25 Best Gifts for Secretaries

Having a secretary who can help us with our office tasks and schedule is a wonderful thing. They work hard to keep everything organized, remind us of important things, and even answer our calls when we’re too busy. Before they go on holiday, it’s nice to show them our appreciation.

As New Year is approaching, you probably want to give your secretary a meaningful gift to thank them for their hard work this year. We’ve come up with a list of 25 great gift ideas for you to choose from.

Since you spend a lot of time with your secretary in the office, you can pick a gift that suits their needs the most. It could be something personalized, funny yet practical, or something that helps them relax, especially during busy times at the office.

Take a look at the list below and find the perfect gift for your secretary before the holiday season arrives!

25 Gifts for Your Best Secretary

We’ve curated a collection of gifts specifically designed to make your secretary’s job easier. Whether they need help with scheduling, communication, or paperwork, these items are here to support them in their administrative tasks.

Get set to explore fresh avenues of productivity and excellence as we present a comprehensive range of solutions crafted to seamlessly fit into the fast-paced realm of secretary work. We invite you to delve into these innovative tools and resources that can elevate your efficiency and effectiveness in your role. Take a moment to peruse what we have to offer and discover how these solutions can make your work as a secretary smoother and more rewarding. Your journey to enhanced productivity begins here!

1. Journal Set


Every secretary needs a journal to jot down important things like to-do lists, client notes, and meeting schedules. While digital planners are convenient, writing things down on paper gives a sense of accomplishment and helps with remembering details.

It ensures that nothing important gets forgotten in the hustle and bustle of a busy day. Plus, this journal can also be used for scheduling appointments or as a creative outlet for those moments when your secretary wants to express themselves through writing.

2. Desk Organizer


We’re sure your secretary deals with a lot of items daily, like gathering documents for your signature and taking quick notes during phone calls. Sometimes, this can lead to a messy desk. That’s where a Desk Organizer Set comes in handy.

By providing your secretary with a desk organizer, they can neatly store pens, paper, business cards, and small office supplies like paper clips. These organizers often come in sleek and modern designs that can enhance the overall look of their workspace.

3. Lap Desk


Even if your secretary has a regular desk, there are times when they might prefer a lap desk. A folding sit and stand vented lap desk is a great choice.

This ergonomic design helps prevent neck strain by elevating the laptop screen to eye level. It reduces the risk of discomfort and pain, allowing your secretary to work comfortably by placing it on any desk surface.

4. Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner


In a compact size, a mini desk vacuum cleaner can be a lifesaver for keeping the workspace clean. Sometimes, when snacks are enjoyed while working, crumbs end up on the desk.

This handy desk vacuum cleaner can quickly clean up the mess, ensuring that it doesn’t affect important papers on the desk. Whether you’re a busy entrepreneur or a meticulous secretary, this little device is a must-have for those who want a spotless workspace.

5. Laptop Bag


In today’s world, a laptop bag is essential, especially for those who work on the go or attend meetings outside the office. Having a clean and organized laptop bag with multiple compartments is a wise choice.

For detail-oriented secretaries who value order, a water-resistant bag like this one can be a game-changer. It can hold all the essentials in a perfectly organized manner. Don’t compromise on functionality – enjoy the luxury of ample space that effortlessly accommodates the laptop and all necessary supplies.

6. Bluetooth Earphones


Getting your secretary a pair of Bluetooth earphones can be really handy. They can use them to take phone calls when they’re on the go or when they’re busy at their computer. These earphones are designed to make managing calls super easy, and you don’t even need to touch your phone.

And here’s a nice idea: why not surprise them with these earphones as a thoughtful gift? Whether it’s their birthday, a work anniversary, or just a regular day when you want to show your appreciation, this gift combines usefulness with a touch of tech-savvy style.

7. Phone Holder


Even though it may seem like a small gift, a phone holder can be really practical. It helps keep your secretary’s desk neat and allows them to see their phone notifications with just a quick glance. No need to pick up the phone – they can simply touch it and continue working.

Plus, a phone holder prevents the phone from accidentally falling off the desk, especially when there are lots of papers around. Pick the right moment to give them this essential item – it could be for their birthday, work anniversary, or just as a spontaneous token of your gratitude.

