What to Get a 17 Year Old for Her Birthday

A seventeen-year-old falls between being a girl and changing to a woman.  This makes it hard for anybody to know exactly what type of present she is likely to love having. A prefect present for a 17-year old should be something that will assist in her transitioning journey to adulthood.

What to Get a 17 Year Old for Her Birthday

A present that has an exquisite taste in fashion, helps in making her feel secure or look sharp, will definitely brighten her face besides helping her transition smoothly into adulthood. For example, you can surprise her with a pair of the best padded bralettes you can find on the market. At this point of her life, dolls and toys wouldn’t interest her as much, but something that will help her boost or grow a skill would do the magic.

You can bank on these 21 ideal present ideas for a 17-year old to help you through getting something they will really like;

#1.  Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

This water bottle has a capacity of 32oz, it is ideal as it helps your teen with hydration as she keeps up with the day’s activities. It has a big infuser basket and a number of recipes that helps in preparing tasty infused water. This bottle is different from others since it helps keep the contents fresh for a long time and also has a design that helps stop leakages.

The Hydracy Water Bottle features a dual grip on each side that makes holding it easy. It’s also designed in a fashionable and portable manner that ensures it does fit well in a bag. The flip top design enables easy cleaning.

#2.  LilyQueen Fashion Backpack Purse for Teenagers and Adults

LilyQueen Fashion Backpack Purse for Teenagers and Adults

The PU and Canvas material used for making this bag is of top quality, it is long-lasting so there’s no need to get worried about replacing it after a while. It has a snap button and a drawstring closure, that makes it simple to adjust and open.

This bag is portable and the strap can be adjusted so that it fits perfectly to enable one carry it around for a long time. It can be used when travelling, shopping for school or work. Any teenager would love this for a present, which can also go well with matching

#3.  ZHOPPY Lamp LED Outdoor Speaker Light Touch Control

ZHOPPY Lamp LED Outdoor Speaker Light Touch Control

This gadget has both an LED light and a Bluetooth Speaker. So that the light doesn’t interrupt your sleep at night, it has been made dim. Girls can get to sleep while listening to relaxing music or the songs they love with the ZHOPPY lamp speaker.

This Bluetooth speaker is made compatible with a number of gadgets like tablets, laptops and phones. It has HFP function on the Bluetooth Speaker that enables it to function as a Bluetooth speaker phone. It also has a robust lithium-ion battery that can last up to 10 hours while it plays music, when it’s fully charged – ideal for all night use.

When you tap the speaker, the lamp color can change to seven different colors. One can get to choose whether to have the colors fade or dance when the music is playing.

#4.  ZOKEA 3D Night Light, Color Changing Light

ZOKEA 3D Night Light, Color Changing Light

This is an exciting and innovative 3D night light. It enables one sleep like a baby, provides a sense of security, ideal for girls who find it difficult catching sleep. Operating this night light is easy since it has a remote control that aids in switching between colors of your choice. The light has various designs like a peacock and an owl and you get to make a choice from the seven different colors.

Be it Birthdays, Christmas or Thanksgiving, the ZOKEA 3D Light is an ideal present for any teenager. You can never go wrong with this as it is exclusive and thoughtful.

#5.  Wireless Karaoke Microphone – Professional Vocal Mic, Handheld for Kids

Wireless Karaoke Microphone – Professional Vocal Mic, Handheld for Kids

Using the Karaoke microphone is simple and enjoyable – Just turn it on and pair it to your gadget and you good to go. You can play, pause, change songs, volume, adjust echo, record songs and speeches using the user interface.

The Bluetooth function enables one to use it at whichever place and at any given time. It also has a portable frame made from aluminum that makes holding it easy. It is long-lasting since its impact and shock proof. This microphone is ideal to use at weddings, birthdays, sleepovers and parties. This is an ideal gift for teenagers who like singing!

#6.  Pin Art by Toysmith

Pin Art by Toysmith

Girls at their teens will be fascinated by the thought of having a Toysmith pin art. It appears perfect when you display in a room, it’s enjoyable and relaxing on using. Obviously, the pins are not sharp, therefore you need not worry about the security of your daughter when she is using it. It inspires creativity, which most teens find difficult.

The pins are packed well in a long-lasting though portable frame to make them stay safely in place.

Pin art frame is great for bookshelves and tabletop displays. This is an exceptional present that will help you begin a conversation – ideal for teenagers.

#7.  Airdom Mermaid Tail Blanket

Airdom Mermaid Tail Blanket

The Orlon and cotton materials used for making this blanket is of good quality. The AIRDOM mermaid blanket is durable and secure to use. It’s comfortable and soft so that teenagers can have fun using it at night, for napping or just for resting in the house. Teenagers will fall in love with the adorable mermaid tail design. It is an ideal present for Christmas or birthdays that fall on winter since it helps one keep warm.

