30 Bathroom Rug Ideas To Improve Your Bathroom Style

A bathroom mat should do more than just soak up water. It should also look nice in your bathroom. A bathroom that looks good can make your shower or bath time more fun. You might not think a rug can change your bathroom much, but it really can. The right bathroom rug can make your bathroom feel super cozy. So, to help you choose the best rugs for your bathroom, we made a list of 30 bathroom rug ideas for you.

To make it easier, we split the list into three groups. The first group has rug ideas for modern bathrooms, the second group has ideas for bathrooms with a Bohemian or Scandinavian style, and the last group has some great rug ideas for industrial-style bathrooms.

We hope you find a bathroom rug idea that’s just right for your bathroom. Fingers crossed!

30 Bathroom Rug Ideas To Improve Your Bathroom Style

Do you have a modern-style bathroom? These bathrooms are all about clean lines, simplicity, and open spaces. If that’s your bathroom style, check out these 10 bathroom rug ideas below for some inspiration!

1. Bathroom Gradient Rugs Set


Let’s kick off our list with these sleek bathroom rugs. This rug set from Primebeau is crafted using extra thick microfibers from Versailtex, which are excellent at soaking up water, making it a top-quality choice.

What’s more, the velvety chenille feels incredibly silky and soft under your feet, especially when you step out of the shower. And don’t forget about the stylish striped patterns that add an extra touch of elegance to your modern bathroom.

2. Contemporary Threads Anti-Slip Bathroom Mat


This luxurious bathroom mat is entirely made of super soft cotton with a non-slip backing.

The super soft fabric ensures your feet will feel comfortable and cozy. It’s not just comfortable; it’s also highly absorbent and practical. Plus, you get two rugs in different sizes with this set.

3. Classic Nylon Bathroom Rug Set


Need multiple bathroom rugs all at once? We’ve got the ideal suggestion for you right here. These classic, plain, yet elegant nylon bathroom rugs could be your perfect choice.

They are machine-made, easily washable, 100% nylon, and incredibly soft. Their simple design seamlessly matches your contemporary bathroom style.

4. Timeless Medallion Bathroom Rug


Next on our list is a classic woven bathroom rug from Jean Pierre. If you’re a fan of classic contemporary designs, this one’s for you. The calming marine blue color perfectly complements your contemporary bathroom style.

Furthermore, this high-quality rug comes in two different sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your bathroom best. Or why not consider getting two of them to ensure complete coverage?

5. Striped Spacedye Bath Rug


You can trust that adding a stylish bathroom rug to your space will elevate its overall appearance and upkeep. To fulfill this purpose, we have the ideal recommendation for you.

Introducing the spacedye striped bath rug. It’s simple, elegant, and adds a touch of texture to your contemporary bathroom design. Additionally, it boasts 100% cotton material for a soft and comfortable underfoot experience.

6. Stylish Striped Monochrome Bath Mat


Now, take a look at this timeless monochrome striped bathroom mat. We’re confident that this mat has a perfect design that adds just the right amount of texture to your bathroom, not too much.

As for the materials, it’s crafted from 100% cotton, offering a very soft and comfortable feel. It’s also generously sized, measuring 32 inches in length and 20 inches in width.

7. Chic Colorblock Bathroom Mat


From Magnolia, we bring you this charming dusty rose mat with black and white stripes. Its subdued colors make it an excellent fit for your bathroom decor.

What’s even better is that this mat subtly introduces more colors to your contemporary-themed bathroom. We guarantee its durability as it’s made of soft cotton, machine washable, and quick-drying for your convenience.

8. Elegant Chelsea Victoria Bathroom Mat


The marble pattern never disappoints, especially for a contemporary bathroom with marble floors or walls.

If you’re a fan of marble patterns, then this Chelsea Victoria bathroom mat by Deny Designs is perfect for you. It’s designed to blend seamlessly into your bathroom and also has great water-absorbing properties.

9. Schatzi Reeve Memory Foam Bath Mat


Handcrafted in Denver, this Schatzi Reeve patterned bathroom mat is worth considering. Apart from its classic and adorable patterns, it features a soft and cushiony fabric on top.

Underneath, it’s supported by plush polyester memory foam, ensuring its durability over time. You can even find a matching curtain with the same patterns as the mat. How about having them as a stylish pair?

10. Modern Stripe 3 Piece Bath Mat Set


Is your bathroom primarily decorated in grey or white? If so, we highly recommend getting this 3-piece bath mat set right away.