8. Smartwatch


It might be one of the pricier gift ideas for your secretary, but if you believe they deserve it, why not go for it? Their hard work certainly deserves a lot of appreciation, letting them know they have a fantastic boss in the office.

Besides, a smartwatch is not only practical but also adds a touch of sophistication to their look at work. It can make their tasks easier and enhance their overall appearance. Choose the perfect occasion, perhaps a work anniversary or a significant achievement, to unveil this versatile gift that combines practicality and elegance.

Make It Personal, Without Getting Overly Emotional

Step into a world of thoughtfulness and uniqueness with our carefully selected collection of personalized gifts for your secretary. In a world that values individuality, these gifts go beyond the ordinary, allowing you to create moments of genuine connection and gratitude.

Join us on a journey to explore gifts that not only recognize your secretary’s hard work but also reflect the special bond you share. Let’s take a closer look!

9. Customized Planner


Give your secretary a beautiful planner with their name on it and let them choose their favorite design for the planner cover. We’re confident it will bring a smile to their face and make them feel appreciated.

Don’t forget to include some inspirational quotes inside to boost your secretary’s mood whenever they read them while working. Whether at home or in the office, this personalized planner allows your secretary to turn every moment into a masterpiece of accomplishment.

10. Customized Card Wallet


These days, a card wallet can be a lifesaver for those who want to travel light. When you need to step out for a bit, just grab your card wallet and phone. Card wallets are usually smaller and slimmer than regular wallets.

You can choose which cards you want to bring and carry just enough cash without worrying about carrying too much. This is incredibly useful for your secretary, especially when they have to run errands and can easily slip the card wallet into their pocket without lugging around a bulky purse or wallet because they’ll be returning to the office later.

11. Personalized Pen


A pen is an essential tool for any secretary. Even though they might not use it to sign documents often, they rely on it for taking meeting notes, jotting down memos, and more. Giving your secretary a personalized pen can brighten their workday.

It shows that you value their work and attention to detail. We recommend presenting this beautifully designed pen as a birthday gift, and consider including a journal to complete the thoughtful gesture.

12. Customized Insulated Mug


Having your own mug for coffee or tea while working in the office is a great idea, especially during the pandemic when cleanliness is a priority. Consider gifting your secretary a customized insulated mug.

This gift will be particularly meaningful if your secretary relies on a daily caffeine boost to power through their tasks. Adding their photo and name to the mug adds a personal touch that makes it extra special.

13. Customized Coaster


Sometimes, when we place a cold drink on the table, it can create water rings that damage the surface. That’s where coasters come in handy.

If your secretary enjoys cold beverages, this could be a thoughtful gift. It not only serves a practical purpose but also protects important documents from getting wet. It’s a win-win solution!

14. Quotes Poster


During moments of fatigue or boredom at work, we often seek inspirational words to boost our spirits. This is your chance to gift your secretary a personalized quotes poster to motivate them in your shared workspace.

You don’t need lengthy quotes; short and impactful sentences can bring a smile to your secretary’s face when they need a morale boost. Having these framed quotes on their desk can serve as a source of inspiration whenever they feel unmotivated.

15. Custom Socks


Socks and rainy seasons go hand in hand. Giving your secretary a pair of cozy socks for their holiday season at home is a thoughtful idea. It keeps them warm, comfortable, and happy.

Furthermore, it shows that you care about their needs during their time off. These socks can also be a practical addition to their winter wardrobe, pairing nicely with boots for the commute to the office.

Feels Relaxing, Even While They’re Hard at Work

16. Foot Rest


A foot rest might not be the most common gift idea, but it’s quite practical. Trust us, it’s something your secretary will appreciate, especially if they have to wear high heels at work. They can rest their feet comfortably at their workspace and recharge their energy.

17. Chair Pillow


Sitting at a desk for 7-8 hours can be pretty uncomfortable. That’s why many people invest in chair pillows to make their long hours of work more bearable.

A chair pillow can be one of the best gifts for your secretary, providing the comfort they need to stay energized throughout the day. Imagine the delight on their face when they find this thoughtful gift on their office chair, making their work experience much more enjoyable.

