sometimes, having too many shelves on a floating desk can be distracting when you’re trying to work. That’s why we’ve got an awesome idea to help you stay focused on your laptop. Imagine a straightforward foldable floating desk that’s designed to accommodate just one laptop. To enhance your focus, you can add some lighting around the table. And when your work is done, you can easily fold it up and get it out of the way.

21. Industrial Ladder Wall-Mounted Floating Desk: Make a Statement**

Source: Pinterest ()


Want to make a statement with your small corner space? This industrial-style wall-mounted floating desk has got you covered. The idea here is to create a floating desk that looks like a ladder, giving your study area a cozy and relaxed feel. All you need to do is connect your floating desk and shelves with long wooden pieces to create that ladder shape. Make sure to arrange the desk and shelves in a symmetrical pattern for a balanced look. It’s a design that effortlessly stands out and adds character to your space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a Floating Desk?

A floating desk is a special kind of desk that’s attached to the wall and doesn’t have legs or any other support underneath it. It’s different from regular desks that stand on legs. People often use floating desks when they have limited floor space because these desks don’t take up as much room. Plus, they can make a room look bigger and more open.

2. Are Floating Desks a Good Idea?

Yes, floating desks can be a really good idea, especially if you have a small space. They’re great for making the most out of a room, and they have a modern and stylish look. With a floating desk, you have more flexibility in where you put your stuff since you don’t need a traditional desk setup with legs. It’s also handy if you need to move your desk around easily or if you want to tuck it away when you’re not using it.

3. Are Floating Desks Sturdy?

Whether or not a floating desk is strong depends on what it’s made of and how it’s built. Think of it like a chair – some chairs are super sturdy, while others wobble a bit. A strong floating desk should be like that solid, sturdy chair.

To make a floating desk strong, it needs to be made from tough stuff like wood or metal. You know how some houses have really strong foundations? Well, think of these materials as the strong foundation for your desk.

Also, the way the desk is put together matters. Just like how a puzzle piece fits perfectly into another, a well-built desk should have a solid frame and really tough hardware that holds it all together.

When a floating desk is made with good materials and put together properly, you can trust it to hold up the weight of things you put on it, like your books or your computer.

4. What Kind of Wood Works for a Floating Desk?

When it comes to the type of wood for a floating desk, it’s like choosing the right tool for a job. You wouldn’t use a plastic spoon to dig a hole in the ground, right? You’d use a shovel because it’s strong and sturdy.

Similarly, for a floating desk, it’s best to use hardwood like oak or maple. These woods are like the shovels of the desk world – they’re super strong and durable. They won’t break easily, and they can handle a lot of weight.

Hardwood also looks really nice. You know how some clothes look fancier than others? Well, hardwood is like the fancy outfit for your desk. It not only does the job well, but it also looks good doing it.

5. How Much Weight Can a Floating Desk Handle?

Think of a floating desk like a weightlifting champion. Some can lift really heavy weights, while others can’t quite handle as much. So, how much weight a floating desk can handle depends on how it’s built and what it’s made of.

Floating desks are usually built using materials like wood, metal, or laminate. These materials are strong, but they do have their limits. On average, most floating desks can handle between 30 to 40 pounds of weight.

However, if you’re looking for a desk that can carry a bit more, like 40 to 50 pounds, you might want to consider a floating computer desk. They’re like the heavyweight champs of the desk world!

6. How Do You Attach a Floating Desk to the Wall?

Mounting a floating desk to the wall is kind of like hanging a big picture frame. You need some tools and tricks to make sure it stays up.

First, you’ll want to find the sturdy parts in your wall, which are like the strong bones in your body. These are called wall studs. You can find them by knocking on the wall – they’ll sound different than the hollow parts. Once you’ve found those studs, mark where you want to hang your desk.

Next, you’ll use a drill to put some heavy-duty screws or bolts right into those wall studs. These are like the nails that hold a picture frame on the wall. They need to be strong to keep your desk from falling down.

Finally, on the back of your desk, you’ll attach some L-brackets or other special hardware. These are like the hooks on the back of a picture frame that grab onto the screws or nails in the wall. When you put them together, your desk will stay firmly on the wall.

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