This set features a modern striped design, making it a perfect fit for any contemporary bathroom. It’s slip-resistant, easy to clean, and its colors are built to last. You can find these mats at .

Bathroom Rug for Bohemian and Scandinavian Vibes

Now, let’s explore some fantastic bathroom rug ideas that are perfect for Bohemian and Scandinavian-style bathrooms. These bathrooms are often filled with light colors, white, and natural wood tones, so the right rug can really enhance their interior design.

11. Plush Astrerlandship Shaggy Bathroom Mats


Up next is one of our top recommendations for bathroom rugs. These rugs, carefully crafted from polyester, are incredibly gentle, making them suitable for kids, expectant mothers, and individuals with skin sensitivities or allergies.

They come in an oval shape and offer three different sizes to choose from, ensuring a perfect fit for your bathroom floor. Plus, the non-slip suede adds extra safety.

12. Japanese-inspired Floral Bathroom Rug


This simple yet elegant bathroom rug is an ideal choice for Bohemian and Scandinavian bathroom styles. The blend of beige, peach, and a hint of brown complements these aesthetics beautifully.

It will add a touch of charm and sweetness to your bathroom, making it a more enjoyable space to tidy up after a busy day. You can find this rug at the Edangshun store.

13. Turkish Wool Rug for Your Bathroom


Take a look at those stunning Turkish patterns! They are not only beautiful but also have a calming effect on anyone who gazes upon them. The colors and patterns make it a perfect match for Bohemian or Scandinavian-themed bathrooms.

This rug is crafted from wool and features a 1970s vintage style, ensuring its durability. You can get this rug from Rugs2Roll.

14. Bohemian Sand Desert Bath Mat


The brown and beige shades of this mat are a perfect addition to your Bohemian-themed bathroom. If your Scandinavian bathroom is predominantly white, this rug from Ohana Modern Decor can introduce more warmth and texture to the room.

As one of the simplest bathroom rug ideas that complements Scandinavian design, this rug, made of memory foam microfiber, dries quickly and provides comfort.

15. Handwoven Scandinavian Bathroom Rug


We are confident that this bathroom rug from Cindy Hughes Design will be a wonderful addition to your charming Scandinavian bathroom.

The soft cream-colored base of the rug will blend seamlessly with your bathroom’s decor. We adore the simple and decorative sun design. Made from cotton material, this rug is easy to maintain – just give it a shake to remove any loose fibers.

16. Sunny Yellow Bohemian Bath Mat


Here’s a little secret: Bohemian interior design lets you mix and match different textures and patterns without going overboard. In our view, that’s one of the best things about Bohemian design.

With that in mind, why not consider this cheerful yellow Bohemian bath mat adorned with tassels? Apart from its charming Bohemian patterns, the fabric is designed to soak up water quickly.

17. Boho Vibes with Tribal Print Bathroom Mat


If you’re looking to add a splash of vibrant patterns and colors to your bathroom, we’ve got just the thing for you.

That’s why we think this Boho bathroom mat from the Y-PLWOMEN store could be your next rug. The tribal pattern is bold and it features various colors blended together in one rug. Plus, it’s made of durable cotton material and easy to clean with cold water.

18. Blossoming Floral Medallion Bath Mat


Do you want to infuse more colors and texture into your bathroom without disrupting its style? We’re convinced that a colorful rug with the right pattern is the answer. After all, a rug is one of the most practical items in the bathroom, right?

So, let’s make sure you choose the right rug that meets your needs. We believe you need a rug with top-notch features and unique patterns that can also double as a bathroom decoration. Grab this rug now, available at Lahome, and elevate your bathroom’s style.

19. Serene White and Yellow Bath Mat


We absolutely adore this beautiful bath mat! Isn’t it calming in terms of color and stunning in terms of design?

We believe this mat is one of the loveliest bathroom rug ideas for any Scandinavian-themed bathroom out there. It even comes with a woven tassel that adds an extra touch of sweetness. Place this mat from the COMAX store in your Bohemian bathroom and bask in the happiness it brings to the room.

20. Vintage Charm with Black and White Bathroom Mat


Crafted by KIMODE, this Bohemian rug boasts a classic pattern and soft tassels, making it a true gem we stumbled upon online. Specifically, it’s made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and viscose.

This rug has a vintage look and feel, featuring stylish knotted fringe tassels on two sides. In our opinion, it’s a unique and vintage addition to your Bohemian bathroom style.