The mermaid blanket can be used at any given place and time. It’s also perfect to use when camping, watching a movie, reading books, sleeping over at a friend’s and definitely in bed.

#8.  Chalk Salon – Alex Spa

Chalk Salon – Alex Spa

Teens will probably want to play around with how they look. This is why the Alex Spa Chalk Salon is an ideal present for them. If they want to alter their hair color, but you prefer they don’t, then this chalk is great since you can wash it off with shampoo. It is suitable for any hair color, provided its clean and is not wet.

Teenage girls will be fascinated by the idea of having to change their hair color – they can get to change the color regularly!  Has five various colors, a number of beads, a hair beading tool and 24 hair elastics all inclusive. The Alex Spa Chalk Salon is a fun present for the girls to play around with at birthdays or sleep overs.

#9.  String Art Kit – Kraft Kit – Craft-tastic – Owl Edition

String Art Kit – Kraft Kit – Craft-tastic – Owl Edition

This would be a great gift for any girl in her teens who’s a crafts enthusiast. It is fun to do and the outcome is some pretty pieces that can be put on display around the house. Girls take pride in hanging their artwork for everybody to marvel upon. This kit additionally helps improve motor skills and originality.

This kit has everything they will need to finish a project; hence they’ll find no need to get more supplies from the art store. It contains colored strings, push pins and three canvases that have pre-printed designs. To finish the project, just push the pins in the holes that have color-codes, then wrap around them the strings that coordinate. If she finds none of the designs appealing, she can also make one of her own.

#10.   Water Bottle Kit – Color your Water Bottle

Water Bottle Kit - Color your Water Bottle

This Water Bottle is created with good quality and BPA-free materials to make sure it is durable and secure to drink from. Comes in a plain white and black design and an additional five colored markers so that the girls can color in their own bottles. The bottle will continue to look good for a long period of time as the pens will not wash away.

This is a thoughtful present for a sleep over party, birthday and a get-together – You can get a bottle for each one of them so that they can have fun being creative together. This gift is both fun and practical. This kit has all you need to have fun and customize your water bottle.

#11.   Original Bamboo Tumbler

Original Bamboo Tumbler

This is a top quality tea tumbler for people who love tea! It’s made with high quality, premium bamboo that has a fashionable and unique appearance and makes sure the flask lasts long. The inside is made with stainless steel to ascertain that it’s stain, odor and bacteria-proof.

The creative vacuum technology applied in this flask ensures the tea keeps hot for up to 12 hours, or keeps it cool the whole day. This flask has an infuser that is used to strain and infuse tea, fruit water or to prepare herbal drinks.  This would be an ideal gift for girls on the move and those who like drinks that are infused.

#12.    Adult Coloring Book Set

Adult Coloring Book Set

Adult coloring books popularity is growing for a good reason – they are unbelievably relaxing.

Getting to color the intricate patterns is a great pass time and a good way to relieve stress. This set has three books and they all have varying themes; sea life, jungle life and birds. The level of difficulty varies in every book, so those who are trying out these coloring patterns for the first time should start out with the easy ones before progressing to the more advanced. There are more than 120 patterns in it, so you can be assured to get unlimited hours of relaxing fun from this set.

#13.    Pink Butterfly Car Seat Covers.

Pink Butterfly Car Seat Covers.

These seat covers are a perfect idea if your teenager is able to drive or is about to learn how to drive. If she owns an old car that is not of her class, these car seats will help accessorize and make it look more customized and stylish. They come in colors pink, red and green so you can get to make a choice of her preferred color. The seat covers can be fastened by a zip, that means they can be installed easily. The back seat fits different seat styles, this includes, 40/20/40 split, 50/50 split and 40/60 split.

#14.    BALMOA Women Socks Gift Set

BALMOA Women Socks Gift Set

These socks are of top quality and are ideal for teens and ladies. Feet from size 4-9 perfectly fits in these socks. They have fun and pretty designs, such as puppies, cat and owl pattern designs.

The funny and beautiful designs make the socks an ideal present for anyone who loves to wear fun, novelty socks. This will probably brighten her face! These socks are made particularly from cotton to make sure they are soft, warm and comfy when one puts on. Socks are an ideal Christmas gift though these fun designs are great for any occasion.

#15.   Unicorn 17th Birthday T-shirt

Unicorn 17th Birthday T-shirt

This beautiful t-shirt would be great for a girl on her 17th birthday. You can never go wrong with this as unicorns are currently very fashionable. Comes in various sizes and five different colors that includes, black white and baby pink. This t-shirt is 100% cotton and this ensures its durable and comfy to wear. She will look great on it as it has a classic fit and is lightweight.