18. Herbal Tea


Tea is more than just a beverage; it has the power to relieve stress. When you’re feeling tired, a cup of chamomile or mint tea can work wonders to rejuvenate you. Herbal tea is a simple yet meaningful gift for your secretary.

Choose a tea flavor that you think would suit them best. You can also discreetly ask them about their tea preferences to make it a delightful surprise. It’s an item they’ll enjoy and appreciate during their breaks.

19. Succulent or Cactus


Plants are said to have a calming effect and can even reduce eyestrain from staring at a computer screen for too long. Having small plants on the desk not only adds to the aesthetics but also helps in stress relief and fatigue reduction.

That’s why gifting a cactus or succulent is a fantastic idea for your secretary. These plants are easy to maintain, and they can place the pot on their desk or a windowsill to enhance the workspace’s decor.

20. Diffuser


One way to combat stress and fatigue during work is through deep breathing. Inhaling and exhaling deeply can help reduce anxiety, especially when facing tight deadlines.

To make your secretary’s breathing sessions at work fresher and more invigorating, consider giving them a diffuser. They can place it on their desk to enjoy the calming scents of essential oils like sandalwood or lavender. It’s a gift that can help them relax and focus better, whether at the office or at home. You’ll receive their thanks later!

Wearable Gifts Tailored to Their Tastes

Explore a handpicked collection of wearable presents that combine fashion and practicality, perfect for expressing your gratitude to your invaluable secretary. From sophisticated accessories that radiate professionalism to comfy yet stylish items that seamlessly go from work to leisure, this assortment provides options to suit everyone’s preferences.

Step up your gift-giving game and convey your appreciation with these carefully selected wearables that your secretary will treasure while making a fashion statement. Let’s take a look!

21. Women’s Plaid Blanket Scarf


Cold and rainy seasons are the perfect occasion for a scarf gift! It not only keeps your secretary warm but also adds a touch of fashion to their look.

A scarf is a versatile fashion piece that can complement any outfit, especially during autumn or winter. They can pair it with a long coat, boots, and leather leggings to stay cozy and stylish.

22. Nirvana Vintage Distressed Graphic Tee


Elevate your gift-giving by presenting a T-shirt that speaks to their interests – whether it features their favorite band’s logo, a beloved brand’s emblem, or artwork from a treasured artist.

A T-shirt isn’t just clothing; it’s a way to express oneself. They can effortlessly style this versatile tee with well-fitting jeans and clean sneakers for a cool, unique look. Fuel their passion for fashion with this essential piece that combines comfort and charm.

23. Levi’s Men’s Hoodie


During cold weather, gifting a hoodie is a great idea. It’s a versatile clothing item that pairs well with various fashion choices, making it an easy pick for chilly office days.

It’s warm and comfortable without being too heavy. A tip when choosing a hoodie gift: opt for a plain and neutral color to make mixing and matching with their outfits a breeze.

24. Custom Name Bracelet


Whether your secretary is a man or a woman, a bracelet gift is always a good choice. It adds a touch of luxury to their yearly gift.

You can choose from leather, silver, or even a charm bracelet to show how much your secretary is valued. They can effortlessly blend this stunning bracelet into their personal style. For a sophisticated look, pair it with a white shirt and a long collar.

25. YETI Rambler


Having a tumbler for carrying coffee or even just water is incredibly convenient. You can take a sip whenever you get thirsty. Plus, there are numerous options to choose from.

Consider a personalized one, an official tumbler from a favorite coffee shop, or a cute design as a memorable gift for your assistant. Wrap it up with their favorite instant beverages and let your secretary enjoy their refreshing breaks in style.


As we conclude our thoughtful exploration of gifts for secretaries, it’s clear that these gestures mean more than just tokens of appreciation. Their value goes beyond the physical item; it’s about the emotion behind the gift – a heartfelt recognition of their crucial role. When you’re choosing the perfect gift, think about both elegance and usefulness.

A beautifully designed journal provides a place for creative ideas, while a stylish pen becomes a tool for their professional expertise. Accessories add a touch of sophistication, and personalized items become lasting reminders of your special connection. Let these secretary gifts symbolize your gratitude and serve as a tribute to their unwavering dedication.

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