Camping Doughnut Tent

The Camping Doughnut Tent presents an innovative way of sleeping underneath the stars. Die-hard camping fans would have an awesome adventure like never before in this camping tent.

The Camping Doughnut is collapsible, making it portable, and pops up effortlessly to form a secure room.

A small Camping Doughnut tent can accommodate 2 to 4 individuals, has a houseroom, and two rest areas. If you have gone camping with a large group, there is enough room for everyone in the C-, S- or -shaped tents. Campers will have an extraordinary experience with this camping tent!

Sadly, the Camping Doughnut is still a concept. However, we are awaiting the confirmation of its availability so that we can buy. This tent is without doubt one the most amazing tents we’ve ever seen!

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