The Tabcat Tracker

tabcat trackerDoes your kitty often gets lost for a long time, leaving you in panic mode? If this is the case, get the Tabcat tracker!

The Tabcat tracker is a managed radio frequency tracker that will help you know where your furry friend is at any time. To use the tracker, simply clip it to your cat’s neckband. The tracker produces tiny radio frequency alerts. With the tracker’s trans-receiver, you can locate your cat through the sound and light alerts produced.

You can press a toggle button on the trans-receiver to get an alert from the tracker.  You can also teach your cat to recognize this sound by offering her a treat so that she comes running when the alert goes off.

With the rapid growth of technology, we’ve seen some amazing cat tracking gadgets. However, the Tabcat Tracker is hands-down the best cat tracker on the market.

Check the video below of the Tabcat Tracker in action.


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