#16.     Envious Gems 17-year old Bracelet

Envious Gems 17-year old Bracelet

This pretty charm bracelet is a magnificent souvenir for a girl aged 17. It consists of various charms that includes a birthday cake and a “17”. These bracelets come in two different sizes, and you can adjust it to fit a wrist of any size. This is a USA made charm bracelet, so its great for people aiming to minimize their carbon footprint and help the national economy. It is packaged in a cute gift box making it a perfect present.

#17.    Awkward Storyteller Party Game – Laughter and Creative Story-telling

Awkward Storyteller Party Game – Laughter and Creative Story-telling

You need to try out this game if you in the spirit of having fun. It entails telling funny stories that will make everyone laugh, playing with close friends and family makes it enjoyable. This party game needs four up to eleven players, its therefore great for playing at birthdays and during Christmas family gatherings.

It is actually fun and simple to play as all that is needed is for a player to pick a card then create their story found on the cards written words. This party game has 50 story cards, 121 question cards, and also 11 challenge cards so you can have endless fun. If you manage to pass all these cards, expansions are provided which includes additional question cards and stories.

This game is a perfect present for teenagers since it aids in boosting their ability to interact and bond among peers and family. It’s also a sure way to get the entire family relax and enjoy their time together.

#18.  Hair Accessory Kit for Kids

Hair Accessory Kit for Kids

This flower hair accessory kid is ideal for girls who love to style their hair with various accessories. The crown with flowers is great for wearing during summer, and they are essential accessories for music festivals! This kit can help girls learn to use paper blossoms to make crowns made from flowers. This hair accessory kit has everything you need to make a crown like paper roses, ribbon, glitter paint, fabric leaf garland and berry bunches.

This activity is perfect for girls to have fun with their friends – the materials in it are adequate to make a number of crowns. Girls will love that they have a choice of colors and designs that goes with their clothes!

#19.  SHANNY Aloe Vera and Vitamin E lip gloss

SHANNY Aloe Vera and Vitamin E lip gloss

This lip gloss is essential for any girl that is still growing – they will be fascinated by the cool and fashionable colors that are in it. It has colors like orange, red, nude and pink, meaning there’s a color to suit each look. This lip gloss contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera that helps in keeping the lips nourished and soft making it different from other lip glosses found in the market.

It is made by the popular and remarkable SHANNY company who is a well-known member of PETA since the products are formed without animal testing or unwanted brutality. This lovely lip gloss set is an ideal gift for any teenage girl.

#20. Tracing Pads – Coloring Boards – Crayola Gift for Toys

Tracing Pads – Coloring Boards – Crayola Gift for Toys

This tracing pad has twelve colored pencils, a graphite pencil, ten tracing sheets and blank sheets of paper and three AAA batteries to function. This is a distinctive product that is ideal for children and adults in the same way. It is an exceptional present for people who love drawing. The LED lights brightens the surface uniformly, making it easy to trace and draw the available designs or use one of their pictures.

The Crayola light up tracing pad is a dependable present to give a teen whose interest is in drawing. It also has a paper-lock frame, meaning the paper will not slide when you have to draw and trace.

#21.  Pure Body Naturals – Face and Body Dead Sea Mud Mask

Pure Body Naturals – Face and Body Dead Sea Mud Mask

This product utilizes the top-quality ingredients like essential oils and shea butter, which gives a remarkable outcome to the face and body. The mud mask does not affect the skin or body since it does not constitute of paraben, alcohol, dye, fragrance, phthalates or bronopol. This is why its good for those who have a sensitive skin. Needless to say, it has been tested completely to guarantee safety.

This mask is good in removing, exfoliating and detoxing the accumulation of blocked pores that result to acne and irritation. This is a perfect present to give a teen who suffers from a similar condition or one who is becoming more and more fascinated by her looks.

Top Gifts for a 17 Year Old Girl by Category


If your 17-year old has a driving license then probably she would want to have her car. We definitely are not saying that you get her a car, unless you are able financially, they you can. You can preferably buy items that will make driving enjoyable like car mats, seat and steering wheel covers.  Consider buying a roadside emergency kit as it would be significant and practical.


Anything to do with technology will get a teenager hooked. Laptop, MP3 Player or a solar battery pack will certainly be appreciated. Buying her a new phone will do the magic as she will see you as a hero! You can also choose to get her a digital camera – ideal if your teenager loves photography and her phone camera doesn’t take good photos.


The items in this bracket always catch the attention of teenagers. Buy her new clothes or surprise her with a ticket to a fashion show. This will surely be great. For example, depending on her breast shape type, you can buy her a pair of sports bras. If she is a fashion enthusiast, get her subscribed to a fashion magazine to motivate her.


Choosing an appropriate present for a 17-year old can get you overwhelmed. But with the items mentioned above, you will not find any difficulty trying to figure out what she likes. Best of luck!

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