Yuba Cargo Bikes

Like their middle name suggests, the Yuba Cargo Bikes are designed for carrying heavy cargo. You will be comfortable carrying heavy loads on the bike, which may include passengers.

Yuba Cargo Bike Models

There are different types of Yuba bike models on the market. The most popular models are the Supermaché Front Loader and the Spicy Curry.

Yuba Supermaché Front Loader

The Supermaché is primarily made of aluminum, has a 90-degree steering radius, and a low front storage area. The bike has a payload capacity of 300 lbs., which makes it perfect for tying gear to it, carrying groceries, or enhancing it with Yuba add-ons.

One of the add-ons you can get for the bike is a bamboo box for carrying your dog, belongings, or even your family members. The bike is also sturdy enough to carry a mounted child seat at the back.

Yuba Spicy Curry

The Spicy Curry is an electric bike that runs on a BOSCH motor. This bike has a 30-60 mile range and its pedal assist can be adjusted when riding over steep hills.

yuba cargo bikes

The back side of the bike has a low center of gravity (which does not affect its steering), and is perfect for carrying heavy loads.

You can customize the Spicy Curry with various add-ons, including cargo bags, monkey bars for kids, loading panels, among others. The bike can also be mounted with two child seats at the back.

yuba cargo bikes

If you are looking for a heavy duty bicycle that is specially designed for hauling heavy cargo, look no further than Yuba Cargo Bikes. The bicycles provide the convenience of a car and easy maintenance of a bicycle.

yuba cargo bikes


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