Bathroom Rug Ideas for an Industrial Look

Transform your bathroom with a single touch! For instance, consider starting with these playful and stylish bathroom rugs. Explore our collection of bathroom rug ideas designed to complement your industrial-style bathroom.

21. 2-Piece Memory Foam Bathroom Rug Set


Do you have an industrial-themed bathroom at home? Then, you might want to consider this set of two rugs with two contrasting colors. We believe this rug set is a perfect fit for any industrial-themed bathroom.

We also think that the brown and black borders align perfectly with the industrial room’s aesthetics. Both rugs are made with memory foam, making them exceptionally soft and comfortable.

22. Artistic Orchid Bath Mat


Carefully crafted by Michael Aram, this abstract orchid bath mat can seamlessly blend with your other bathroom decor and industrial design. We are confident that its textured, low-pile composition adds a touch of luxury.

In terms of materials, this mat is a blend of cotton and viscose, ensuring both quality and durability. In short, we believe this bath mat is ready to become your new bathroom companion.

23. Cartagena Industrial Bathroom Mat


Woven from the finest materials, this bathroom mat from Everly Quinn is specifically designed for industrial bathroom aesthetics.

If you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication to your industrial-themed bathroom, this mat is an excellent choice. The long-staple Turkish cotton quickly absorbs water in your bathroom. The latex backing makes the mat non-slip, ensuring safety for kids and elders.

24. Luxurious Alighiero Bath Rug


Next, we have a stunning bath rug from Orren Ellis. The intricate details, along with the gold, cream, and dark chocolate colors, give this rug a luxuriously elegant appearance for your industrial bathroom.

We also think this rug not only exudes luxury but also a cool vibe! It’s crafted from a Turkish cotton blend and lurex, making it a stylish and valuable addition to your bathroom.

25. Wilshire Abstract Cotton Bath Mat


Elevate your bathroom decor with this bath mat featuring an elegant wave design and rich colors. Produced by Latitude Run, this mat is made entirely of 100% cotton, ensuring both quality and durability.

As a new addition to your bathroom, we believe you’ll love the gentle and soft feel under your feet as it soaks up water. Plus, this bath mat comes with a 24 inches x 60 inches runner for added convenience.

26. Soft Pauwer Bathroom Mat


If you want a bathroom mat that perfectly matches the industrial theme, then this Pauwer bathroom mat is a fantastic choice.

Crafted from microfiber, this mat offers a soft and soothing massage-like feel under your feet. What’s even better is that it comes in a set of three, adding a touch of perfection to your industrial-themed bathroom.

27. Stylish Orma Manhattan Bath Mat


Now, we present a bathroom mat with an industrial touch, featuring a blend of grey and brown with appealing unfinished designs.

For your industrial-style bathroom, this grey is exactly what you need. It’s made from 100% cotton, ensuring a luxurious spa-like experience in your bathroom.

28. Elegant Viridian Rectangular Bath Mat


Enhance your bathroom’s cozy factor with an elegant addition that invites relaxation after a long day.

If you’re searching for that particular touch, we have an ideal option for you. The Viridian Rectangular bath mat adds a stylish touch to your bathroom decor. With a variety of color choices, you can pick the one that suits your industrial-themed bathroom best.

29. Scottsville Rectangle Abstract Bath Mat


This mat combines teal and gray in a charming way, making it an excellent choice for your industrial-themed bathroom.

We believe the delightful patterns and high-quality fabric make this mat a must-have for your bathroom. It will undoubtedly turn your bathroom into a comfortable retreat. Just picture this mat on your gray bathroom floor. Lovely!

30. 3D Light Anti-Slip Rug


True enthusiasts of industrial style and design understand that wood is an essential element of industrial design. Therefore, we’ve included this in our list.

It showcases wooden patterns that infuse an industrial vibe into your bathroom. Made of durable polyester, this rug is not only long-lasting but also easy to clean.

Conclusion – 30 Bathroom Rug Ideas To Improve Your Bathroom Style

Bathroom mats are more than just functional in terms of absorbing water and maintaining cleanliness. They also serve as delightful bathroom decor, enhancing the beauty of your bathroom. To choose the perfect bathroom mats, focus on the material first.

Opt for mats that excel in water absorption. Then, select patterns and designs that align with your bathroom’s theme. Lastly, ensure you measure your bathroom accurately to purchase mats that fit perfectly. Happy shopping!

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