Werewolf Dog Muzzles

Want to make your dog look real scary? Get one of these Werewolf Dog Muzzles.  These muzzles will turn even the gentlest poodle into a beast!

But hold up, these muzzles do not prevent your doggy friend from biting or barking. However, you’ll definitely want to get a pair to play pranks on naughty kids!

Anyone who’s seen a werewolf movie will know better than to mess with you when your dog is wearing this werewolf muzzle. In fact, this would make a great Halloween costume for your dog.

werewolf dog muzzle

With your dog wearing this costumer during Halloween, there is no doubt you’ll get some extra treats because of the costume.

But the werewolf dog muzzle is not just for scaring people, but also cheering them up. Imagine the laughter that will erupt when you are walking in the park with your pug or Yorkie wearing the werewolf muzzle. We can bet you a dollar that the picture will leave people laughing out loud!

werewolf dog muzzle

The bottom line is; the werewolf dog muzzle will evoke some type of emotion on people. Whether it will be fear, surprise, laughter, or any other is up for everyone to guess.

Get a pair of these coolmuzzles on our store.

werewolf dog muzzle

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