Twerkbot9000 Twerking Robot

The Twerkbot 9000 toy is a comical approach to the work of robots.

Robots are typically associated with serious jobs such as assisting in surgery operations or playing advanced chess games.

twerkbot 9000

However, robots can also be fun as science has proven with the Twerkbot9000. The robot is a thrilling DIY project for technophiles. The robot is made of a set of 212 segments cut using optical laser to fit precisely into each other.

Seeing the battery-powered robot up and running is exhilarating.

The Twerkbot 9000 is an ideal present for a techie thanks to its uniqueness. Get this gift for your geek friends to keep them busy with assembling the pieces. We assure you that their patience will pay off with some well-deserved robotic twerks!

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